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“Intolerance is now a vice of the left” – says a liberal media columnist

When it comes to catching up with the reality on the ground, and admitting their perfidy, it takes the liberal media approximately eight years to catch up. But let’s give credit where it’s due.

Margaret WenteMargaret Wente, the Globe and Mail’s putative “conservative” columnist, writes up one that is sure to get her petitioned, rebuked, trolled, and possibly banished for life from the liberal-left’s cocktail circuit, and certainly added to the the gay industry’s hit list.  And for that, we applaud her.

Intolerance is now a vice of the left

The Globe and Mail

What poses a bigger threat to Canada: A small Christian university that endorses traditional ideas about marriage? Or a large group of liberal activists who want to stomp all over them?

That’s easy. It’s the Christians. Progressive people across the land have been waging war against Trinity Western University and its plan to start a law school. Now that the school has been approved in B.C., they want to make sure the graduates are shunned, ostracized and never allowed to practise law anywhere in Canada.

They lost a big one last week, when the B.C. Law Society reluctantly voted to recognize the law school and its graduates. The West Coast Women’s Legal Education Action Fund expressed its disappointment, saying that “TWU’s discriminatory policy effectively excludes LGBTQ students from access to the benefits of a legal education at the university.”

Well, not really. The problem is the university’s conservative views on sex, which apply to everyone. It asks all students to sign a pledge saying they won’t have sex outside of marriage. And Christian tradition doesn’t recognize gay marriage. That’s it – it’s a conduct issue, not an issue of belief or identity. It doesn’t mean gay students aren’t welcome. Yet this simple request has been blown up into a case of monstrous discrimination against gay students. Never mind that if they don’t like the rules, there are umpteen other law schools they can apply to.

…read the rest  —  takes 90 seconds…


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Lose Firefox. But if you must keep it, don’t do web searches with it and they’ll go broke.

If you haven’t heard of the backlash against Mozilla, which is the owner of the Firefox browser brand, here are a few links to bring you up to Firefox_boycottspeed:

The best course of action if you’re interested in protecting freedom of speech, and conscience, and religion, and you abhor fascism and idiocy, is to stop using Firefox as your browser, and stop using Thunderbird as your email software.

But if you must, for some odd reason, stick with Firefox, at least don’t use it to do any internet searching. Mozilla is, at its core, a non-profit organization. So how does this not-for-profit make its money? Mozilla gets nearly all of its income from the various search engines, mostly Google, who pay Mozilla a royalty every time a user who uses Firefox searches the search engine. Yes, web sites including this one track what browser you’re using. Search engines use that capability to pay royalties to Mozilla/Firefox.

From Wikipedia:


The Mozilla Foundation is funded by donations and “search royalties”. Since 2005, the vast majority of funds have come from Google Inc.

Initial funding in 2003 came from AOL, who donated US$2 million, and from Mitch Kapor who donated US$300,000. The group has tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. tax code, though the Mozilla Corporation subsidiary is taxable.

In 2006, the Mozilla Foundation received US$66.8 million in revenues, of which US$61.5 million is attributed to “search royalties” from Google.[8]

The foundation has an ongoing deal with Google to make Google search the default in the Firefox browser search bar and hence send it search referrals; a Firefox themed Google search site has also been made the default home page of Firefox. The original contract expired in November 2006. However, Google renewed the contract until November 2008 and again through 2011.[9] On 20 December 2011 Mozilla announced that the contract was once again renewed for at least three years to November 2014, at three times the amount previously paid, or nearly US$300 million annually.[10][11] Approximately 85% of Mozilla’s revenue for 2006 was derived from this contract.

I’ve decided not to block Firefox users from accessing this site for now, but that will change if Mozilla refuses to embrace freedom and stop acting like a cabal of fascist idiots or the Gestapo. Here are instructions of you are a web site owner and want to block Firefox. Otherwise, instructions are also provided if you simply want to create a banner across the top of your site, warning users of the attack on freedom by Mozilla (watch the punctuation on their example —  it’s not “it’s,” it’s its! You could just express your own personal outrage in your own words, which would be better anyway).

Here’s more about what you can do:
How you can push back against Mozilla/Firefox’s gay marriage thuggery

Here are a few alternative browsers.
Google Chrome | Apple Safari (works in Windows too) | Opera | Internet Explorer

This action by a cabal of zealots presents a very dangerous slippery slope.  Don’t let them get away with it.


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Canada’s jobs up, U.S. down. Media? Studiously ignoring the comparison.

Here’s something that won’t be played-up by the liberal mainstream media today like more Rob Ford jokes or the all-important David Letterman replacement pontification: Stephen Harper_at_swearing_in_2_AP_PHOTO_Tom Hanson_CPConservative/Harper-led Canada nearly doubled economists’ expectations and grew by 42,900 jobs in March.  Obama looking like a goofballEconomists had projected just 22,000 new jobs. And it’s the biggest job growth in seven months.

Canada historically shadows the U.S., the ties to which are absolutely of vital importance in every respect.

In the liberal/Obama-led U.S., economists had projected 200,000 new jobs, but only 190,000 were created. The U.S. jobs picture remains stagnant and is getting stale. America remains in the unemployment and economic doldrums.

Using the old standby comparison of America being ten times that of Canada in terms of population, the U.S. would have to have grown around 400,000 new jobs.

Canada nearly doubled its economists’ expectations, while the U.S. didn’t even meet its economists’ expectations, much less match Canada’s job growth. There’s far more too.

So I’m glad you came to visit today, because you won’t see this comparison anywhere in Canada or the U.S. by the liberal mainstream media. You know why. It’s because Harper is Conservative, and Obama is a liberal Democrat. That’s why.


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When government deems a park as sacred and organizes a “pilgrimage?” Tweet Poo!

Total confusion!

The upcoming “Earth Day” (barf) promises lots of pure, natural, “organic,” un-man-made, Earthy stuff to do. If, that is, as a normal person, you can ignore the left-wing aura that envelopes the obviously politically tainted “Earth Day.”

For example, you could do like the Muslims do when they embark on their sacred pilgrimage, wherein they make a religious journey to Mecca. Only make it a park instead.

That’s sort of the suggestion from a city government through their Twitter account.

This, from a town like practically every PC town these days, that doesn’t even dare celebrate Christmas as a religious day, for fear of upsetting the tender sensibilities of the secular progressive set and their mystical Gaea(300px) “church and state” mythology.

Jesus Christ? Taboo. Gaea, the Goddess of Earth, that’s totes cool. Organizing a “pilgrimage” to a park on “Earth Day?” High fives.

But wait there’s more confusion! What is with the need for all that man-made music during this Earthy nature walk through, you know, natural organic Earth, and what-not? Earth isn’t good enough on its own? Birds tweeting and beavers munching and insects buzzing and wind blowing through trees and all that Earthly music isn’t sufficient? You have to “fill” the joint with man-made music and drown out all that Earthly beauty? Well. You’re weird.


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Globe & Mail Pundits: Canada is useless in the world; and Canada is leading the world!

Same day, different outlooks. Where they’re alike: One is dour, the other one more dour. Because… Conservative.

The Globe and Mail’s liberal pundits can’t agree on where Canada and our Conservative (and that’s key) prime minister fits in the world. Which means there is a great division in the Globe and Mail which will ultimately lead to their humiliating defeat and utter demise!… if we apply the same standard to them as they do to the Conservative Party anytime one Conservative MP says something slightly different from the rest.

Jeffrey_simpsonG&M’s Jeffrey Simpson, perpetually down on Harper and the Conservatives no matter what, has a column today headlined “Canada is not engaged in this new world,” which is weird because Canada is exactly engaged in this new world, forcefully, and for me, proudly. Simpson is not proud, or happy, or optimistic, or even sane. Read this and weep into your sweater:

…Canada no longer tries, however feebly, to help resolve or mediate international disputes. Rather, Ottawa chooses sides and then offers little beyond rhetoric and finger-pointing…

…which, by the way, is dead wrong; but describes, exactly, Barack Obama (erstwhile the leader of the free world) and Obama’s incessant finger-pointing and useless, effete rhetoric read off a teleprompter after being written by a hack, and perfectly describes Obama and his unwillingness to take absolutely any hard action, ever, on anything of global importance. Glad I could clear up Simpson’s obvious confusion. Now someone hand him a hanky.

For Simpson, no test, including this one, is ever a test of Barack Obama’s leadership. Obama is not even mentioned in this entire column, possibly because Obama is not engaged in this new world. But, for example, September 4, 2013: “Syria is not a test of U.S. leadership.”  Let’s be clear: this, like Syria, is another test of Obama’s leadership; and once again, Obama and his regime get an F on foreign policy. And Simpson an F for fair analysis.

Weirdly, everything, including Syria and this matter, is a test of Canada’s leadership under Stephen Harper, to Simpson.

margaret_wenteBut the other columnist sees, uh, brown, where Simpson sees black. G&M’s Margaret Wente‘s column is headlined “Harper goes Cold Warrior, Putin laps Obama,” and sees Stephen Harper and Canada as leading the western world.

The crisis in Ukraine has pushed Stephen Harper into full Cold Warrior mode. This week, he jets off to Kiev to tour Independence Square and meet with the new anti-Russian government. No Western leader has talked tougher. “What the Putin regime has done cannot be tolerated and can never be accepted,” he said this week. …

…Mr. Harper will visit the heart of Ukraine as an outspoken champion of freedom. There is no posturing in this. …

Alas the remainder of Wente’s column is a grave lament about Canada and the world, and even Obama and the world. Note that she’s not as clear as colleague Simpson on Obama’s Syrian test score:

The biggest loser in this drama is, of course, U.S. President Barack Obama. His “reset” strategy toward Russia is in tatters. Mr. Putin has been running rings around him, first in Syria – where Bashar al-Assad is now more entrenched than ever – and now in Ukraine, where Washington was caught flat-footed. …

… Mr. Putin is looking like the stronger horse (even though that’s not really true), and Mr. Obama (not for the first time) is looking out of his depth. …

In contrast, Jeffrey Simpson said this about Obama and the Russian takeover of Crimea:

“nothing,” in Russian]


I would think their curiosity would compel them  —  at least Simpson  — to ask what Justin Trudea, the Liberal’s alleged “leader,” would do, were he the PM, since everything is so dismal now Justin_Trudeau-squnder the Conservative. But that’s not the game being played here. Apparently the game is hackery.

I shudder to imagine what their Liberal Justin Trudeau would actually do in a situation like this, short of an Obama-lite version of another useless, pedantic, pedagogical, paean to peace and love, possibly culminating in a judicial inquiry into the “root causes” of Putin’s power grabs and the spread of communism. Would Trudeau be judged by the same testing standards as those applied to Stephen Harper (and not Obama)?  No.

I’m guessing for Simpson it would go something like “[such-and-such crisis] is not a test of Trudeau’s leadership.” But he will then vigorously question what the opposition Conservative leader’s position is on the matter, since that’s so obviously all-important; then headline it as a “test” of his or her mettle… and lament it as a failure, naturally.

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Good evening. Here’s your totally useless news report from your crackerjack journalists, for Friday.


So… what the heck are “encounters” with police? And how many “encounters” with police by one or two thugs does it take to wake up a reporter… 12? 97? How about 120? Still asleep? 300? OK how about 460-odd? Does that wake you up?

Apparently the magic number of police encounters is well over 700.

Vancouver bus driver brazenly assaulted, three women arrested

By Cheryl Chan, The Province March 14, 2014 9:12 AM

Two sisters and a teenager have been charged with attacking a female bus driver after she asked a group of unruly passengers to leave the bus. …

…The women allegedly grabbed the driver, threw her to the ground, repeatedly punched her, and tried to drag her off the bus by her hair. …

…The three women and their companions fled on foot, but were found by police several blocks away at a park near Spruce and 6th Avenue. Police also found nine bottles of liquor with them. They believe the liquor was stolen from a liquor store earlier in the day. Dolores Pearl Robinson, 22 of Vancouver, has been charged with assault. She is well-known to police with more than 450 previous encounters. …

That’s pretty much the reporting. Read the rest yourself. Is it even possible to be more lazy and report fewer of the things that are important to readers, than in this story?

Three girls were arrested, one of whom has 462 “previous encounters” with police in her past, the other with over 267, and a third who is “well-known to police.” But no elaboration on that startling fact is provided. They just state that wildly intriguing fact, and then move on as if we, the readers, aren’t even remotely curious about that. Or like they don’t care if we are curious.

This reporter is not alone. All of the sources I checked were nonplussed about the fact that between two of the alleged attackers, there were over 700 “encounters” with police, and yet they were freely stalking the streets and not in jail or reform school.800px-Vancouver_trolley(403)

Were they ever arrested by police? Don’t know. Or were there just over 700 chit-chats? Don’t know. Any jail time? Who knows.

Are we so jaded now that thugs get over 700 encounters with police and it doesn’t faze us? Or is this the new brave world of liberal molly-coddling of our youth, and symptomatic of the full-on welfare state that the liberal-left has been edging us toward, all these years? (Answer: yes)

It’s like it’s not even acceptable to question why these thugs aren’t currently being reformed, instead of, well, not being reformed. It’s not PC. To which I say BS.

Liberals in the media are always on about and constantly asking us to “start a conversation,” but apparently this isn’t a chatty enough story. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s traffic cones makes for a juicy “national conversation” with endless implications and conjecture. But 700 encounters with police culminating in a violent attack against an innocent, defenseless (don’t even get me started about gun rights) female bus driver who was just doing her job: dullsville. Maybe it the thugs were the daughters of a Conservative MP, alarm bells would ring.

Here’s an angle — feel free to use this, news media: I complain all day long in these pages about the liberal media incessantly inserting a political — always liberal — angle to every story. How about just for once — for a bit of balance — you ask a conservative. That’s right. Instead of appealing, as you always do, to reliably left-wing professor or politician or pundit for talking points to color a story — any story — how about just this once, find just one conservative law-and-order type to interview. Ask them about whether or not this is just another example of the usual bullcrap that we’ve come to expect from our liberal criminal justice system and society. I dare you. (Here’s a clue: according to another article about this story, “All three women have been released with conditions, and are expected to appear in court within the next two weeks.”)

March 19 is their court date. I won’t hold my breath waiting for them to appear, and if they do, for anything but the lightest possible sentence. I’m thinking a big bloody murder, or maybe a bomb blast, is the magic wake-up pill.


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North Korea’s socialists are slightly more delusional and dishonest

Also published at –

The very serious USA Today article about North Korea’s “Dear Leader” being re-elected with a 100% turnout and a kim-jong-un-number-unmargin of victory of 100% over his opponent, which was nobody, is funny when you consider that the reporter who drew the short straw and had to write it must have been busting a gut at the time.

Kim Jong Un ‘elected’ with 100% of the vote

PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) — With no one else on the ballot, state media reported Monday that supreme leader Kim Jong Un was not only elected to the highest legislative body in North Korea, he won with the unanimous approval of his district, which had 100% turnout. …

… Voters in the election have no choice who to vote for — there is only one candidate’s name on the ballot for each district ….

I laud the reporter for keeping a straight face.

But the North Korean Twitter commissars had a read of that USA Today article, and somehow got from it that USA Today “lauds” the re-election of that totalitarian dictator commie.


This phoniness demands a special kind of suspension of disbelief.

But to bring all the delusion back home, the IRS scandal targeting tea party groups is deemed by the Obama administration as “phony,” for example.

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Ukraine: Liberal media scatter like rats now, after first getting Obama elected

Notes on the news coverage of Ukraine crisis:Sarah_Palin_rifle_shot-reversed

As soon as this started happening, I recalled in my little noggin the words of straight-shooter Sarah Palin, from back in 2008. She warned that if Obama were elected, Putin might just try to take Ukraine. I mostly remember liberals and their media laughing like hyenas at her about that, as if she were stupid and they were smart — a notion which was actually funny.

Palin wrote this on her Facebook page last Friday:

Yes, I could see this one from Alaska. I’m usually not one to Told-Ya-So, but I did, despite my accurate prediction being derided as “an extremely far-fetched scenario” by the “high-brow” Foreign Policy magazine. Here’s what this “stupid” “insipid woman” predicted back in 2008: “After the Russian Army invaded the nation of Georgia, Senator Obama’s reaction was one of indecision and moral equivalence, the kind of response that would only encourage Russia’s Putin to invade Ukraine next.”

The Washington Post actually came to grips with this fact of life, unlike any other liberal mainstream media, even offering-up that same quote from Palin’s Facebook page. No mea culpas, though, as you might expect. They still think they’re smarter than Sarah Palin. They are not, or they would have agreed back then, instead of laughing.

I also remember the 2012 presidential debates, in which the liberals and their media all laughed like hyenas at what they tried very hard to get you to believe was the equally “stupid” and “insipid” Mitt Romney, when he said, in answer to a debate question, that Russia was America’s greatest geopolitical adversary, and Iran the number one threat.

Romney and Palin were both spot on, and the liberals and their media were and are dead wrong. Again. Go ahead and laugh.

What I said, because it’s true:

(Typo, yes. I meant “this,” not “his.”) The question they’re asking is really a two-fer. By “what can we do at this point,” I think they mean both America, and themselves in the media. The reality is that the liberal media pushed and pushed, and continue to push Obama as the savior of the new world — the world as seen by what they tried to have us believe was the super-smart, great visionary thinker, and awesome speaker, Barack Obama. Now they fret over that faulty vision, and all the problems it is causing. And they fret that they are complicit. Which we, on the right side, all warned about.



The media cast aside all pretense of impartiality leading up to Obama’s election, and implored Americans to elect him. And yet today they act as if they have always been nothing but passive and objective observers, and earnest reporters on the political scene; like at the Washington Post, which has now offered some realistic analysis — about the past five years since readers took their advice and elected Obama! Here’s the hurt:

President Obama’s foreign policy is based on fantasy

By Editorial Board, Published: March 2

FOR FIVE YEARS, President Obama has led a foreign policy based more on how he thinks the world should operate than on reality. …

… While the United States has been retrenching, the tide of democracy in the world, which once seemed inexorable, has been receding. In the long run, that’s harmful to U.S. national security, too….

That’s gonna leave a mark. On Obama and on themselves. Which makes me happy.

Obama’s New York Times division is the more insidious rat. Their editorial regarding the Ukraine crisis, headlined “Russia’s Aggression,” is an exercise in the effete. It reads like another liberal academic navel-gaze, without blaming their man Obama — in fact barely mentioning him three times, in passing, and offering only clueless bromides. I won’t even bother quoting it. I’ll just remind you of this instead:


On Twitter, amongst the maelstrom,’s obfuscation was fairly representative. They offered up a jokey picture. Ironically it actually makes a joke of themselves, betraying them as oblivious to reality, too weak to admit their cowardice; or just burying their head in the sand, instead of acknowledging the prescience of Romney and Palin — and the folly of their man Obama and themselves.

Yeah I guess Matt was right… but so was Mitt. And so was Sarah. And so was most every conservative. So many people were right, and you, media, were all wrong. That’s gotta be worth a laugh or two!

It is all a lot easier than the media are making it out to be. The economy is a mess, still, after five years. Millions are jobless. Americans are divided as never before. Race issues are being torqued by the administration, the race-baiting industry, and all liberals, as never before. Obamacare is a national disaster area. The debt is well over $17 TRILLION. And on the international stage, the world has, as is now blatantly obvious, lost respect for America, to say nothing of “liking” America, which, during the Bush years, was their ever so scientific measure of how the American president was doing.

The media failed.

The difference between right and wrong, good and evil, the right vision and the wrong one, the right instincts and the wrong instincts, fantasy versus reality: Ronald Reagan had it right even before Romney and Palin and most other contemporary conservatives, and the lesson is there for all of us to learn. Ronald Reagan won the Cold War, and here we are today with Russian troops literally lining the border of Ukraine with their military poised to take over, possibly sewing the seeds of a new Cold War. Just as Reagan, and a couple others, warned.

Obama hasn’t learned. I hope Americans have.


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USACANADA: January 2014 job stats comparison? “U.S. has been cold!”

The running South Park-inspired joke is that when something goes wrong in the U.S., “blame Canada.” Obamatons also blame Bush, Fox News, Republicans, the tea party, Rush Limbaugh, the Koch brothers, and now, the weather.Can_US_together

Aside from the blame game, Canada and the U.S. are similar in many ways, with a couple of the other notable exceptions being the relative size of the populations, and the relative size of the two economies. Also, Canada is led by a Conservative government (if only moderately conservative), where the U.S. is led by a liberal-left, progressive regime.

Here’s my latest comparison via the January jobs report which came out today in both countries.

It’s good news for Canada, but it’s bad news for the U.S., especially for liberals who thought Obama knew what he was doing. (Some still think he knows what he’s doing, bless their hearts!) It’s even bad news according to their MSNBC division. You can tell because MSNBC is covering every anti-conservative and pro-Obama story in the world today except the January jobs numbers.

Just look at MSNBC’s top 10 stories today, on a day when January job numbers are released, and unemployment is by far the worst problem facing America (I love #9):


The big bad news that MSNBC has decided not to fully inform its viewers about, is that where economists had expected 180,000 new jobs in the U.S. for January, and even that is barely more than what is really needed every single month just to keep up with population growth, the report shows only 113,000 new jobs. What they unwittingly informed viewers is that they’re a terrible, biased news organization.

That terrible jobs news is why the liberals’ New York Times division began their news story with the unusual wording, “the American economy,” instead of “Barack Obama” — the man to whom they attribute all good things.


The American economy added 113,000 jobs…

But then came the Obamaexcuse. The weather. Or maybe not! They allude to the fact that (what they call) the “more optimistic economists” (what we call Obamatons) glibly blame “wintery conditions.” But then in a shocking move that still has me rattled, they call shenanigans on them.


…Wintry conditions that held back hiring were blamed for the weakness in December, a theory popular among more optimistic economists after those numbers came out in early January.

For last month, despite what seems like an endless series of snowstorms on the East Coast and arctic conditions in the Midwest recently, the reference week for the latest survey was Jan. 12-18, when conditions were fairly normal as Januaries go, limiting some of the impact of the weather in this report.

Wow! They could have just blamed Canada and avoided all that splainin’! But no, they’d just as soon ignore Canada because of the poor comparison it reveals. But here’s a hint: Canada invented “wintery conditions.” And Canada’s jobs report was just dandy. Better than economists expected.

Then there was this on CNN, although it wasn’t CNN’s fault. In fact like the NYT, the anchor seemed to press for a better explanation than “weather.” Their guest Mark Zandi from Moody’s actually blamed the weather. I actually laughed out loud. I guess he’s one o’ them “more optimistic economists.”

Mark Zandi: “It’s largely due to the very bad winter weather. It’s been very cold, very stormy.”

Let’s watch!

As you saw, CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin seemed a little surprised by this “blame the weather” canard. She pressed him to explain in detail just how it could be that the weather caused a poor jobs report. She wasn’t even asking in the context of why it was that The Great White North did just fine in January despite its way worse “very bad winter weather” in January, where it was even more “very cold, very stormy.”

His answer?

Mark Zandi: “…people can’t get to work, they’re not counted as employed…”.

What? You get a snow day and suddenly you’re counted as a job loss in the national job stats? I seriously don’t think so.

The Soviets used to blame all their Communist economic problems on bad weather. They apparently had poor farming weather every year for about 75 years. Otherwise, their whole empire wouldn’t have collapsed and Communism woulda worked just fine!

In Canada, 29,000 jobs were created in January. Economists expected just 20,000 new jobs. Remember Canada’s population is 1/9 of the U.S. and the size of the economy is less than that. So I tweeted this fancy math because it shows a fun, stark reality:

Proportionately, Canada created more than twice as many jobs in January. Despite worse weather. Canada would be doing even better if the U.S. economy were doing better. So in a twist, Canadians can rightly blame America. Or more appropriately, blame Barack Obama and his liberal cabal.


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Canada’s Complicity in the US Surveillance State

In Canadian political debate, accusing one’s opponent of advocating “American-style” policies used to be the equivalent of launching a nuclear missile.

The trajectory of these attacks was usually left to right, with some earnest advocate of the Canadian welfare state blasting a heartless proponent of free markets and individual responsibility, as though a slight reduction in subsidies for public broadcasters or allowing citizens to pay out-of-pocket for medical expenses were one step removed from leaving the elderly on ice floes to die.

Much has changed in recent years, however. For one thing, the American health care system is now more beholden to the government than its “socialized” Canadian counterpart ever was. Relatedly, the ideological leadership of the countries has reversed. Whereas Liberal prime NSAministers like Pierre Trudeau and Jean Chretien once sat opposite Republican presidents like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, Canada now has its most right-wing prime minister in at least a generation, while the United States is in the second term of arguably the most left-wing president in its history.

But one issue on which an ostensible rightist like Prime Minister Stephen Harper and an unapologetic leftist like President Barack Obama seem to agree is that the surveillance capacity of the state must know no limits, citizens of both countries must be constantly tracked and monitored, and the two governments must synchronize their efforts in this regard.

If ever there was a time when Canada should act on its aversion to “American-style” policies, this is it.

From banking to taxes to travel to personal communications, Canada has signed on to the most appalling excesses of America’s growing surveillance state. The rationale is usually found among the catch-all phrases deployed to justify today’s creeping totalitarianism: the “War on Terror” or “keeping us safe” or the “War on Drugs” or “money laundering” or “tax evasion.”

Whatever the stated reason, such policies are born of the institutional panic that someone, somewhere, is doing something the government doesn’t know about and has not had the chance to regulate, mandate or ban.

Most recently, CTV News reports, the Canadian and American governments have agreed to compile a shared, biographic database of residents’ border-crossings, starting this June. The new system will be used to verify eligibility for Medicare and other benefits (and, of course, will “combat terrorism”), but it evinces Canada’s disquieting modern tendency to surrender its citizens’ information to a rapacious US government. It is most certainly an “American-style” presumption that people need to be watched at all times, their communications monitored, their comings and goings tracked and recorded.

This accompanies revelations by National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden that Canada’s electronic spy agency, in conjunction with the NSA, has used Canadian airport Internet service to track the wireless devices of thousands of travelers for days after they left the terminal.

The freedom to travel has been one of the most conspicuous casualties of the US “War on Terror” and Canada should be ashamed of its complicity. In response to edicts issued by the Obama administration, Canadian travelers are subjected to a homegrown version of the pornographic fraud that is American airport security.

(As to Snowden, they want to fry this kid for breaking the first two rules of Fight Club, but he has done more to preserve the cause of freedom than those who get paid to snoop on their fellow citizens.)

Canadians need not travel to become entangled in the web of US surveillance. Canada’s acquiescence to America’s Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) will see to that.

Beginning on July 1 (ironically, Canada Day), Canadian banks and financial institutions will be required to review all client accounts containing $50,000 or more to determine if they are “US Reportable.”

This transcends the infamous and larcenous practice of the Internal Revenue Service demanding tax returns and payments from “US IRSpersons” worldwide. Under the FATCA regime, not only will US Persons (broadly and capriciously defined by the US Treasury) be required to file taxes with the IRS even if they have never set foot on US soil, their assets must be reported to American authorities.

The closest Canada has come to effective resistance is a meaningless bureaucratic tweak: rather than report directly to the IRS, Canadian banks would report to the Canadian tax authority, which then forwards the information to its American counterpart.

In each of these cases, Canada has gone along through a national self-interest no more considered than, simply, the United States said so.

Canada and the United States enjoy the largest bilateral trading relationship in the history of the planet. It is in the interests of both countries to keep that going. Canada, as a resource-rich, exporter nation, enjoys unique access to the largest consumer market in the world.

Nevertheless, economic comity is not everything, and there would be much to be said for a prime minster who, like Hugh Grant at the end of Love Actually, has the courage to stand up and announce he is unhappy with important aspects of the relationship.

Can such leadership be found, or has Canada made peace with an “American-style” future?

Theo Caldwell

Theo Caldwell, president of Caldwell Asset Management, Inc., is an investment adviser in the United States and Canada.


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Obama has struggled like an army vet who was nearly killed in his 10th deployment. Yup.

Sgt. First Class Cory Remsburg

Sgt. First Class Cory Remsburg, who was severely injured in Afghanistan during his 10th deployment, was honored in last night’s State of the Union.

I posted this at because it’s mostly an American story, but obviously there are tons of examples of this in Canada too, with its even more liberal-left media. In Canada’s case, the sycophantic luv is for any socialist NDP or Liberal member or leader, in case it wasn’t already totally obvious to all news viewers.

In case you didn’t know, 30-year-old Sgt. First Class Cory Remsburg is a heroic veteran of both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. He was nearly killed by a roadside bomb in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Barack Obama rightly honored him in last night’s State of the Union.

Some totally objective tweeps who are experts in objectively reporting politics then made the story clear for us with their expert analysis. Like Mark Murray.


As I said, huh?

Maybe Mark Murray is president of the Obama Cult?

Maybe he wasn’t serious?

The liberal media’s fan-boyism literally leaves some smart people speechless.

Perhaps the reporter is just an ass. Or an ass kisser. I don’t know. We should ask.

Here’s some much better comparative analysis than that which Mark Murray made:

We should consider his mental state:

Some more comparative analysis:

And it went on like this. Clearly, his tweet was hideous, and if its reception in the twitterverse is any indication, it was not well received.


I wonder why people have stopped trusting the liberal news media.

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Of course Canada is more business-friendly than the United States

A recent report from Bloomberg News ranks Canada as the second-best country in which to do business, behind Hong Kong and ahead of the United States. This comes on the heels of a survey by the Wall Street Journal and the Heritage Foundation, in which Canada was rated sixth in economic freedom, while the United States came in twelfth.

To anyone who has done business in both countries, this comes as no shock.

Indeed, the only surprising thing about these reports and the surrounding analysis is that Americans continue to be flabbergasted each time their system of high taxes and crippling regulation, backed up by a draconian prosecution regime, is revealed not to be working.

As I explained to Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson last year, not only are Canada’s personal and corporate tax rates lower than those of the United States, the compliance burden of the American system – including the international theft perpetrated by the Internal Revenue Welcome_to_USA-border-403pxService in the form of its worldwide reporting requirements – makes serfs of its citizens and renders the country inhospitable to business.

Reports of Canada’s economic success usually give credit to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and that’s fair enough. But there is nothing novel to Harper’s approach. Politicians of many parties in numerous countries have opted to reduce tax rates as a means to increase revenue and entice capital. It is only relative to other modern Western leaders, to whom the concept of growing an economy by shrinking the government has seemingly never occurred, that Harper’s approach seems revolutionary.

From a policy perspective, Harper bears little resemblance to the hard-right, puppy-eating Sith Lord his liberal detractors imagine. As just one example, despite enjoying a Parliamentary majority – which amounts to near-dictatorial powers until the next election – Harper’s Conservatives have just enacted one of the environmental movement’s most absurd agenda items (and this is some distinction) in the form of a ban on incandescent light bulbs.

Fair or not, Harper’s image is bloodless and cold. He is not a smiley sort, and this is perhaps a good thing as his attempts to seem cheerful result in a Bond-villain rictus that puts no one at ease. While this may satisfy some people’s notion of a heartless conservative, the test of a political leader is the effectiveness of his policies, not how chummy he comes off while spending other people’s money.

For the United States, this demonstrates that electing leaders on the basis of demographic superficialities and big government populism, even as their policies harm the same middle class they purport to help, is a path to economic mediocrity and worse.

But elected leaders are only part of the problem. America’s administrative state, wherein myriad regulations are drafted and enforced by anonymous, unaccountable bureaucrats, smothers the prospects of small business. This distinction is important, as large corporations are better able to absorb the costs of massive regulation – and indeed, can lobby to have those regulations crafted in their favor – while small business is the lifeblood of a vibrant economy, creating two-thirds of the new jobs in America.

An entrepreneur seeking access to North American markets would be positively loopy to choose the United States over Canada. Apart from America’s crushing regulatory and tax requirements, its fearsome prosecution apparatus stands ready to mete out harsh punishments for mistakes or non-compliance. This rapacious, unforgiving system, for which incarceration is the default solution, informs the cruel irony that the “Land of the Free” holds more prisoners than any other country on Earth.

As a matter of commerce, justice, or just day-to-day living, America is one of the least-free developed nations in the world. In almost every respect, not only is Canada a more liberty-minded environment than the United States, it isn’t even close.

Theo Caldwell

Theo Caldwell, president of Caldwell Asset Management, Inc., is an investment adviser in the United States and Canada.


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If PC idiocy were PB ’n J on white bread, then beggars would feast


My failure to come up with a gem-quality idiom is obvious, but I was trying to invent a clever new one for this growing kind of liberal-left PC idiocy, along the lines of the famous “If ifs and ands were pots and pans, there’d be no work for tinkers’ hands,” and the related “If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride”

Here’s a snippet from the article in question (my highlighting of the idiocy):

…“Take the peanut butter sandwich, a seemingly innocent example a teacher used in a lesson last school year,” the Tribune said.

“What about Somali or Hispanic students, who might not eat sandwiches?” Gutierrez asked. “Another way would be to say: ‘Americans eat peanut butter and jelly, do you have anything like that?’ Let them tell you. Maybe they eat torta. Or pita.”

…The Tribune noted that the school started the new year with “intensive staff trainings, frequent staff meetings, classroom observations and other initiatives,” to help educators understand their own “white privilege,” in order to “change their teaching practices to boost minority students’ performance.””Last Wednesday, the first day of the school year for staff, for example, the first item of business for teachers at Scott School was to have a Courageous Conversation — to examine a news article and discuss the ‘white privilege’ it conveys,” the Tribune added. …

But after lunch, which will be a PB sammy on white, and a chaser of pork ribs left over from last night, and possibly some KFC, and maybe a hot dog followed by apple pie and a Coke, I plan to try again.

I will need the strength given me by white bread and animal products after seeing this doozy from the UK’s Daily Mail, which I actually looked up on to verify it wasn’t satire:


There is no idiom to describe this level of idiocy.  Except maybe “the idiocy you let theses liberals and progressives get away with, you deserve.”


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Flight delay?




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Here’s the Epitome of the Liberal Political Correctness Squad in Action

Hat tip to The Natural Truth, by Michael Graham, for this example of liberals at work.

Hot on the heels of Michelle Obama’s big push to get kids “moving,” which is a noble enough effort (better than her “drink water!” hilarity, but not nearly as good as my “don’t cling to the government teat all your life like Barack is telling you to!”), the state-owned, state-run US Postal Service commissioned scads of  postage stamps, seen below.

But now, after the fact, the liberals’ political correctness goon squad has analyzed them for, um, safety  —  yes, safety.  Therefore they will be destroyed.

But trust the government, you guys.

Why are they doing this? Well don’t be so ridiculous, you sane, normal sensible conservative person. It’s because some of the pictures are scary and dangerous. Like there’s one where a kid is standing on his head  — without a helmet!  Without a helmet I tells ya. For the love of head safety!  And hells bells, there’s a kid skate-boarding  —  without any freakin’ knee pads on! Boys with scratched knees are so 1950! And not very progressive!


I love the teaser from LINNS.COM (LINN’S stamp news):

Just Move stamps to be destroyed
The U.S. Postal Service plans to destroy its press run of the unissued commemoratives because of concerns raised about the stamp designs that show children being active.

More “unsafe acts” include a cannonball dive (spullassssshhhh!), a batter without a batting helmet or face mask or even any padding WHATSOEVER!, a girl balancing on a slippery rock (possibly on an 8,000 foot cliff!), and a soccer player without knee pads or shin pads or elbow pads, and no friggin’ helmet, which as we know can cause bruises or hurt feelings (even though nowadays in the most liberal, progressive neighborhoods, all players get trophies and no score is kept at their games, in order to not exclude anyone or make them fell poorly.

You haven’t had a good laugh yet? Head over to and look at some of the Photoshop mocking.

As usual, I leave it to Twitter’s @Iowahawkblog to sum it up perfectly:


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