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“Conservative” government acts exactly like previous liberal-leftist “Canadian Culture” enforcers

If in your “strong and free” country the free market doesn’t somehow turn you into a liberal government teat-sucking liberal-leftist, then liberals use laws and bureaucracy and various secretariats and of course their liberal-stacked courts division to achieve the desired result.  Thus they can force a government-created “Canadian culture”—as they see it, not as you see it using your own free will —on you by government decree, you dumb canook. 

As we know, the liberals’ media division, which is controlled by the liberals’ state-censor division, the CRTC, mandates a “Canadian Culture”, which they created by pulling facts and figures and ideas out of their backsides and making them laws and regulations, sort of like they do in Iran, but more gently and using neater-sounding words like “Canadian values” and “Canadian content”.  This is because using their own free will (and as we know, liberals are against that because citizens are dumb and only elitist liberals know what’s best for us—think “beer and popcorn”), Canadians prefer American TV shows.  And that’s because they’re better, and they fairly resemble our innate and shared culture. 

It’s important to note at this point that all liberals hate America.  The “Canadian Culture” they’re trying to create by government decree —and note that after all these years and countless hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars, nobody really knows what in tarnation “Canadian Culture” is—seems to essentially be this bon mot:  “We’re not damn Americans” (™ Liberal Carolyn Parrish).  Unfortunately for them, we actually are more or less the same.  That’s why liberals are angry all the time.

But I thought maybe those days were ending with the election of a Conservative Party government.  That’s one of the reasons I voted for them and support them.  But of course things can change.  I mean I certainly won’t support a socialist party or one that acts in every way like (what I’m going to go ahead and coin) Liberal Party Too

Ottawa reins in TV rebels

Minister hits back: CRTC threatens to change law to force firms to pay fund

Paul Vieira, Financial Post
Published: Wednesday, February 14, 2007

OTTAWA – The federal government fired back against the rebel cable companies holding back monthly contributions to the Canadian Television Fund, issuing ultimatums that they immediately hand over what they owe to the agency.

Bev Oda, the Heritage Minister, said she sent letters to Shaw Communications Inc. and Quebecor Inc.’ s Videotron Ltee urging them to resume payments to the fund. In a marked change of tone, she accused the cable companies of “destabilizing” the domestic TV production industry.

She says it like it’s a bad thing to destabilize something that’s horrendously stupid and nurtured to be addicted to the big Anna Nichole Smith-sized socialist state teat. 

I first blogged about this story HERE.  I’d hoped that was the end of it.

[…] Hours after Ms. Oda’s announcement, the new chairman of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission went one step further. He warned Shaw and Videotron to act now or he would oversee “expeditious” changes to the law that would force the firms to pay.

“Expeditious” is something that only happens at the CRTC when it’s not, for example, Fox News Channel that wants them to issue a license to allow their broadcast signal to be viewed by Canadians.  In cases like Fox News Channel, they ban it for years, then reluctantly OK it after OK-ing Al Jazeera first. 

As we know from years of liberal-left governments, Big Nannystate has ways of forcing “Canadian culture” on Canadians even though Canadians turn their backs on it, and they do it through fascist means if necessary.  Vote liberal next time to strengthen this resolve.  Or, I guess, vote for Harper’s Liberal Party Too.

[…] The CTF is a $250-million fund whose principal job is to help finance the production of Canadian-made programming. It receives money from the federal government, about $100-million, and private broadcasting interests, to the tune of $150-million

[all of it forced out of them against their will to prop up liberal-left non-free-market culture-by-government-decree ideals]

. Shaw is the single biggest


contributor, at $60-million.

[…] Last month, the two cable operators said they would no longer contribute to the fund, arguing the agency is badly managed and they are given little to no input despite the $75-million they collectively contribute annually.

Also, they say the Crown-owned broadcaster, CBC, is the biggest beneficiary of CTF money, as 40% of the fund’s budget is earmarked toward CBC programming.

That’s because ONE BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR of taxpayer cash isn’t enough for the state-run leftist anti-conservative broadcaster of leftist propaganda.  A conservative-minded government is supposed to see this and correct this hideous wrong.  Maybe the Conservatives have been watching the state-run CBC too much. 

As we know, and as I’ve said countless times for years, state-run or state-owned media should be banned in this country, and that notion should be enshrined in our Constitution.  Only socialists and communists endorse state-run, state-owned media. 

[…] The CTF had warned that without funding from Shaw and Videotron, it would face a budget shortfall of $72-million—which it claimed was the equivalent of $249-million loss in the TV production sector.

They say it like it would be a bad thing to stand on their own using free markets and the free will of citizens to drive the sector and create content that the free citizens want to watch almost like in free countries.

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