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Actual Conservative candidate from Quebec emails me…

Yesterday I made a blog entry about what the media was portraying as an impending—let me see if I’ve got this right: cataclysmic, catastrophic, collapse of the crappy Conservative Party of Canada.  Or as the media calls it, a Crap on the Cons day —which is every day in actual fact. 

All that because three (out of 75) Quebec candidates—all Belinda Stronach supporters (so liberals in actual fact), wrote a letter yesterday suggesting that Stephen Harper resign.  Apparently nobody has ever, ever wished for Paul Martin to resign, ever.  Well except for one, Carolyn Parrish, and the media largely portrays her as a nut—not because she was seen stomping on a George Bush doll and repeatedly jamming a pencil into his right eye like a crazed lunatic on methamphetamines on state-run CBC TV, but rather for dissing the great almighty Paul Martin, savior of all that is left of Canada

It was actually another C-word day, a collusion day—between the liberal media and the lingering liberals within the Conservative Party, both of which wish for the demise of all that is conservative in Canada and America (or, just the demise of America, period.) 

I pointed out that it’s just a bunch of lingering liberals in the Conservative Party who are in need of purging, and this is helpful inasmuch as they are at least fully exposed and revealed for who they are.  And of course I’m right.

Today I got an email from one of the actual Conservative candidates in Quebec, a young candidate named Sebastien Legris who takes exception to the liberals within his ostensibly Conservative party making such ludicrous demands. 

And as we conservatives know, he won’t be interviewed by ANY newspaper.  NOBODY will mention his name on any TV current affairs show.  State-run Radio-Canada will NEVER utter his name.  He doesn’t fit their world view of politics.  He’s a conservative.

So we’re here to help folks like him.

Subject: Quebec candidat pro-Harper!


My name is Sebastien Legris. I’m 24 years old and I’m running as candidat in Longueuil, Quebec for the Conservative party; a city south of Montreal. I wanted to give you more info about what’s really going on here in this unfortunately red tory province. If you only knew how much it’s difficult to be a blue tory here. My own team hates Harper so much that I’m pretty much alone… When I talk to other conservative supporters, I realise that maybe I’m one of the last pro-Harper. I was member of the Canadian Alliance and to see this party going back to the center was breaking my heart but I was prepared to make concessions for my fellow red tories quebekers.

But now, they have gone too far!!! That’s enough and I wanted to express myself to you because I trust your judgement and I know that you probably understand my anger. They want Harper out at any cost and I can’t take anymore those ‘‘liberals-conservatives’’ who hates everyone and everything that is west of Ontario!

I’ll let you know what’s going on here by sending you emails that I will receive these next few days. Do what you think is good with this letter.

Thank you in advance Joel for considering publishing parts of my letter. I appreciate your time and ideas. You really think like me and it’s good to know that I’m not alone in this country.

Sebastien Legris
PROUD Candidat conservateur Longueuil-Pierre-Boucher

PS Sorry for my english. Still need practice…

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