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Aretha Franklin sang; Rick Warren was controversial?

image·  I’m sure she’s a nice lady.  But that was a train wreck.

·  The CBC’s Peter Mansbridge informed Canadians that pastor Rick Warren was a “controversial choice” because of his social conservative views, especially on abortion, gay rights, and same-sex marriage.  Apparently Barack Obama’s stand on gay marriage isn’t controversial (he’s against it).

·  A musical interlude was a contemporary monstrosity performed by clichés in the classical music world (Yo-Yo Ma, yawn) and written by John Williams (yawn). 

·  Barack Hussein Obama finally sworn in.  As Barack Hussein Obama.  Whatdoyaknow.  Hussein’s OK now.  (Not “controversial”.)

·  B. Hussein Obama said “so help me God”.  P. Mansbridge also didn’t point out how “controversial” that was. 

·  Obama:  “We will harness the sun!”  And “restore science to its rightful place!”  (No plan in place to lower the oceans, specifically.)

·  Obama’s big speech was over the top, full of specious hyperbole, dramatic cadences, sounded like a sermon from an inner city church in Chicago.  Or an Obama campaign speech.  Already forgot most of it.  No memorable lines that I can, well, remember.  Bet Mansbridge will find one (once the chill up his leg ends…)

·  After the swearing in, Mansbridge sounded shocked that the crowd was so “quiet” during the Obama speech, ignoring the possibility that they were simply “bored”.  … Ahhh…. CBC reporter Paul Hunter, out in the crowds, reports that it’s because they were “enraptured” by Him (Obama).  Once again that’s “enraptured”.  (Actual word used by the reporter, amongst several other overly exuberant descriptions just like it to explain it to Mansbridge, like:  “He had them!” … “they were listening to every word!” … “soaking it in!”…) 

·  Outgoing VP Dick Cheney is reportedly another “controversial” figure, according to Mansbridge.  (Maybe it’s owing to his being a capitalist ?)

·  We are now informed by the ubiquitous university know-it all and Mansbridge co-host Melissa Harris-Lacewell from Princeton University, that Michelle Obama is “super smart”.  Among other accolades.  Why of course she is.  All liberals are “super smart”.  Ignatieff is “super smart”.  Bill Clinton is “super smart”.  Michael Moore is “super smart”.  Jack Layton …. OK well he’s “vocal”.

· CBC reporter Adrienne Arsenault reports from Britain that for Americans overseas “for the past eight years” it has been “difficult”, “awkward”, and even that they experienced “outright hostility admitting you were an American”,  but that it now suddenly seems to be changing!  Now it’s cool!  Starting today!  (She was dead serious).

·  Mansbridge called the war on terror the “Bush so-called war on terror”

·  Now we’re back to Canada where the former CBC show host and reporter and now the Liberal-leftist-appointed Governor General Michaëlle Jean informs Canadians that this is a new era of “hope”.  Purely coincidental, I guess, that she apparently cottoned onto the Obama campaign rhetoric.  Apparently there was no hope under Bush. 

· CBC Newsworld anchor Suhanna Meharchand now pronounces that the swearing in was, and I quote, “spectacular and moving”.  Trying to find the channel she was watching. 

image·  They keep going back to some unknown CBC reporter in Canada who is reporting from a multicultural school, whose big thing is to ask the kids who’s “cooler”:  Kanye West (an openly Bush-hating rapper, seen at left grabbing his penis—or “stimulous package”—at a concert for the kids), or Barack Obama.  They all dutifully say Barack Obama is cooler.  And then the anchor and reporter laugh about how “there it is: Obama’s even cooler than Kanye West!”. 

· Over at the liberals’ CNN cable news division, their poll surprised me a little:

What’s your view of today’s inauguration?
Historic – 61%
Overhyped – 39%

That 60-40 split? After being instructed over and over and over again that this particular inauguration is “historic”?  Have ya heard?  Obama’s black!  (Not that this is about race!)

·  The CBC’s entertainment reporter Jelena Adžić informed Canadians just now that “the world hung onto Barack Obama’s every word today”.  I did not know that.  I wonder if the world hung onto George Bush’s every word in 2001.  Probably not. (Neo-con.)

·  The only Obama-luvin’ specious hyperbole that exceeded Barack Hussein Obama’s today was the CBC news team’s.  Therefore their banner was quite fitting.  It could also be applied to Kanye West’s Obama party. 

image·  CBC’s reporter and one of Canada’s official taxpayer-paid state political opinionators (mostly the latter), Neil MacDonald, reports in his usual gracious way about Ted Kennedy, post Kennedy collapse at the inaugural lunch:  “He has brain cancer, he has something growing in his head.”  With regard to his cancer treatment:  ”…he’s had his skull opened up….”.  I smell a Pulitzer. 

· CBC once again trots out their usual team of genius (and apparently totally apolitical, neutral, and objective!) “political analysts”, Jeffrey Feldman (not mentioned by the CBC of course:  he’s a totally partisan and committed far-leftist who writes for the Bush-hating smear site the Daily Kos), and Rachel Sklar (who they also don’t mention is a left-wing partisan from the far-left Bush-hating Huffington Post), who both strained—insisted—reached—dare I say hoped!—that no matter what we all heard and what all “the critics” are already saying about Obama’s speech, Obama’s speech was, in fact, “powerful!”  GREAT!, like John F. Kennedy great!  (Words that spring to my mind after hearing their “analysis”:  “history revisionists”, “delusional”, “pitifully partisan Obama apologists”, “typical CBC”… etc.).  … Rachel Sklar concluded that Obama’s “cool”.  I smell bull poo. 


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