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Withdraw support for Conservative Party. Support conservative party.

For taking a principled and notably conservative stance on the issue of supply management, Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer has sidelined Conservative (and notably conservative) MP Maxime Bernier.

There is much to debate today in politics but this point is inarguable: Mr. Bernier’s stance is the conservative stance. Mr. Scheer and the Conservative Party are assuming a position more akin to a typical big-government progressive’s stance. To wit, both the socialist NDP and the only slightly less socialist Liberals both support Canada’s decades old big-government supply management regime, including its tariffs against the Americans.

The inconsistency from Conservatives and official Canada in this debate is astounding and frankly embarrassing. While trashing President Trump for imposing punitive tariffs on Canada until a more fair deal is reached, Canada — with the support of the Conservatives — is supporting precisely that: the continuation of decades of huge tariffs and trade restrictions against American dairy and poultry products. As I said, the hypocrisy is simply embarrassing; but moreover, that policy is clearly not conservative.

The only real argument today is about the extent to which conservatives in Canada, like me, will continue to support a party holding only nominally conservative views and, in fact, views that are actually progressive or left-wing, as in this case.

My position is not in question. I will withhold any support — financial, electoral, and otherwise — and encourage my friends and relative to do the same, until the Party assumes conservative policies, and the good Mr. Bernier is warmly welcomed back into what should be a distinctly conservative fold.

Contact the CPC here:

Support Maxime Bernier here:

  • Ottawa (No postage required):
    Maxime Bernier
    House of Commons
    Ottawa, ON
    K1A 0A6
  • Phone: 1 613 992-8053
  • Constituency:
    11535 1st Avenue (Main Office)
    Suite 430
    Saint-Georges QC
    G5Y 7H5
  • Phone: 1 418 227-2171

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Virtue Signaling Night on TV (2018, Part 1 of 86)

The Golden Globes Left-Wing Virtue Signaling Night, last night, as presented by hideous leftist Hollyweird hypocrites, succeeded in doing exactly what we expected: they unwittingly made idiots of themselves.

Favorite critique line:

I don’t know. Like anyone who lives for attention, the Hollywood set knows that your good thoughts don’t matter unless everyone in the world knows you’re thinking them. January 6, 2018, by Kira Davis

(If I may critique the critique: the term “good thoughts” is subjective. For example I have no illusions about the left-wing, rabidly anti-Trump meme “RESIST!”, as broadcast in last year’s hideous show, being a “good thought.”) …And what they apparently don’t know is (well, aside from much of anything), their virtue-signaling actually highlighted perversions and immorality endemic in their own extended Hollywood/Media/ Democratic/liberal/ Progressive/Socialist family. George Bush, Donald Trump, Karl Rove, nor even Steve Bannon created “the casting couch” (although I’m sure someone — possibly a contributor on “resist” central, MSNBC, although I doubt it will be Matt Lauer — will find a way to try to make it so).

So they were railing against — virtue-signalling against — themselves(!), even though (or perhaps because their profession is literally to pretend) they looked and sounded every bit like they were, as usual, railing against America (and make no mistake: that is their true passion).

And what they also don’t know is the fact that this idiotic virtue signaling has a rebound effect. It actually makes us think not how virtuous they are, but rather it reminds us of how ridiculous, deceptive, immoral, perverted and hypocritical — how unvirtuous — they in fact are.

But when repeatedly, glibly, virtue-signalling by just saying it from on high isn’t enough, there’s this: aside from the ubiquitous “Times Up” buttons (they also wore “Free Tibet” back in the day, and more recently, that charming “resist” meme), this “poverty is sexist” outfit was worn by some actor named Connie Britton, and of course the media lapped it up.  She stood out as particularly hideous (virtuous, to the media), not the least of which because the sweater looked like it was created by an eight-year-old. But also because it was just ugly.  

For still more hideosity, according to one report:

The sweater appears to be a product of Lingua Franca, which custom makes sweaters with activist-learning slogans stitched into them such as “I miss Barack,” “resist” and “The Future is Female.” The sweaters typically cost $380.

Betcha they’d refuse to craft one saying “MAGA” (and betcha if they did, they’d get away with it with lots of support from leftists). In other words, last night’s viewing was more left-wing hypocrisy piled up on top of Hollywood limousine liberal hypocrisy.

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Imagine if they took a knee for something different

The media’s done it. Academia’s done it. Now what is apparently the newest group to come out of the closet and politically identify themselves as leftist is the NFL — its owners, its players, the league itself.

But here’s the point of my minimalist post today: it’s a li’l hypocrisy test. Let’s play! Imagine if the players were taking a knee for something different — for God, say — praying. This, instead of their idiotic, arguably racist, and definitely political (leftist) (though not-clearly-defined) cause, largely based on lies such as the “hands up don’t shoot” lie perpetrated by the leftist media and all other leftists. Imagine the gigantic clusterf of leftist indignation and outrage. Well that’s pretty much the game. Just imagine that.

Now let’s head off the argument the left will raise about this little game — which is that suddenly those on The Right would find the knee-taking totes cool if the players took a knee to pray instead. Wrong. The point is and always was that (1) it is simply normal decorum and an American custom (pretty much a global decorum and custom, actually) to stand up and respect the flag and the anthem when it is sung, and at least in America’s case, it’s for very good reasons (I’m not sure I’d stand for North Korea’s anthem, for example); (2) it is certainly an NFL custom — even if it’s not an official “rule” — to stand up and respect the flag and the anthem when it’s played; and (3) it is offencive to introduce crass and very questionable politics into what everybody expects to be a totally apolitical, leisure and entertainment activity. It’s not un-American or wrong or in any way offensive to the vast majority of normal Americans (or anyone else) to take a knee and pray, even during a game; but it would not be appropriate to do that during the national anthem.

The rules to being normal are really pretty simple.

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#TakeAKnee on your own time

This paragraph in this article scored a touchdown today:

Why #TakeAKnee Is Built On A Lie

by Kevin McCullough

… thanks to the coaching staffs of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Seattle Seahawks, and the Tennessee Titans that were disobeying league rules found on page A62-A63 (which explicitly state: “The National Anthem must be played prior to every NFL game, and all players must be on the sideline for the National Anthem. During the National Anthem, players on the field and bench area should stand at attention, face the flag, hold helmets in their left hand, and refrain from talking. The home team should ensure that the American flag is in good condition. It should be pointed out to players and coaches that we continue to be judged by the public in this area of respect for the flag and our country. Failure to be on the field by the start of the National Anthem may result in discipline, such as fines, suspensions, and/or the forfeiture of draft choice(s) for violations of the above, including first offenses.” ) some teams believed they were remaining neutral when in reality, they did little more than boycott their own national anthem. …

And on the same theme — that is, lies — Dennis Prager is on the case as well:

Who’s Divisive — the President or the Players?

by Dennis Prager

Because the left dominates the news media, the entertainment media and academia, Americans are swimming — actually, drowning — in an ocean of lies.

Here are a few examples:

America is racist.

America oppresses its minorities.

America oppresses women.

Universities have a culture of rape.

There are more than two genders.

All cultures are morally and culturally equal.

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma were caused, or made more intense, by global warming.

Israel is the villain in the Middle East conflict.

Western civilization is a euphemism for “white supremacy.”

The latest lie of the left is that, with regard to the conflict between the NFL and President Donald Trump, the president is the “divisive” party. …

This article also hits the mark (also read his Part One):

Part II: Why the NFL Is a Product I Refuse to Purchase any Longer

by Steve Sheldon

… My father was a successful high school coach, and I learned about sportsmanship at a very early age. The dancing in the end zone, the grandstanding, the “in your face” jawing, and the unsportsmanlike conduct that has become commonplace has no room in sport for me. So, I don’t watch it. It’s not a racial issue, it’s called being a decent human being. This is probably the biggest reason my NFL viewership slowed to a drip many years ago. The flag protests turned off the water at the source and plugged the well.

In the piece, I referred to the hip hop culture as being violent, and that the NFL has immersed itself in that culture. That observation was based on the music being played at the last NFL game I attended. One need to look no further than rapper XXXtentacion’s recent video for which I refuse to provide a link. The video depicts the lynching of a child who happens to be white. While I did not suggest that the NFL openly approves of such violence, I do find it interesting that they tend to be slow in condemning such violence or suspending players accused of violence.  …

I’ve read enough and thought enough about the issue that I now find myself with free Sunday afternoons; I’m getting a lot more done and having a lot more actual fun.

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NUTS: Some of This Week’s Tidbits

The week of Sept 11 at least thus far:

♦ This Globe and Mail comedy bit (it IS supposed to be comedy, right?) caused a “whoooboy THAT’S nuts” and an “oh yeah, that’s JUST what we need” — by me:

I didn’t read it, because I already got enough comedy and dumb-assery from the Washington Post this morning; and after laughing at that risible and obsequious G&M headline, reading this article would be just too much dumbassery for one day.


♦ Not nutty, just about the nutty left: another excellent explainer from Dennis Prager (a former columnist here!):
Leftism Is Not Liberalism. Here Are the Differences.


♦ Nutty Alert: The Globe & Mail rarely fails to deliver a daily smattering of leftist-inspired nonsense, not just in their reporting but in the form of right-wing-hating, America-hating, Christian-hating, and capitalism-hating opinions. This day is no exception. This example, a sort of book review by from their reliable smug leftist Lawrence Martin, is nothing new — it’s super dumb:

[Author] Mr. Andersen is selective in building his thesis [that America is full of loons — like Donald Trump! SHOCKA! — and Americans writ large are nutcases], piling all the unorthodoxies atop one another to give his narrative a convincing thrust. An author could well make the opposite case, selectively choosing all the fine examples of rationality running through American history that made the country a dominant global force. You won’t find many leaders more rational and judicious than Barack Obama. The American population elected him twice and, if he was allowed to run again, would probably have done so a third time. …

Barack Obama, aside from causing a historic racial divide, acting on pure left-wing ideology, was serially unjudicious, bypassing congress and issuing nonstop executive orders as if an emperor, shirking and outright contravening the Constitution countless times (which Lawrence Martin nonetheless calls “judicious!”). He will also go down in history largely as the president whose butt was most-kissed by a sycophantic left-wing media, as exemplified in Martin’s article here. This is utterly irrational in every way. Note Martin is a Canadian. A nutty one, but Canadian nonetheless. Dumbassery is evidently not confined to the ever-so nutty United States.


♦ Speaking of nuts: British Columbia elected a socialist NDP government this spring — actually let me start again. BC actually didn’t elect a socialist NDP government. The Liberals won the popular vote and the most seats, but the two even further leftist parties joined forces to oust the lesser leftists. So the socialist cabal have come up with an interim budget; or to put it more truthfully, they’ve come up with their first of many massive tax and spend gobbledegook screeds which will certainly wreck BC again — just like they did the last time BC had an NDP government. How’s that going over amongst the peeps?

Vancouver Sun, Sept 14 2017

Not a good start. Honeymoon over. But as Sun columnist Vaughn Palmer ever-so gently and deferentially writes (this incessant uncritical-of-the-NDP writing — is what helped get us here):

… [Finance Minister] James will need to rustle up more dollars to cover the cost of $10 child care ($855 million for the first three years alone) and $1 billion plus to complete the phase out of Medical Service Plan premiums, to mention just two of the not fully funded promises in Monday’s update.

On that basis, I would brace for additional tax increases, particularly if the economy flattens out more than she already projects.

Among the myriad unsaid: The NDP has literally lowered official economic expectations — GDP guidance — dramatically, and probably not even enough, to somewhat account for some of their upcoming socialist policies.

Let that sink in.

Brace for a lot more than just “additional tax increases,” BC. And Canada for that matter.

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Ad Company warns us of sexual violation – and it’s due to CBC content! has been warned by what we’ll call “an Ad Company” that we’re in violation of a policy pertaining to lewd or pornographic content with regard to some content on our site — specifically one page or category of pages within our site.

Seems unlikely, right? We’re unabashedly conservative. Not a lot of porn being promoted here.

I won’t reveal the real name of the “Ad Company,” because they’ll probably shut us down somehow or other (we live in a world where institutions and companies are led by hard-core leftists and have been blessed with the power  — by lazy-ass or more often left-wing or hard-left governments — to basically control content and what you see and hear and read; and they do indeed have a propensity to shut down conservative people and sites, it seems excruciatingly obvious to us).

To wit:

[“Ad Company”] ads may not be placed on adult or mature content. This includes fetish content as well as sites that promote, sell or discuss sexual aids. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • sexual fixations or practices that may be considered unconventional
  • sexual aids or enhancement tools such as vibrators, dildos, lubes, sex games, inflatable toys
  • penis and breast enlargement tools

They might want to advise or warn the state-owned CBC instead of us. The Ad Company is referring to — and warning us about — material which we found on the CBC’s channels or websites, including photos from their channels and websites, which we wrote about — complained about — here, over the years. There were so many examples, we had to create a separate category just for them. So when we remembered to (and we didn’t always — there are far more than what we captured in this category), we categorized some of those articles about the CBC with the category “CBC Lewdity” — meaning those articles depicted examples of the state-owned broadcaster’s propensity to include lewd and basically pornographic or otherwise vulgar material — photos, videos, subject matter, etc — on their pages or channels. This “CBC Lewdity” category is exactly the category of pages the Ad Company is specifically referring to and warning us about:
Please check it out!

The Ad Company now specifically threatens to remove their ads — and therefore the revenue we derived from them — from our site unless we remove the “offending” material. Again, it’s material derived from our deadly serious critiques ABOUT THE STATE-OWNED CBC. Which leads us to wonder if they have “banned” the CBC as well.

Coincidentally, we all remember the salacious details contained within allegations against a certain (now former) employee of the CBC engaging in some weird sexual stuff. Here’s a snippet from this (now former) CBC employee Jian Ghomeshi’s own Facebook post, which, ironically, now likely places this website in further Ad Company “violation”:

[snip] … I have always been interested in a variety of activities in the bedroom but I only participate in sexual practices that are mutually agreed upon, consensual, and exciting for both partners.

About two years ago I started seeing a woman in her late 20s. Our relationship was affectionate, casual and passionate. We saw each other on and off over the period of a year and began engaging in adventurous forms of sex that included role-play, dominance and submission. We discussed our interests at length before engaging in rough sex (forms of BDSM). We talked about using safe words and regularly checked in with each other about our comfort levels. She encouraged our role-play and often was the initiator. We joked about our relations being like a mild form of Fifty Shades of Grey or a story from Lynn Coady’s Giller-Prize winning book last year. I don’t wish to get into any more detail because it is truly not anyone’s business what two consenting adults do. I have never discussed my private life before. Sexual preferences are a human right. … [snip]

… Let me be the first to say that my tastes in the bedroom may not be palatable to some folks. They may be strange, enticing, weird, normal, or outright offensive to others. We all have our secret life. … [snip]

Quoting the Ad Company here, it sounded somewhat like “sexual fixations or practices that may be considered unconventional,” and I imagine it just might have included the use of “sexual aids or enhancement tools such as vibrators, dildos, lubes, sex games, inflatable toys,” and perhaps tangentially even “penis and breast enlargement tools”. But if so, that’s on them and perhaps the CBC. Not us. I wonder if the Ad Company would similarly spank websites like Facebook, the site, and many others — which had a duty to report on that national story which was directly related to the CBC, and whose stories remain there, online, today.

We won’t remove the said content from our site because it is important information about a state-owned broadcaster — one which has been obsessed with sex and “sexual fixations or practices…” — and we feel as though we actually affected a change within that broadcaster resulting in their decision to stop broadcasting such total garbage. (But who knows — we have mostly stopped watching that far-left hellhole to save time and brain cells from destruction because most of the rest of their content remains “total garbage”).

Unfortunately, the Ad Company’s supposedly ingenious algorithms fail to understand even the most basic concept of “context” and so we must either dumb-down to their level, or lose their support and ad revenue. And dumbing down to their level would be a stupid editorial and managerial decision. So we will switch it up a bit and will change ad companies — or at least we’re hoping to be able to.  “Ad Company #2” has already turned us down without explanation.

And so here’s the link to support us:

Contact the Editor: Joel Johannesen
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The Prager Conservative Concerto: Dennis Prager’s melodic steps to understanding left-wing, right-hating media

Dennis PragerDennis Prager, Conservative columnist, radio show host, and PragerU, um, Headmaster? Principle? — I’m trying to find a non-triggering word here since even “founder” might trigger something à la the Founding Fathers) — also happens to love classic music. He has frequently conducted orchestras as a guest conductor as a way to help build the audience for classical music and raise money for the orchestras (he has never been paid).

But far be it for Prager to call himself a “maestro” — the musical term often applied to the greatest orchestral conductors. Imagine how triggering that word must be these days among the leftists since it means “master” and here’s Prager, a white conservative man (a Jew, just to confuse the issue), calling himself a maestro. (Hopefully I didn’t just set them off.)

Here’s a great example of why, in three movements if you will:

  1. Can a Conservative Conduct an Orchestra?
    Dennis Prager – August 01, 2017
  2. Despite the Left’s Intolerance, I Will Conduct an Orchestra
    Dennis Prager – August 15, 2017
  3. Here Are Some Key Ways the Mainstream Media Distorts the Truth
    Dennis Prager – August 23, 2017

Given that reading, and given his conservative politics in what is an almost all-liberal or leftist echo-chamber of the arts, he’d most certainly be responsible for what I am sure is the imminent rebranding of the honorary maestro to, say, comrade.

We used to carry Dennis Prager’s column here at this site — in fact he was one of our first columnists — because he’s one of the most respected, most honest, clear-headed, and most compelling columnists today. And of course he’s conservative. He still is all those things as is readily apparent, and we wish we still carried his column.

Visit his website: and listen to his radio show. Read his columns at National Review and Daily Signal, other places.

Contact the Editor: Joel Johannesen
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Unbalanced columnist lists Fox News as “far right,” the others as “balanced”

If I understand the Left (and the “far-left!”) correctly, anyone to the right of Maxine Waters is not merely “conservative,” “traditional,” “conventional,” or heaven forbid a “moderate,” no no no. You’re a fascist, and by golly, even if you’re black, you’re a “radical” “racist” “right-wing extremist,” a “white supremacist,” and parenthetically, a “Republican.” It’s hard to not laugh. And so I do.

Today’s laughable left-wing blather is from the Globe & Mail’s Lawrence Martin (my bolding):

…Hit hard by Charlottesville were far-right outlets that have supported Mr.Trump. With Fox News, whose support he desperately needs, Mr. Trump is losing ground as well. …

… James Murdoch is not about to turn it into a more balanced media vehicle like the traditional U.S. networks, but he is likely to move it in a more conventionally conservative direction…

Whoooboy. CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, see — they’re “balanced” — notwithstanding their demonstrably left and far-left bias in actual fact. FNC is not merely “conservative-tolerant,” as I correctly — and in a balanced way — dub them, they’re actually “far-right.”  (Notice there’s rarely just a plain old “right” or a “center-right” — it’s always “far-right?” Also notice MSNBC and CNN are never described as “far-left.” There is no “far-left” to the “balanced” set.)

And so — again if I understand correctly — Lawrence Martin is “balanced,” while those to the right of him are “far-right” — even if they’re liberals. Like Maxine Waters, this is stupidity.

Contact the Editor: Joel Johannesen
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Liberal professor – on the left’s (beloved) violent anti-American thugs

Antifa - violent, anti-American left-wing thugs who are apparently acceptable to the Democrats and the left-wing media

Antifa – violent, anti-American left-wing thugs who are apparently acceptable to the Democrats and the left-wing media

This woke me up better than my coffee this morning. A good hit of truth, well-timed, does that to me. From an article which appeared at The Daily Caller, August 22, 2017, written by Nick Givas:

…”Antifa is a radical, anti-America, anti-free market, communist, socialist, hard-left censorial organization that tries to stop speakers on campuses from speaking,” Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz says.

… He compared the movement to remove Confederate monuments to Josef Stalin, and accused the agitators of trying to rewrite history.

… “The idea of willy nilly going through and doing what Stalin did, just erasing history and rewriting it to serve current purposes does pose a danger. And it poses a danger of education malpractice,” Dershowitz said.

He compared the movement to remove Confederate monuments to Josef Stalin, and accused the agitators of trying to rewrite history.

“The idea of willy nilly going through and doing what Stalin did, just erasing history and rewriting it to serve current purposes does pose a danger. And it poses a danger of education malpractice,” Dershowitz said.

Then this other leftist hero, socialist Noam Chomsky, chimed in (Washington Examiner) last week, making it like an excellent cappuccino morning:

It’s a major gift to the Right… what they do is often wrong in principle – like blocking talks – and [the movement] is generally self-destructive…

We wish those leftist fascists (irony alerrrt!) would self-destruct. But no, liberals, you cannot nor rewrite history, nor hide from the truth, nor hide your violent anti-Americanism, nor hide from your obligations — try as you might as you blame-cast, virtue-signal, lie, and obfuscate facts and truth. You own intellectual elite is on to you.

“I’m a liberal, and I think it’s the obligation of liberals to speak out against the hard-left radicals, just like it’s the obligation of conservatives to speak out against the extremism of the hard right,” Dershowitz concluded.

Especially, I think, when there’s at least 1000 times more of the leftist asses, and they have the support of the Democrats and the left-wing media.

Contact the Editor: Joel Johannesen
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News media updates their fake news story on Trump-related immigration to Canada

This story gave me a smile this morning. The Supreme Court slaps the lower (liberal) courts and reinstates President Trump’s travel ban.

Related news: The liberals’ mainstream media division’s past reporting (sorry “reporting” — so much smug, anti-Trump, fake news…) make the mainstream media look all the more idiotic today as they quietly go about trying to set the actual (real facts, real news) record straight.

From the National Post this morning:

Trump win produces only tiny bump in numbers of Americans applying for Canadian citizenship

The number of Americans applying for Canadian citizenship jumped slightly after Donald Trump’s election, but numbers are still only half what they were five years ago [my bolding]. …

Five years ago, you say. Five years ago. Huh. Let’s try to remember who was president five years ago. Could it have been Barack Obama — three years after he was elected? Why yes. Yes it was. So the people — those poor “Obama refugees” — they were “fleeing” Barack Obama, then, right? Fleeing! Escaping his wrath! Hitler!

In the decade since 2007, applications peaked in 2011, with an average of 564 Americans per month applying to become Canadians…

You remember the media’s post-election stories gleefully reporting touting precisely the opposite, right? Yes with Trump’s election (and speaking of his election… RUSSIA!!) a huge surge in folks fleeing America into perfectly liberal-led Canada even overwhelmed the Canada Immigration website, and (breathless…) those poor people walked through actual snow (SNOW!!!) to get here! (!!!)  More on page two! Also see our 13 photos of “undocumented” Mexicans walking through all the SNOW(!) in North Dakota! (!!!)

They hope you don’t remember all that BS reporting, so let’s totally remember. The whole of the liberal mainstream media — especially in Canada — went completely crazy promoting what we now know, using our vast powers of perspective and science and historic facts, to be utter nonsense — fake news created out of whole cloth by leftists in and around the media — to promote their anti-Trump agenda.

But let’s continue to reflect on facts for another moment. The truth is, more Americans were moving to Canada during Obama’s tenure — especially his first years — than during the beginning of Trump’s. Let’s also recall that a Conservative Stephen Harper was the prime minister of Canada during most of that time — until 2015, when a liberal-leftist Liberal (Justin “I am a PC feminist who welcomes Syrian or any kind of refugee” Trudeau) was elected as prime minister. Then, at that exact same time, fewer people started “escaping America” to liberal-led Canada.

Either way, it appears the number of Americans opting to become citizens has significantly decreased. In the past 10 years’ worth of data, 2016 and 2015 saw the lowest numbers of [American applying for Canadian citizenship] applicants, with 3,168 and 3,623 applicants, respectively. In each of the seven preceding years, there was an average of 5,712.

The “seven preceding years” was when there was a Conservative prime minister and (for most of it) a Democrat president. While Obama was president and Harper was prime minister, more Americans were trying to become Canadian. And even in light of the facts, no media hysteria has caught up to to explain that greater, relatively huge tidal wave of anti-Obama “refugees” to Canada from Obama’s America from 2008 to 2016.

In other real news, people are fleeing the liberal mainstream media.

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Peter Kent on Trudeau’s weird Chinacommielove

I’m not the state-owned CBC or CTV. I don’t act like a stenographer for (in my case) CPC talking points, the way “reporters” for the CBC and several citizen-owned media outlets do for their parties (Lib, NDP, Green, Gaia, or any combination thereof). And by the way, I’m also not a reporter in case you hadn’t noticed my good grammar and punctuation. But occasionally — really rarely — I can’t say it better than it was said in a CPC talking points memo or email. (Or I’m being lazy).

I find what the Liberals are doing on this file more appalling than than lots of the rest, which is saying a lot. So here’s this:

Dear Joel,

Justin Trudeau is putting the interests of his friends, closely connected with Beijing, ahead of the safety and security of Canadians.

Back in 2015, our Conservative government blocked the sale of a Canadian electronics firm to China’s O-Net Communications – due to national security concerns.

But the Liberals reversed our decision.

And now, the Liberals are set to approve another Chinese takeover deal of a Vancouver-based company that builds satellite receivers for NATO – while refusing to subject this takeover to a full national security review.

Canada uses this company’s technology for its own military purposes. Without a proper national security review, Canada’s safety and security — and that of our allies — are being put at risk.

Even the former head of CSIS said he would have recommended a full national security review of this deal.

As I’ve said before, China’s drive to militarize the South China Sea and the technological ramifications of a deal like this, deserve much more due diligence.

So why is the Prime Minister so fascinated with China and their “basic dictatorship”?

Why does he have such an overwhelming desire to appease his friends in Beijing – so much so, that it clouds his judgment on Canada’s national security?

Is this the Prime Minister’s way of thanking his Chinese communist government billionaire friends who paid top dollar to meet with him privately a year ago?

This is a worrying trend – one where Trudeau is putting his own interests ahead of the best interests of our country.

Canadian security – not Chinese government connected donors to the Liberal Party – needs to be top of mind for Justin Trudeau.

Donate now if you agree.

Peter Kent, MP for Thornhill


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Donald Trump may be a lot of things, but he’s not ineffectual

Quote of the week — by former Conservative government Finance Minister Joe Oliver, in the National Post this morning. He’s writing of how the current Liberal government is blowing our relationship with America, at a crucial time, by stupidly grandstanding largely to satisfy their own Liberal Party base.

…Still, we [Canada] should do our share to protect ourselves. That is what the current president demanded, as did his two predecessors who were much gentler, far more diplomatic and utterly ineffectual.

It’s the last part of that quote that struck me as unusually bold (for a Canuck), but I’ll hedge a little on it being “utterly” true: Obama was certainly ineffectual. Utterly. No argument there. But that same characterization being assigned to W is a little incongruous to me. President Bush was nothing if not strong on the defence file, insisting on not just American defence (and offence in the case of Iraq and terrorism generally), but North American defence — and dragged Canada — sometimes kicking and screaming — closer to his way of thinking on defence and security policy, and even on the war on terror. Granted, Bush proved ineffectual in convincing Canadians (the general population as opposed to its Conservative leadership at that time) to take greater responsibility for Canada, particularly against the looming Islamist threat, but he tried, and it was inarguably not his job to do so. Canadians are still utterly ineffectual on this global terrorism file, and nobody in Canada is even trying to change that.

Oliver wasn’t done with the bold. I love what he wrote about the ridiculous Paris climate accord:

Withdrawal from the Paris climate accord is viewed as the latest and to some, including the minister, the most egregious instance of America renouncing its leadership responsibilities. It is not. In a triumph of feel-good faith and ideology over the facts and common sense, extravagant emotion is devoted to the agreement.

Unfortunately, rather than humanity’s last hope it is basically a meaningless conceit. The accord is founded on voluntary promises that are not binding and have no penalties for non-compliance. At best it will have a minuscule impact on global temperatures (0.2 per cent of a degree Celsius) by the end of the century, assuming every country does what it promised, which we know will never happen. Yet the cost will be in the trillions, which will undermine growth, reduce employment, divert funding from critical social programs and disproportionately hurt the poor.

Proclaiming the emperor has no clothes is not the abandonment of leadership. To the contrary, confronting consensus with truth is the assertion of leadership. If Paris leads to more robust military spending, it would be the first positive thing to have emerged from its pretentious hypocrisy.

And his conclusion about the pose the ineffectual Liberals are striking:

Hopefully, the president will take the win and let Canada worry that it weakened its bargaining position with intemperate posturing.

Perfectly said.

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Spot the bullCBC story at Yahoo Finance Canada

You’d be forgiven for thinking it was was the extreme leftist state-owned CBC web site. But no. It’s Yahoo.

This kind of bullCBC does happen occasionally at regular free-market sites. I mean normal ones who haven’t given up the pretence of objectivity. It leaks out the odd time giving us the chance to see what they’re really made of, which is so often left-wing bullCBC.

Below is part of’s Canadian Finance page this morning. See if you can possibly spot the rabidly biased Trump-hate fake news piece:

I never thought of’s (Canadian) Finance page positioning itself on the left side of the political spectrum. But apparently it, too is on the wrong side — i.e.,  it’s biased. Left-wing, as if I had to tell you.

“Trump,” as many commenters wrote in response to the hideously stupid article, “makes me want to visit America more.” Others wrote that left-wing biased “news” articles like this make them want to visit America more, even if they hate Trump. But here’s one which represented many — and it’s my favorite (the one highlighted in yellow):

There were many more like that one. It was like a contest to see how many times the words “fake news” and “bias” could be written in one commentary thread.

You’d think someone at Yahoo would wake up, or grow up, or something. Or maybe since it’s a finance news site, check the stock price of Yahoo which is down as of this writing — down 1.6% just today (according to Google’s finance site).

It is such a stupid, blatantly anti-Trump rant, as written by an obvious liberal-leftist Trump-hater who just can’t get over losing to Mizz Corruption. Yeah I double-checked and I wasn’t at the CBC site. Given the season, I also figured the article was written by a petulant young summer intern — a young leftist Clinton “Resistance” agitator — possibly the child of nutty far-left Bernie-supporting parents (or one of the many extreme-leftists or socialists right here in Canada). But no, the author, Melissa Dunne — was educated in journalism at Ryerson — and is thus ostensibly an adult. And a professional writer — a reporter. And Yahoo still bills itself as a straight-up news site rather than a CBC.

Yup. I too, have never read such horseshit.

So yeah go ahead and visit “Trump’s America” (I mean provided you’re not an illegal alien or any other kind of criminal). It’s Ryerson, and “news” sites like Yahoo with biased left-wing writers like Melissa Dunne pretending to present honest and unbiased news stories — which I would be far more worried about you visiting again.

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News of his election booted to page 30; now media asks, “Who is this Andrew Scheer guy?”

When the Conservatives elected Andrew Scheer as its new leader last weekend, the Vancouver Sun shoved the story onto page 13 — so insignificant they thought — or wanted you to think — that it was. They certainly weren’t interested in you learning the big news, or who Andrew Scheer was, to say the least.

Vancouver’s The Province (same owner — Postmedia) did worse: they shoved it back the furthest they could — to page 30 — which is just before the obituaries and sports. (See our article here).

Today they — perhaps with a sense of victory — “report”: “Who is this Andrew Scheer anyway?” — and further report that almost a third of Canadians don’t know.

Are the media malicious? Or merely obtuse?

Hanlon’s Razor suggests “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” But it’s not a rule we’re forced to abide by. Sometimes the liberal-leftist news media is malicious, and sometimes it is both malicious and stupid.

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The Media vs Conservatives: Conservative Party Leadership Finale = Page 30

The big Conservative Party leadership contest ended on Saturday with Andrew Scheer winning. Where did Vancouver’s The Province (a Postmedia paper – same owner as National Post, etc.) put the story on Sunday?

Page 30. Yeah no, not the front page. Not page 4. Not page 11. Not 16. Not 26. Page 30.

The story — an important one by any measure if you are of a sound or fair or balanced journalistic mind — and one which is of interest to and which ultimately affects all Canadians, is not even mentioned or teased on the front page.

And by the way, page 30 is their last page of news before the Obituaries section and Sports.

The far-left NDP meet in October to pick their new leader. Wanna guess where that story will be situated, and how many pages at the very front of the paper will be dominated by that story?

P.S. on Monday morning, the Vancouver Sun (same owner): story finally found, 13 pages in — with this headline: “TORIES DARE TO BE DULL”.

“Tories.” “Dull.”


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