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Liberal media: state-owned “corporations” are good!

Perhaps they’re just lamenting (what I call) the delightful passing of socialist dictator Fidel Castro, but I think Postmedia’s Vancouver Sun newspaper has gone full Castro on us. Here’s how their big weekend editorial begins:

There is nothing inherently wrong with a Crown corporation, the Insurance Corp. of British Columbia, having a monopoly on providing basic auto insurance — as much as that statement might upset private insurers.

If YOU think “there’s nothing inherently wrong” with state-owned, state-run monopolies in a free and democratic country, you just must be socialist or communist. In fact you are, actually.

And observing that “it might upset private insurers” willfully misses yet another point. It doesn’t just upset private insurers. It upsets people, markets, freedom, sanity, pretty much the whole apple cart. But you go ahead an keep on deluding yourselves.

Ensuring all drivers carry at least basic coverage is beneficial from a public policy point of view, and it’s easy to enforce when the insurance provider is also the vehicle licensing body.

Spoken like a true Soviet.

Furthermore, it’s eminently reasonable that the government, as the sole shareholder of ICBC [the state-owned, state-run car insurance monopoly], be entitled to a dividend. After all, dividends paid to government flow into general revenue, which is supposedly spent on public goods and services — roads, education, health care, housing and so on.

Again with the sounding like a true Soviet. “Eminently reasonable that the government…”.  Holy pompous socialist nonsense. It’s exactly not eminently reasonable at all, whatsoever. It’s utterly unreasonable. They speak of “dividends” —  to the government — as if we’re talking about actual free enterprise and capitalism here. Like this is a business just like Walmart or, say, and actual insurance company.

Their ongoing effort to blur the lines between actual business and socialist government “business” is taking shape nicely. That’s part of the progressive agenda.

But the end of what really amounts to pro-socialist propaganda takes (the people’s?) cake:

ICBC should set its rates primarily based on claims costs, not political expediency, and the BCUC [BC Utilities Commission — another government dep’t] should exercise its authority to adjust them as it sees fit. There should be no need for government to interfere.

What? One government department, ICBC, fighting with another government department over how much to bilk the taxpayer in the monopoly state-owned, state-run insurance racket — and  “There should be no need for government to interfere”?

They can’t see that this is all government? Are they pretending? Are they trying to fake you out? What’s going on here? Are they drunk?

They’re now so socialist they don’t even see how socialist they are. They can’t see the socialist for the socialism.

And here’s a gratuitous picture of Karl Marx. I think it’s eminently reasonable that a private citizen include it thusly.


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There’s “fake news” and there’s this: liberal media takes a poll for fake reasons.

I’ve said this roughly 8,000 times, but like liberals everywhere in Canada, the very liberal Liberal government in Victoria BC loves state-owned, state-run “businesses.” They won’t pay attention to this media poll or any poll that tells them the people think differently.ckwx-news-1130-icbc-poll-2016-11-25_135546

The news radio station is asking because there’s reports of the state-owned car insurer, ICBC, seemingly in a death spiral not unlike Obamacare, and of its need for huge rate increases (also not unlike Obamacare) — and even getting out of insuring ultra-expensive cars because they’re too expensive to fix (sort of a death panel for cars — honk honk!).

They post this poll, but the media — especially the state-owned CBC — certainly doesn’t dislike any state-owned “businesses.” They’d vote “no” in their poll. They do a poll like this as a newsy item, and then summarily drop the subject — especially if the results are like this one. For example, there’s no follow-up article about their poll results at the time of this writing.

Even if their audience does, as we can see here, the media virtually never question the validity of any of the growing list of the liberals’ beloved state-owned “businesses”: media (CBC), car insurance (ICBC — with its optional towing package!), a huge lottery and gambling racket (BC Lottery Corporation, and the website, where you can literally bet against Donald Trump winning the election, for example), a nautical Ferry service (BC Ferries, which also operates vacation cruises for tourists), utility businesses (BC Hydro, etc), housing (yup), Soviet-style liquor stores with all the inventory decisions made at state level by government apparatchiks, state-owned and operated health care; and as you all know, much, much more — and all this in a supposedly free and democratic society.

The media refers to these state-owned businesses in exactly the same way they refer to, say, Walmart — like just another “corporation.” Except they love the state-owned ones and hate Walmart. (See my “Media join progressive gov in faking-out citizens; call state agencies “corporations”“).

So yeah, polling like this is clickbait. This is pablum. A sop. A joke on us, really.

 How does this farce happen?

There isn’t one conservative or even a conservative-tolerant mainstream media outlet in BC, so 99% of the people have no idea what it is to be conservative, or what conservative ideology is. People in BC watch CNN and MSNBC in addition to the state-owned CBC news channels. They think the “corporate” media — as opposed to state-owned media — is right-wing. They think Fox News Channel is anchored by Nazis.

People in BC (as in much of Canada) think Liberals are right-wing, and the socialist NDP is merely “center, or maybe left of center” (or “centre” as they usually spell it — Euro-style). They automatically then refer to Conservatives as “extreme” right wing.

Academia is now totally ensconced by liberals and leftists from top to bottom, and the education system is virtually run by and for the extreme left-wing — possibly Marxist — BC teachers’ union. The taxpayers only fund it.

Show people in BC — especially the millennials — a photo of an Islamist terrorist and one of George Bush, and ask them who the terrorist is, and they’ll point to George Bush. They think Donald Trump is worse than Hitler (they also think that about George W. Bush, and Mitt Romney, and most every Republican). You’re ridiculed in BC if you vote conservative — or favor a Republican candidate.

The only reason people in BC (sometimes) vote for the Liberals instead of the even more socialist NDP is because there may be slightly less socialism under the Liberals (but not much less), and while the progressive sheeple of BC certainly don’t want freedom or free enterprise or capitalism, they do want just slightly less socialism than the NDP would foist on us. At least that’s how it is right now. There’s an election next year and the NDP is high in the polls. Progressive is what progressives are all about, so in a few years, it is possible for BC to be a full-on socialist enclave (or “democratic” as the progressives call it with a straight face.)

Given the circumstances for which they are partly to blame, it’s virtually impossible for the BC Conservative Party to get anything like a foothold in BC at this time.

So it’s easy to see why the sheeple of BC all vote left. Despite polls like this.


Contact the Editor: Joel Johannesen
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Gov gets in way of gov, which gets in the way of people, progress, and sanity

Here’s a Sunday headline from the the liberals’ left-wing Postmedia (Vancouver) division this morning: Vancouver council urged to provide more electric-vehicle charging stations.

It’s another example of their daily liberal-left affirmation program. The whole paper — The Province — is like this.

Note that the “urging” for charging stations comes not from the folks, or companies, or anything like that — the “urging” comes from… the city government itself.


Its like me writing a headline and article about the Strong Demand for Massive Tax and Regulation Reductions and Much Smaller Government — and as you read the article you find out it was demanded by me and my conservative pals (strongly). Of course that article would only ever, ever happen here. Never, ever in a mainstream newspaper.

From their article:

Staff estimate that about $3 million is needed over the next five years to “broaden the market” for non-polluting vehicles…

Why is a government interfering in yet another segment of the erstwhile free market? Well, apparently, because another level of government has already fouled the market up, and so now it’s apparently impossible for the city government to deal with the other government and so the city government must get more involved in the (erstwhile) free market — and do it at more taxpayer expense. See this statement in the article:

…“very onerous” restrictions associated with the B.C. Utilities Commission Act make it difficult for private companies to build such stations for profit.

So city government has to spend millions in taxpayer money because the provincial government has restricted private enterprise from doing what it does best at no cost to government or taxpayers (and which it does way better than the state, as this shows).

Question: Is the city government utterly powerless to shake up the entrenched bigger government and their stupidity, even if it’s to save millions of taxpayer dollars and make life better and easier for the folks?

No. The answer to that question is a hard no.

You or  I could correct this big-government stupidity in about 20 minutes, for free, and everybody knows it. This ugly and expensive quagmire of government-on-government action — this stupidity — is the result of years of pure left-wing political ideology at work. It’s not pragmatism. It’s not science. It’s not concern for the environment (which private enterprise is more than willing and capable of addressing — thus the need for electric vehicle charging stations in the first place, for example).

Both levels of liberal-left government are ideologically reticent to restrict any government control or any involvement in any facets of our lives. The more they can get their know-it-all fingers into our lives and control them, the better, as they see it. They’re progressives. Liberals. Some are full-out socialists. These are not conservatives doing this.

This is insane.

It reminds me of an earlier liberal, Pierre Trudeau — together with the extreme left NDP — who, in their great wisdom, declared that state-owned gas stations were needed across the nation (and thus Petro Canada became so). That was equally insane — to say nothing of socialist (or am I being redundant?).

Oh, and by the way, as the article points out, these charging stations are really not that necessary anyway. Read this part from the print edition which was removed from the online version of the story:province-20161113_111328

More than 90 percent of trips taken in Vancouver are less than 30 kilometres, significantly less than the shortest range of electric vehicles on the market.

(Also, I spell it kilometers because I speak in English.)

If left-wing governments want to “broaden the market,” they should get the Hell out of the market. Get out of our way. That’s the only way to broaden the market, and it’s literally more than free.


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Hillary of the North?

The left-wing millionaire mayor of Vancouver, also known as Mayor Moonbeam, and as the mayor whose primary legacy after three terms in office (and actually the only thing I can think of that he’s done at all) is creating annoying, traffic-jamming bike lanes in downtown Vancouver — is losing his chief of staff.

We don’t care that Mike Magee is leaving his job, but it brought about interesting reminders about who we’re dealing with here, and how eerily similar the theme is to Hillary Clinton and her quagmire of email deletions, questionable use of her office for personal or political gain, cozy relationships with certain individuals and groups, among other things (I make no allegations here — just pontificating based on news reports).

Magee is going back to the business he founded, Convergence Strategies, which is a left-wing hub of, well, something, but it’s unclear to me what. I think it’s designed that way, as most far-left organizations are. Every time I have to sort out these left-wing groups, I wind up in a morass of cross-pollinating socialists, with the same left-wing individuals and group names popping up almost every time, each name and group itself being a morass of other intermingling socialists. Then I have to shower.

This, from a report written up in Business in Vancouver last week (Oct 21, 2016) about the departure of Magee:

…At his 2008 swearing-in, Robertson vowed: “I will not let you down on making city hall more open and accountable,” yet the Vision Vancouver city hall still has no lobbyist registry, was slammed for cosy relations with developers and found to have repeatedly broken freedom of information laws.

Magee admitted to the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner in early 2015 that he mass-deletes his email. An OIPC investigation released last June found city hall delayed information inappropriately, deliberately missed deadlines, lost documentation, released incomplete responses and discriminated against reporters who sought public information.

A judge turned down a 2014-filed B.C. Supreme Court petition that alleged Robertson was in conflict of interest over the lease of a civic building to Hootsuite. But the case included evidence that Magee used his Convergence email account for communicating with Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes while the deal was under negotiation. The OIPC has said that public workers are not allowed to use private email accounts to subvert FOI laws.

Note that the article and its pretty scathing information was printed just last week, three terms after Robertson was first elected. I imagine CNN and the Washington Post and NBC the rest of them will similarly take-up the news flash about Clinton’s 30 years of corruption shortly after she’s elected again in 2020.

Mike Magee reportedly orchestrated Robertson’s rise to power under the new left-wing “Vision” civic party banner, first by helping break apart the then-dominating left-wing civic political party COPE, which, as I’ve documented here over the years, is a party associated with the NDP and was associated with the more full-on communists. “[A]ctivists from the British Columbia New Democratic Party and the Communist Party of British Columbia is how Wikipedia airily describes COPE’s roots. Robertson was erstwhile a member of the BC legislature (under the NDP banner, as if I had to tell you).

Convergence Strategies’ services reportedly include “strategic finance and philanthropy, campaign and communications planning, branding and focus groups.” In other words, what? Luckily I speak Socialist Buzzword so I have an idea of what they do. I think it’s funding and organizing groups with an unnamed but ardently left-wing political agenda. For example, a previous version of Convergence’s still “under construction” website says, “The Convergence team serves diverse groups and individuals committed to a vision of positive social and environmental change.” And “committed to unleashing the power and wisdom of social change leaders, philanthropists, investors, organizations, and movements. We offer a range of services to clients across Canada and the U.S….”.

Dog whistle alert.

A quick scan of the clients reveals the far-left pedigree:

The website listed more that [sic] 50 clients, including Tides Canada and Renewal Partners, several American foundations, BC Hydro, EcoJustice, various First Nations groups and “several anonymous donors and investors.”

Most of us on the right know about Tides and other far-left groups which share radical-left agendas. (Gregor Robertson was also a Tides Canada director from 2002 -2004). The groups Magee is involved with appear to be a whole grab-bag of these far-left polemicists and rabble rousers. Those groups’ own backers are in turn other far-left agitators and financiers — including George Soros, for example, who finances much of the far-left political activity and adjunct organizations in the U.S. and globally —  and also including Hillary Clinton and the Clinton industrial complex. Here’s a screengrab of a recent Washington Times article:


This is all rather ironic if you recall left-wing career politician and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her infamous whine du jour — illegitimate and deceptive though it was — about the “vast right-wing conspiracy,” which (along with Monica Lewinski and scads of other allegedly raped and abused women) was supposedly keeping her and her man and their leftist vision down. In fact for the Clintons and their machine the reality is that to this very day, the vastly left-wing news media and Hollywood and academia and historians and authors and their political hacks continue to, um, vastly cooperate in every which way to slay the conservative right (in the U.S. and in Canada); and continue to rescue The Clintons and protect them, and continue to promote the crap out of them with their vast resources, all day long.

So apparently these far-left organizations and players are not just marching America toward their dream of a socialist and eco-left sanctuary but Canada too. Their lefty tentacles touch each other across borders (national borders is itself a concept they deplore) and across the business/personal/government line too. (Vivian Krause is your go-to for tons of extremely useful insight into the U.S./Canada ties amongst politicians and groups, doing her own reporting and boldly, publicly, asking key people Fair Questions on Twitter.)

The similarities between leftist politicians here and leftist politicians like Hillary Clinton with her disdain for huge swaths of the “deplorable” American electorate continues: Like the lefties in the U.S. caught in the Wikileaks’ transparency-a-palooza, Robertson and his associates were caught on a “hot mic” badmouthing Canadian citizens who opposed him too. He and his comrades all laughed at and mocked the citizens after some dared to speak in a public forum in council chambers against his government’s plans. Gregor Robertson: “Who are all these fucking…who are these hacks, man?” (Hot mic action starts at the 1:55 mark, man):

Hillary didn’t call Trump’s supporters “Fucking” deplorables — just “a basket of deplorables,” but comparisons between what’s going on in the U.S. and in Canada abound. Vancouver is often called “Hollywood North” — a moniker which makes me gag for several good reasons — but it could also be called “Hillary North” — which is even more gag-worthy.

And then there’s Ontario.


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Why left-wing newspapers are not “sustainable”

Going through the papers these days is an exercise in left-wing indoctrination. Duh, you say. I know, that’s not news, to my readers, I know, I know, it’s old news. Fair enough. But it’s worth revisiting every once in a while.

The papers don’t duly cover, say, business, or commerce generally — at least not in a favorable light; nor the value of, say, lower taxes and small government, or not aborting live babies (or as today’s online version of the paper put it in a totally one-sided story about the abortion drug RU-486, it “causes the uterus to contract and expel the pregnancy.” Yup, “expel the pregnancy.” And not one live human could they find who is against that).

Maybe, hopefully, and as I suspect I’m right, it’s why the papers are all failing rapidly.

2016-10-23_152905Here’s today’s lovely Sunday read:

Page one: A huge photo and tease about a seafood “sustainability” program and how it needs to be bolstered in order to force businesses into complying with the agenda of this enviro group.

(Every other word from leftists these days is “sustainable.” Except that they are ambivalent about babies in the womb being “sustainable.”)

Page two – three: A huge whole-page article about the “sustainability” — not of various foods, this time — but of the myriad government money and programs for drug addicts; and as if I had to tell you, the need for much, much more government cash and government programs, of course, because drug deaths are up 61% this year. I kid you not: the article is headlined “‘Sustainable’ change needed for addicts”. I’m only surprised they didn’t squeeze “man-made global warning” in there!

Page four – five: Big article about keeping designer chickens in your urban back yard “to reconnect with your food source.” I think it must have taken everything they had to not use the word “sustainable” in this article. Also, I have a sneaking suspicion, because I’m not a total dumb-ass, that the backyard chicken-as-a-pet push by the left-wing politicians in BC’s urban centers is really all about turning everyone into vegans. Therefore I suggest KFC tonight.

Page six – seven: Columnist rambling on about how the extreme left-wing provincial party in BC, the socialist NDP, which is even more left-wing than the governing Liberals (note that the columnist just calls them the “the NDP”), is against grizzly bear hunting by “foreigners.” (Of course “foreigners” is what the Left would call a “dog whistle” — a pejorative term used to describe as secretly “racist” or “sexist” (etc) just about anything said by anyone on the right these days. Luckily I speak Liberal Fascist, so I can tell you that what “foreigners” means in this case is “those f—ing Americans.” Again, that’s “those f—ing Americans.”

Page eight – nine: Another columnist is on about the proliferation of palm trees in Vancouver. He can’t resist the yummy opportunity to mention “global warming” even though as the article even admits, this proliferation of palm trees, which are of a type which just happens to thrive in chilly climates, has utterly nothing whatsoever to do with global warming, at all.

Page nine – ten: A brief respite of actual news about a car break-in. No left-wing advocacy here. Wow.

2016-10-23_154100Page eleven – twelve: A two-page advocacy article about seafood “sustainability” (which was teased on the front), and an enviro organization’s efforts to force food suppliers and restaurants to only supply food to the pubic that the organization deems “sustainable” in their wisdom (and for these suppliers to pay them for the privilege of being regulated by them). To give you an idea of their strict adherence to common sense, farmed Atlantic salmon, from Costco, which is all my wife and I eat, is verboten. But they didn’t ask anyone the likes of us.

Page thirteen – fourteen: On the surface, a story of a murderer being sentenced. In reality, another example of liberal-left leniency when it comes to drugs addicts and their crimes. The murderer, who bludgeoned his wife to death with a knife multiple times, is sentenced to 12 years less time served. Nope, not a good hanging or even a life term. Here’s the part where the judge was speaking to the murderer at sentencing:

…do everything within your power to rehabilitate yourself to treat and constantly maintain your mental health and to stay as far away as you can from a drug that is a source of so much tragedy in our society,” the judge said.

“I wish you good luck in that endeavour.”

No, there was no mandatory drug treatment either. Good luck indeed. To us.

Page fifteen – sixteen: A sympathetic article about a tugboat which ran aground, and enviro-activists are in a tizzy, which they have every right to be. The chief complainant is a first nations member, claiming that more bans against tug boats going past their coastal village, and more government regulation and oversight is needed, to stop the outside world — mostly Americans, since it’s mentioned twice or more — from doing this to them. The story is from Bella Bella, BC, about which Wikipedia says “Bella Bella has had a precarious and isolated existence.” In other words, it totally relies on all manner of the modern transportation of goods to accommodate their very existence in that region; and being almost exactly in between Alaska, USA, and Washington state, USA, American boats might also just pass by, aside from the ones who supply your lives. That last bit of info was brought to you by me, not the paper.

Page eighteen – nineteen: It’s literally a celebration of left-wing (dare I say social-ist) charity events, called Social Network. Here’s their layout:


One event was a David Suzuki event, and I need say no more about the far-leftness contained therein; another was a multicultural mosaic-advocacy charity event (no, not a multicultural melting pot or integration with Canadian traditions charity event. Hint: the group is called “MOSAIC” and supports Syrian refugees moving to BC.  Celebrate!)

Page twenty – twenty one: Actual news without a left-wing tinge to it. Wow.

We finally got a conservative respite on page twenty-two, where, mercifully, an excellent op-ed by Jordan Bateman of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation was allowed to advance a conservative notion:

…A better solution for taxpayers would be for every city council in the region to announce that they will reduce their own property taxes by the same amount TransLink is raising theirs. Given the eye-popping increases we have seen at city halls, it is very do-able for mayors to find the equivalent of $3 a year on savings in their own city halls and pass those savings on to taxpayers to cover the TransLink hike…

…The development cost charge (DCC) plan also offers an opportunity for city politicians to show they sincerely care about affordability in their communities. Adding another tax to new housing will make new homes more expensive, so mayors should be scouring their cities’ overly complicated development processes to find ways to cut costs, red tape and processing time for new homes.

Vancouver, for example, already has 107 different taxes, fees and levies on new housing. There is a lot that could be done to offset a new TransLink DCC.

TransLink mayors claim these tax hikes are needed for a healthy region. But being able to afford to live here is also necessary. That’s why taxpayers should continue to hiss for more savings at city halls and TransLink itself.

He will be utterly skewered by the paper’s well-trained leftist readers by tomorrow morning.

There is no business section in today’s big weekend paper. No need seen by these media geniuses to inform Canadians about the wonderful world of commerce and invention and entrepreneurship, at all whatsoever.

I keep waiting for it — the backlash which I think has to happen when everybody just snaps out of it and says wait — back off, you’re going too far, you’re advocating for socialism or liberal fascism, and now we suddenly realize it, and you know what? We tried what you said and it’s actually making everything way worse, every day. Now let’s try making sense again.  

What we all actually need is a big change: like a paper dedicated to teaching and advocating for right-wing or conservative concepts and ideals. Might also drum up sales and make them more sustainable.


Contact the Editor: Joel Johannesen
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Radio station tweets the word “CHRISTMAS”, remains on air, no riot, Muslims seem cool with it so far

We thought they were called “Festive Holiday Lights of Season Values!”
This tweet occurred this morning, in which we find a radio station blatantly uttering the word Christmas, to no apparent negative effect that we have heard about. (Of course we don’t monitor the CBC like we used to.)
ckwx - 2015-11-26_084320-closeup

Apparently Vancouver radio station CKWX News 1130 has not received the memo or any of the fascist directives from the PC police or any liberal-left think tanks. No claims of “this is exactly what ISIS wants us to do!!”

Or they did get them, but summarily tossed them in the garbage where they belong (and we hope they didn’t sort them into the correct recycling bin!). Which of course means we heartily endorse CKWX News1130 (for now… we reserve the right to rescind in the next hour if they tweet some left-wing bullshit).

LATE UPDATE: All staff are OK as far as we know. No reports of any planned pot smoke-ins or “peaceful protests” or boycotts by disaffected Muslims or atheists or any haughty sneers from CBC reporters or anchors claiming “racist!!” or the ironic “intolerant!!!!” label on them, that we know about.

So far.

Godspeed, you brave common sense normal Canadians manning the Twitter feed.  Merry Christmas CKWX! (Or have we now crossed a line?)

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Socialist NDP HATES those state-owned monopolies – which they created

British Columbia has a state-owned and state-run car insurance monopoly, which is of course completely unnecessary, purely ideological, and universally hated  – by all sensible people except its creators, the socialist NDP (circa 1973). Or… maybe by them too?

The reason it is hated starts largely with the fact that it utterly sucks, to use the proper economics terminology.

Sun_re_ICBC-2015-11-10_0758Today it was announced that “the corporation” (yeah, “the corporation”) was going to stop allowing monthly payments for insurance premiums to be paid by credit card (because you know, what business accepts credit cards these days?!). And yes, “corporation” is what a sycophantic liberal media like the Vancouver Sun calls a state-owned, state-run politbureau when they want to whitewash the socialism; and yes they also call Apple a corporation as if it is exactly the same kind of thing.

Anyway that announcement prompted Adrian Dix, the leader of the opposition socialist NDP, to say this, and we kid you not, this is an exact quote:

The change will be a major inconvenience to some customers, and is the kind of thing ICBC can get away with only because the Crown agency has a monopoly on basic insurance and drivers can’t take their business elsewhere, said NDP critic Adrian Dix.

“What they are doing is making things harder for their customers and clearly, given what they say the fees are, a lot of their customers were using this method of payment,” Dix said.

Of course the “they” that Dix refers to is his own party’s state-owned, state-run monopoly behemoth, which he calls a “Crown agency”perhaps because “state-owned and state-run” sounds too North Korean; and it is one which, according to himself, “makes things harder for customers.”

But if you’re waiting for the part where the Vancouver Sun reporter, Rob Shaw, laughed out loud and demanded in Karl_Marx_thought-bubble-no-competition!disbelief that the socialist leader revisit what the frick he just said about it being a government operation and there being no competition in the marketplace, you’ll be waiting a long time. No such questions were asked by the reporter. No remark about it whatsoever. Apparently it was all good. Perfectly acceptable.

Unbelievable. It should have been the feature part of the article. There should be a 2-page investigative analysis about the BS that is the NDP (and their own shoddy reporting, but yeah…).  This kind of reporting, this kind of intellectual dishonesty, and lying, and lying by omission, is why low-information Sun_re_ICBC-2015-11-10_075713voters vote for the NDP or Liberals, so why would the Left ever start to do things any differently?

While we’re on this left-wing politician/media cabal-fest, note how the liberal-left’s media division, like the socialist NDP itself, absolutely forbid the use of the proper terminology, which is “state-owned” and/or “state-run,” to describe the left-wing monstrosity in question. Aside from “corporation” and “Crown agency,” they also whitewash it with crap like “the public auto insurer.”

Contact the Editor: Joel Johannesen
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Arctic Apple Takes a Bite Out of Pseudo-Science

After years of research and extensive field testing, the Okanagan’s own GMO apple is going to the big leagues.

Genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) are routinely attacked by urban organic activists in spite of the fact that not a single ailment has ever been linked to this technology. And now, as a testament to the baselessness of such attacks, the rights to the GMO Arctic Apple have been purchased by the U.S. biotechnology company Intrexon (owners of GMO salmon), for the princely sum of $41 million.

This acquisition stands as a textbook example of how to stand up to organic activists.

Rather than compromise, Neal Carter, the Summerland developer of this non-browning apple, stood firm as organic activists claimed falsely that a GMO apple threatened organic orchards. The only question that remains is whether the organic industry will take former U.S. president Bill Clinton’s advice from 1997 and include the Arctic Apple in organic production.

Unlike some GMO crops that incorporate pesticides, the GMO Arctic Apple could, in theory, be grown under organic management with composted fertilizer and holistic pest management, according to the original version of the world’s most-widely adopted organic standards – the USDA National Organic Program.

I grew up on an organic farm and worked for five years as a USDA-contract organic inspector. I left when the organic movement became a bureaucratic scam designed to propel an anti-GMO, anti-scientific political agenda.

I still support the true principles of organic production. But with three-quarters of organic food being imported from countries like China, and with 46 per cent testing positive for prohibited pesticides — pesticides that do cause harm and can lead to death — it has long been my position that the organic industry has a massive problem on its hands, a problem that has nothing whatsoever to do with GMOs.

Organic crops are not tested. Record-keeping and record-checking are all that’s required to get a crop certified.

Imagine if we quit testing athletes at the Olympics. Do you think maybe athletes might take this as a licence to cheat? This is how the anti-GMO organic industry runs.

No wonder multimillionaire organic execs like John Mackey (Whole Foods) and tax-subsidized activists like Ronnie Cummins (The Organic Consumers Association) pretend GMOs threaten organic farms. By maligning this field of science, they’ve carved-out a sizable niche for themselves, giving consumers the false hope that they’re eating a better diet when they purchase premium-priced, certified-organic food, all based on the fact that it’s non-GMO.

The reality is quite the opposite.

The lack of organic field testing not only results in 46 per cent of organic food testing positive for prohibited pesticides, but also in un-composted fecal matter making its way into the organic food chain.

As Carter and his new corporate masters at Intrexon will surely attest, this causes serious illness, and can lead to death. How is this “organic” exactly?

GMO Golden Rice, papaya and brinjal are all examples of non-proprietary (no patent) GMO crops that could be grown organically. The time is long overdue for the organic industry to follow Clinton’s advice and embrace GMOs. And what better place to start than with Carter’s GMO Arctic Apple?

By standing up to organic “pseudo-science and naysaying fearmongers,” Carter proves that when the enemies of science can’t beat you, they might someday be forced to join you.

This article first appeared in the Kelowna Daily Courier. Mischa Popoff has no financial interest in the Arctic Apple or Intrexon.

Mischa Popoff

• B.A. (Hons.) U. of S. and IOIA Advanced Organic Inspector (USDA) • Policy Advisor for The Heartland Institute • Research Associate for The Frontier Centre for Public Policy • Is It Organic?". For public speaking engagements or consultations, please contact my agency, The National Speakers Bureau or Sawa Matsumura at

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Militant left-wing BC teachers union advocates against Canada’s military recruiting

Math, science, and actively advocating against joining the Canadian military? Well yes, and “man-made global warming,” and business is bad, government is good, and socialism is the way to go, and unions are the best, and its for the kids, etc. Also LGBQT of course — that other stuff is only if there’s time.

512px-Red_stylized_fist.svgFeatured as one of their “Lesson Ideas” on their union web site (in their “Social Justice” section, like good leftists), they suggest the teachers in the classroom teach our sons and daughters a load of left-wing propaganda points, including advocating against Canada’s national military defense and opposing any recruitment efforts; urging that kids act as spies and “inform” on the Canadian military to the appropriate authorities (teachers and their militant left-wing union) should they witness any recruitment efforts by our evil Canadian military defense.

Ask your local to pass a motion opposing recruiting in the schools.
Ask your board to pass a motion opposing recruiting in the schools.
Encourage industry and workers in your community to resist military contracts, and ask local politicians to work with you on this. Take this issue to your labour council as well.
• Let teachers know to inform the union and/or your social justice committee when they see recruiters in the schools.
Let students know to inform teachers when they are approached by recruiters.
• Ensure that students are being informed of every side of the story about current events, Afghanistan, and the statistics about military casualties, liabilities, and suicides.
• Support counter-recruitment messages and programs in schools.
• Make materials available to teachers in your local to help counter-recruiting messages.
Go to the Operation Objection website for kits:
• Call in to television and radio, and write to your local papers to counter military propaganda.

Whose side on they on? Obviously not our national defense.

Their ironically militant left-wing anti-Canadian propaganda materials includes this helpful poster, designed to raise all manner of questions and cast a negative shadow with regard to joining our national military defense effort.


But as you saw with their own printed words, they’re not merely be altruistic here. They’re casting aspersions, planting the seeds of doubt, and hoping to discourage our young people from joining the Canadian Forces. They want to arm our youth not with guns, but with left-wing propaganda. Al-Qaeda loves it when we do that.

BCTF union boss. It's for the kids

BCTF union boss. It’s for the kids. Wink.

That makes the BCTF anti-military and against the defense of our country. How else can you describe “Encourage industry and workers in your community to resist military contracts“? They want to actively ensure that our military fails  —  starved of supply and equipment. Food. Medical supplies. Gas masks.

How can you describe them asking that union locals and school boards oppose military recruitment efforts? They don’t want people to join the military. So it fails. And we have no effective defense.

Let students know to inform teachers when they are approached by recruiters.” They want your kids to act as militant leftists on the union’s behalf. Little soldiers for their far-left extremist cause.

Support counter-recruitment messages and programs in schools“? Huh? Why? They want our military to be as ineffective as possible in defending Canada and its interests.

Who are these people?

What country is this?

Who thinks like that?

Why are they even remotely allowed to do this?

I suppose it’s no real surprise that a far-left militant union, deeply ensconced in socialist politics, would act in this way. It’s a free country and they can be as extremist as they want to be (thanks to our military and sane people who support a national defense). They can be as loony as they want, and be as ostracized as they will be. That’s their problem  —  or at least it should be. But these people are public servants. Being paid by your tax dollars and mine. These people are working against you. They’re aiding the enemy more than Canada with this anti-Canadian propaganda.

I could not find any teaching “resources” like the one above, advocating teaching the students about the radical Islamist jihadist threat. Nor about the failings of socialism/communism. Nor about the benefits of free enterprise and free markets and freedom generally. No, they only advocate for far-left nonsense like destroying our Canadian Forces.

Are these teachers? Or left-wing propagandists?

Whatever they are, I’m the exact opposite. I strongly support the military  —  all military. I’m a normal conservative Canadian.

Call 1-800-856-8488 to reach a recruitment center in your community.

Contact the Editor: Joel Johannesen
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What’s Zulu for “complete government bullcrap?”

OK watch out for an air-quote festival, I’m addressing another government waste-a-thon. So you understand.

Without even fully delving into the obvious, gross misuse of taxpayer funds that is self-important government “officials” taking their spouses on “business” trips, why did government “officials” even have to go to a “parliamentary” conference in South Africa at all, last year? Why go to almost any of these elaborate conferences, for that matter, which are held in exotic places on exactly the opposite end of the world, with amazing regularity?

They are absolutely a waste of time and money. Some more than others. This one belongs in the “more,” or even “most” category.Parliamentary_Conference-03

Naturally (a word I use advisedly), the annual prize goes to those so-called “environmental” conferences, wherein politicians from all over the globe travel first by limousine, to their various global airports (mostly named after politicians), then by jet aircraft, first class, or even by national military aircraft which are designed for national security, to exotic locations on the other side of the planet. Then into another limo, to a luxury resort hotel. And various outings and dinners and shows and cocktail parties, to which they are shuttled by luxurious limos or coaches, not bikes. In the exquisite conference halls, they meet other big government “officials” (and some of their spouses), all dressed to the nines, in luxurious surroundings over cocktails and fine wine and shrimp foo-foos (but don’t worry, they’re “organic!”). There, they yap with each other, through multiple translations, about their plans to impose their big-government “green” laws, and restrictions and new taxes supposedly designed to reduce “carbon emissions,” and more programs to further re-social-engineer and re-regulate to control the bad behavior of… evil and very misbehaved and utterly stupid non-government minion citizens, and the little useful idiots people, whom they think of as their “subjects,” back home.

The arrogance and hypocrisy is almost as breathtaking as the asininity of people like us allowing them to get away with this elitist idiocy.

The conference in South Africa, of all places, that Liberal Speaker Linda Reid now infamously attended with her husband, as well as assistant deputy Speaker NDP MLA Raj Chouhan and his wife, was the Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference. Try as I might, I cannot determine what, exactly, the point of it was. Besides wasting time and money.

Here’s the pitch from their website:

“Global political issues and developments in the parliamentary system are analyzed in conference debates among leading Parliamentarians representing Parliaments and Legislatures throughout the Commonwealth.”

Wow. Sounds official. Also, it sounds like complete bullcrap.  Good thing nobody has to attend, because…

“A summary of the main views expressed in conference debates is sent to Members, Commonwealth governments and international agencies.”

So in other words, “we’ll email ya, so you really don’t need to be here. And if you came, well shit, we sure got you good  —  well you and the people who pay you, sucka.”

I watched a YouTube video to try to garner more understanding of its worthiness. I came away knowing only that it sounded like the biggest waste of time and money I can remember, at least since the advent of Obamacare or “man-made global warming” or “stimulus spending.”  So I watched another and another. It just got worse. Confirmed it.

I’ve never heard of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, which suckers taxpayers into sending self-important government “officials” to their annual chin-wag.  You’d think with all the big-government self-anointed poo-bahs in attendance every year, at least one tiny bit of news would come of it. But no. Nothing. Do any media even attend? I bet not. I gave up searching for just one news media report after page four of my Google search.

I’m actually quite sure it’s about as close to a scam as you can get without actually calling it that.

It’s quite telling that the official web site of the “CPA” indicates that the next conference will be held in Kenya. Yeah but that’s in 2010. I’m not making this up.  If I were to shop around online for something or someplace to travel and I saw this…

(“The conference will be held in Kenya in 2010.”)

…I’d keep shopping. So perhaps the conference is more than mere complete bullcrap — it’s actually more like well-composted manure at this point three or four years later  — a product which would actually be more useful to taxpayers.

Raj Chouhan-NDP

Raj Chouhan-NDP

I’d like to see a lengthy written summary, from BC Liberal Speaker Linda Reid and the assistant deputy Speaker NDP MLA Raj Chouhan.  Report back to us about exactly how taxpayers were served by their all being there, and why it was even remotely a good use of thousands of dollars of taxpayers’ funds, and the loss of work time for which we simultaneously pay them exorbitantly. Reid gets $152,788.50 plus expenses and a Cadillac benefits plan and pension plan…; Chouhan gets $137,509.65 ++.  And of course we have to pay for their spouses to go on elaborate trips with them whenever they want. We’ll read the report and decide if they should be fired. My reflex reaction is Trump-like. “You’re fired.”

Linda Reid-BC Liberal Speaker of the House

Linda Reid-BC Liberal Speaker of the House

And moving forward, if I were premier, I’d ban all further travel to any conference at all, ever again.

Actually, I’m more powerful than them. I’m a citizen and a taxpayer. Those people are servants of the people and work for me and us.  So I ban it. I demand an end to this disgraceful and immoral waste of my taxpayer cash, and the ripping off of taxpayers. You should too. I know you understand the parliamentary system of democracies, even without a fancy elitist conference.

I’ll bet neither Speaker Reid nor assistant deputy Speaker Chouhan learned how to speak the phrase “complete government bullcrap” in Zulu  —  or in any other language, including English. I, at least, did some semi-useful work: the translation from “complete government manure” to Zulu is “kuqediwe kahulumeni umquba,” according to a translator. My report would thus be more worthwhile reading.



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When government deems a park as sacred and organizes a “pilgrimage?” Tweet Poo!

Total confusion!

The upcoming “Earth Day” (barf) promises lots of pure, natural, “organic,” un-man-made, Earthy stuff to do. If, that is, as a normal person, you can ignore the left-wing aura that envelopes the obviously politically tainted “Earth Day.”

For example, you could do like the Muslims do when they embark on their sacred pilgrimage, wherein they make a religious journey to Mecca. Only make it a park instead.

That’s sort of the suggestion from a city government through their Twitter account.

This, from a town like practically every PC town these days, that doesn’t even dare celebrate Christmas as a religious day, for fear of upsetting the tender sensibilities of the secular progressive set and their mystical Gaea(300px) “church and state” mythology.

Jesus Christ? Taboo. Gaea, the Goddess of Earth, that’s totes cool. Organizing a “pilgrimage” to a park on “Earth Day?” High fives.

But wait there’s more confusion! What is with the need for all that man-made music during this Earthy nature walk through, you know, natural organic Earth, and what-not? Earth isn’t good enough on its own? Birds tweeting and beavers munching and insects buzzing and wind blowing through trees and all that Earthly music isn’t sufficient? You have to “fill” the joint with man-made music and drown out all that Earthly beauty? Well. You’re weird.


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Just what kind of “environmental justice” is raw sewage being dumped by our huge nanny-state government?

Hey producers at, oh, for example, CTV News!  I have this story of “environmental crime” that I want to pitch to you. A pipeline spilled 3,000 barrels into some of the most pristine waters and the beaches off of the iconic Stanley Park in Vancouver!  Go crazy!

Today I happened to stumble onto a tiny article at one of your competitors, Global TV, about the Metro Vancouver government pleading guilty to charges that they negligently allowed a raw sewage spill from a government-owned sewage pipeline to occur. Onto pristine beaches. Just off of iconic Stanley Park  —  one of the most beautiful places anywhere. Around 3,000 barrels of raw sewage! The guvment! Holy shnikies eh?

Oh what? You aren’t that interested really? Huh. Weird.


Katharine Hamnett of the Environmental Justice Foundation

Katharine Hamnett of the Environmental Justice Foundation wants you to save the future. See? It says so right on her shirt.

OK! I’ll start! If it were an oil pipeline owned by an energy company, and it spilled 3,000 barrels of Texas Tea, you can be sure the enviros would call this an “environmental crime” and deploy several of their left-wing “[fill-in-the-blank]-justice” bromides like “environmental justice now!”  White_House_enviro-justice-2014-03-13_102306The you’ve got to be kidding party would be all over it, with leader Tom Mulcair even more spitting mad than usual, and Olivia Chow decrying industry as a general matter, in favor of state-controlled windmills and copious regulations against, well, everyone.

All of the non-Sun News media would carry their water too, tweeting and retweeting the “BREAKING” news (“breaking” for at least a whole day), bespeaking the horrors of the pipeline. They would go ape-shit raw-sewage and report the raw sewage out of it  —  almost always with a jaundiced eye meant to project their anti-oil, anti-pipeline, anti-any private industry agenda. And as if I had to tell you, the state-owned CBC would do a plaintive six-part series about the “crime” on their “The Passionate Eye.”

Katydid Scudderia cricket.

Katydid Scudderia cricket.

But it wasn’t an energy company’s oil pipeline. It was a government pipeline, carrying raw sewage. So we hear crickets. Or at least we would hear crickets if all the endangered (well let’s just call them endangered) Katydid Scudderia weren’t killed-off by the government’s raw sewage spill, am I right fellow occupiers?! Hey someone whistle that “Hinterland Who’s Who” tune! Can they do one of their infamous 60-second vignettes, this time about all the crickets?

As it was, the state-owned CBC division did sheepishly report it online, shockingly enough, but only in one of their outlier sections  —  the local enviro-justice-4BC section  —  of their massive oil-watch site. You’d be hard-pressed to find out anything in the rest of the mainstream media. Do a Google search for “metro Vancouver pleads guilty sewage.”  I found two or three tiny articles in all the mainstream media. Search CTV: Nothing. Globe & Mail  —  even their BC section: nothing. National Post? Nothing. Vancouver Sun or Province?  Nothing in the two main Vancouver newspapers! Remember, we’re still playing “CAN YOU JUST IMAGINE THE OUTRAGE IF…”

A national news organization’s local, provincial Twitter account, @GlobalBC gently tweeted it out, once, this morning. So nice of them to maintain their composure in this one instance, and effectively whitewash a story of disgraceful government ineptitude, huh? They’re very cooperative and accommodating to the nanny-state.

twitter_73x73_CBCalerts_biggerCBC’s local provincial @CBCnewsBC Twitter account likewise carried it, utterly nonplussed. It wasn’t re-tweeted 80 times by their national account  —  in fact not even once this time  —  nor at their urgent red-alert @CBCalerts account, even once. They did tweet this urgent red-alert news alert this morning about an urgent story from, uh, 2009, though:

So the media and the Left at large is hypocritical and full of raw sewage. That’s not new. But here’s the penultimate conclusion to the story: this additional turd was uncritically reported in one of the two articles: “The district has agreed to pay $5,000 in fines and contribute $100,000 to an environmental damages fund.”

You enviro-conscious nanny-staters can borrow this pic!

You enviro-conscious nanny-staters can borrow this pic!

Well how agreeable of them. Good sports, huh? The government has agreed to pay a fine, with my tax dollars, to another level of government, Environment Canada, as a penalty for doing exactly the opposite of what I already paid them to do, with my tax dollars. Very generous of them. Now my tax dollars can help all Canadians pay their fines when their governments screw-up and commit what the left call “environmental crimes” when the private sector commits them.

Furthermore, do any kind of research on this, and you’ll find the government has been in breech of the government’s vast sewage treatment regulations for years and years, and have not yet been fined for that. (Here’s a 2006 article. Here’s a 2008 article.)  The government has allegedly been dumping toxic waster  —  and raw sewage  —  into our rivers and oceans. They’ve failed federal inspections countless times. Hey Chow! Maybe get Obama on the horn to get help stopping the pipelines!

What kind of funky “justice” is this? Bullraw sewage justice. And both the nanny-state government and its trusty media both stink of it.


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BC nanny-state may allow citizens to do grownup things soon.

I’ll believe it when I see it, but the progressive-left liberal BC Liberal government is setting the stage for allowing citizens to buy consumer products like liquor in regular stores, almost like the free world grownups down south and to our east in Alberta do.


The question asked was: “Do you think retailers such as Costco should be able to sell alcohol in their B.C. stores?”

The progressive BC Liberals aren’t making this move on account of any political principle of theirs. Certainly not. BC still has a monopoly state-owned car insurance politburo, a mammoth lottery businesses, and of course welcomes state-owned and state-run heath care. And much more. Even the liquor monopoly will continue to be state-run, including keeping their state-owned, state-run, public-sector union-staffed retail stores to compete against taxpayers, and including maintaining all the buying decisions, such as what citizens will only be allowed to consume. You know, like in North Korea.

They’re simply reacting (if a half century late) to an increasingly pissed-off public which is demanding this; and possibly trying to avoid being mocked and laughed at by the rest if the civilized world, as if BC were in fact the sort of backward, Soviet-style, nanny-state, and rather authoritarian regime, which its progressive government does sometimes seem to be trying to replicate, at least in certain areas of consumer life and business life.

What caught my eye today was a story in the privately-owned Global News’ web site which the (federal) state-owned CBC competes against. The story has to do with Costco, along with 7-11, and Real Canadian Superstore, wanting to sell booze in competition with the provincial state-owned Soviet-style BC liquor stores. The massive government public service unions are naturally against it, since they enjoy the idea of state-owned, state-run liquor stores  —  or anything that involves huge, enormous, growing government intrusion into our lives, all staffed with big union’s workers.

The attached Global poll indicates a slight majority (snark) of normal people who still remember what freedom is, still exist in BC, despite the socialists, liberals, public-sector unionists, and whatever other progressives still wield power in BC. By a margin of ten to one, most people favor allowing Costco to sell alcohol in BC stores.

You’d think this sort of thing were a wake-up call to progressives. It isn’t. It’s a call to action.


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Irony: the Province newspaper misleads readers on senate scandal with fake photo

The irony of this terrible reporting obviously flies right over their heads, at the Postmedia-owned Province newspaper in Vancouver.

Even while reporting about the senate scandal, in which we normal citizens and all responsible media lament the fact that nobody knows who to believe (Harper or Duffy…), on account of there being so many underhanded shenanigans, the Province doubles-down and commits what some might call a worse perfidy and its own underhanded shenanigans. The Province Misleads on Purpose

Look at the picture the Province searched for and then chose to attach to their story on the senate scandal today. It is obviously an official-looking police “evidence bag,” full of cash.

Trouble is, that “evidence bag” of money has utterly nothing to do with the senate story. It even has utterly nothing to do with the many ginned-up fantasy versions of the story. There simply is no “evidence bag” full of cash in this case. No cash was even alleged to have been passed, and what money was passed is not alleged to be illegal.

You’ve been duped. The photo is a fake, of sorts. It’s actually misappropriated  —  a word which speaks perfectly to the delicious irony, which I’ll expand on in a bit.

So what’s up here? Is the Province mendaciously advancing a political message to its readers?  An anti-Conservative narrative? An underhanded meme, of sorts?

Ya think?

The Province, in an exercise of slimy, deceitful innuendo, put that photo there to make a quick visual insinuation of criminal activity. They presented for its readers visual “evidence” of such. They did it to tendentiously stink the story up with the illusions of mafia-like bags of cash being passed between Conservatives.

It’s a lie.

Hang on  —  maybe it was just an innocent, albeit ignorant blunder of mammoth proportions insofar as journalistic standards are concerned.

Yeah…no, it was just on purpose. And that, believe it or not, is worse.

The purpose is to lead some readers   —  as many as possible (they even tweeted about it to get more attention)  —  to think even more negatively than they already might about the story, and about the Harper Conservatives. The bar is already set low, to be sure, so it takes quite the limbo. But low-information readers, who became that way thanks largely to deceptive media stories like this one, will surely take that bait and run –err vote– with it.  With ginned-up stories like this, lots of other voters will switch their vote to the media-supported NDP, or to their Liberal Party division, next time around. The media knows that after seeing evidence bags of cash connected to the Liberal Party’s sponsorship scandal, voters did switch their votes to the Conservatives. The media has never forgiven themselves. So here, since none exist, they simply created a fake “evidence bag” of cash. Lots of neat anti-conservative water-cooler banter will ensue.  And there will be high-fives among reporters and editors.

The Province Misleads on PurposeHere’s how the Province misappropriated that “evidence bag” of cash. And how the Province knows darn well it did. Postmedia used that photo  —  correctly  —  before.

The Montreal Gazette (also Postmedia-owned) had that exact same evidence bag of money photo attached to a story a little more than a year ago (October 22, 2012) — a completely different story.

In that story, that same photo (as seen again at left) is the correct photo  —  it’s the actual RCMP evidence bag full of cash, which the police secured in their criminal investigation of the infamous mafia-linked construction industry corruption in Montreal  —  a real, truly criminal corruption story, which included that real evidence bag of cash.

The caption under that photo reads:

A bag containing $123,000 returned by ex-city engineer Gilles Surprenant, on display at the Charbonneau Commission.

Photograph by: HO , THE CANADIAN PRESS

The caption under the Province story’s photo?


So the Province knew the photo was unrelated to their senate story. But they chose to attach that same photo depicting actual evidence and that photo’s deep, nefarious, criminal implications, on the completely unrelated senate story.

I’m not sure how Canadian Press will feel about their photo being used that way, but I’d personally be pissed if the the news media were wrongly using my photos like that, implicating me in their devious deception of readers. Oh who am I kidding? Postmedia is one of the owners of CANADIAN PRESS. But don’t worry  —  there is no corruption there.

Irony abounds. But that’s not what’s important. It’s far more important to set the media narrative right. I’ve done my best. Before writing this, I called them out with a couple of tweets including this:

I got no reply from them. They don’t care because despite their egregious deceit, I was the only one complaining. That’s some more bitter irony for me.


Contact the Editor: Joel Johannesen
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Liberal Media “Arts” Reporter Should “Shut Up And…”, well, just shut up.

Reading any of the mainstream liberal-left progressive newspapers, the one thing that will strike you aside from their liberal-left advocacy and bigotry against the conservative or traditional right, is that they will bend over backward, do multiple back-flips, leapfrog over logic and common sense, do multiple re-writes, strain credulity, and even make a total mockery themselves if need be, just to appear “politically-correct.”

Political-correctness is at the heart of liberalism.  And watching this phony little P-C exercise being repeated over and over is one of the funnest things about being a conservative. It’s literally funny how stalwart liberals avoid offending… certain people.

Stuart DerdyneAgain, that’s certain people. That obsessive P-C idiocy gets tossed out the window when the liberals are discussing folks who might be Republican, or conservative, or support their troops, or who are, say, US Patriots who demand less government intrusions into their lives, and lower taxes, and an adherence to the constitution. Then they go to the extreme opposite: they turn into intolerant louts, and all semblance of political-correctness flies out the window.

An actual mainstream newspaper review of the Dixie Chicks concert yesterday:

“Natalie Maines dissing Dubya permanently divorced Dixie Chicks from its cracker and Tea Party crowd. But the Dallas trio apparently didn’t offend anyone in B.C.”

It’s like they have no editors there. The Sunday review was in the Postmedia-owned Province newspaper, by the apparently very low-information and suddenly (though right on cue) intolerant and politically-incorrect staffer, Stuart Derdeyn. 

Where do I begin?

1. First of all, this is one example of how we know the liberal media is in fact liberal.  We know there are editors there, and an editor gave this article their thumbs-up. No bending over backward, no leapfrogging common sense, etc., in this case.

2. Secondly, I do appreciate the fact that this is only a concert review by an “arts” reporter, and not a political statement. Oh hang on, it was a political statement. It was both.

3. “Cracker” is an anti-white racist term used by, well, the word I’m going to use here is assholes. Mostly by hate-filled black people, much like the “n-word” is used by racist whites who are also dumb-asses. But also by smug jerks who think they’re hip, or are trying way too hard to appear hip, to people who are so shallow that this kind of BS would appeal to them. In this case I don’t even know what it means. Is Derdeyn suggesting that white folks stopped liking the Dixie Chicks, and that just black folks liked them after “dissing Dubya?” That’s just patently stupid.

But look  —  the Province sure didn’t bend over backward in valiant pursuit of their usual P-C-ness, in this instance, did they? I guess The Province will describe black people as “n-words” now.

4. “Dubya” is usually used in the media by hack liberals who have a hate-on for George W. Bush. The Canadian example is where trolls use “Stevie” instead of “prime minister Harper” or “Stephen Harper.” For several examples, look at comments. Sure, it’s a contextual thing. In this instance by Derdeyn, it is to be read as derogatory.

5. This part is really fantastic: in his effort to be hip again, and evoke more of that anti-conservative intolerance he seems to think is so cool amongst his liberal-left conservative-intolerant friends, he brings up “The Tea Party crowd,” and just as with his use of “Dubya,” it is used in the pejorative.

But wait: “The Tea Party” did not exist while “Dubya” was in office back in 2003, when the Dixie Chicks started making complete fools of themselves with their in-concert, anti-Iraq-war line “Just so you know, we’re ashamed that the president of the United States is from Texas,” and falling out of favor amongst most of America. The tea party movement (and BTW, there is no capital T and capital P “Tea Party” since it isn’t a party but rather a loose affiliation of millions of grassroots Americans) started only after Barack Obama was elected. The “Tea Party” had utterly nothing to do with the Iraq war, which was the object of the Dixie Chicks asininity. Nothing. At all. Zip. The two events did not occur at the same time. They were years apart. And “The Tea Party” today has virtually nothing to say about the Iraq war except that probably most of them would be against it today. And they are certainly no great fans of “Dubya” and his profligate ways.

6. We’re almost done with our review of the idiocy. The Dixie Chicks weren’t done-in because they were (in England, mind you) “dissing Dubya,” the fact is, they were in effect “dissing” millions of people, including soldiers and spouses and families of soldiers getting ready to go to war in Iraq, and the were effectively “dissing” millions of Americans who supported the war for good reason, at the time. George W. Bush had an unheard of 70% approval rating at the time.

7. And finally, Derdeyn claims the Chicks “didn’t offend anyone in BC” with their idiocy?  Not anyone?  Well that’s some sound science right there. They offended me and other sensible people. I guess “everyone” in the audience thought the concert was fantastic too. Everyone  —  you know, because Derdeyn liked it, and he saw some people clapping and cheering and everything.

The take-away problem here (and another one of the things that we conservatives laugh at liberals about) is how liberals think everyone in the room agrees with them. It’s hideously funny.

Let me assure you I cannot even begin to summon the crap to give about the Dixie Chicks. It’s obviously the drip-by-drip left-wing and anti-conservative advocacy by everyone including even arts reviewers like Stuart Derdeyn, and the abject hypocrisy, and the hideous inconsistency in journalistic standards and practices, that turns me off all of them  —  the Dixie Chicks and their like-minded fools in the liberal media.

Just as the Dixie Chicks should “shut up and sing,” as many in the crowd shouted at them when the Dixie Chickss’ Natalie Maines smugly shouted out her politics at a concert in England, Derdeyn should shut up and, well, just go to pop concerts. Everyone in BC would benefit.


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