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CBC radio host to run for the socialist NDP. SHOCKA.

A radio show host for the socialism-reliant state-run CBC’s radio division will run for the socialist you’ve got to be kidding party in the next by-election in a Montreal riding. 

I wonder if the CBC will root for her!  (And how would we know?)

The state-run web site wrote about the big story.  It’s easy to hide smirks that way.  They informed us that the woman, Anne Lagacé Dowson, was a “veteran journalist”.  “Journalist” is the only kind of “veteran” that the left likes, so she should get great coverage.

We’re also informed that the great and noble CBC granted a leave of absence without pay from her hosting duties on the CBC’s province-wide call-in show, “Radio Noon”.  That means she’ll be welcomed back with open arms (at taxpayer expense) if she loses.  No bias there at that socialist outfit! 

Whatever the case, as a CBC employee and a far-leftist, she’s got an excellent shot at being appointed as a Senator, or even as The Leader Of all The Land.  (If she’s a real dud, the Order of Canada committee).

In a news article, she directly compared herself to Barack Obama:

“I am running to win. If Barack Obama against all odds can capture the leadership of the Democratic party in the United States, who says a woman can’t capture the hearts and minds of Westmount for the NDP?”

Yes it’s exactly the same thing.


Mizzz Lagacé Dowson went to the University of Ottawa and studied Sociology and Women’s Studies.  S-H-O-C-K-A.


Notwithstanding her direct and oh so spot-on comparison to Barack Obama, the state-owned CBC web site informs us (with a misplaced question mark at the end)…

Anne is jokingly referred to as the “Oprah” of Quebec, a title which she is quite happy to accept, but wants to know when she gets the accessories and make over?

Sadly, she was hoping to be compared to Beyoncé.



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