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Fatwa issued against web site

(Hat tip to Cinnamon Stillwell who sent this to me with the question, “I wonder if CNN will be reporting on this anytime soon…”.  I might ask the same of the state-run CBC)

I totally disagree with the all religious belief is stupid premise of the folks behind the web site

From their FAQ:

Does your criticism apply to Islam or to other religions as well?

I don’t believe in any religion. The very concept of God sending messengers to save us as Jesus claimed, or to be known and worshipped as Muhammad claimed is absurd.

However, I am not against religion. I believe in freedom of thought and diversity. Diversity means having the luxury to think differently. […]

But at least it’s not state-run like the CBC and its People’s Web Site, and really it just sounds like any atheist Canadian who has an ounce of tolerance.

And just as they respect my right to live, as a believer, I respect their right to exist (not the CBC—I mean  Or to put it in terms sane people who aren’t Islamofascists can understand, I don’t wish death upon the folks who run them.

But Islamofascists do wish death on  That’s where we’re different, see. was among the media outlets or web sites that exercised their freedom to offend people by publishing the now infamous Danish cartoons mocking Mohammad.

Yesterday, Islamofascists sent them an official death threat.  A “Fatwa”, I guess—or at least they’d have us all believe that’s what it was.  The people named in the “Fatwa” are the folks who run or contribute to the web site.  The “me” of

From: zalamah atterawi <>

Date: Feb 9, 2006 3:30 AM

Subject: BEWARE!



NO.: 001/01


In response to the recent blasphemous publications against Allah (SWT) and His most honored prophet Muhammad (SAW) on your internet website, we, of the above mentioned international organization, have by the ruling of Allah’s injunction in His Most Glorious Qur’an, chapter 02 verses 190-195, summarily declared and have vowed to carry out, the unfailing EXECUTION of the following persons irrespective of their real or fictitious names:

Mumin Salih, Sher Khan, Khalid Waleed, Imran Hossain, Faiyza Taffakur, Abul Kasem, Ali Sina and Ayesha Ahmed.

Wherever they may hide on this globe, their blood has now become lawful to spill for the immeasurable defamation of Almighty Allah (SWT) and the personality of the Rasuul (SAW) and the incalculable damage caused to the world muslims at large.

Our unfailing order will be carried out where and when it is least expected.

We therefore, urge the CONDEMNED people mentioned above to quickly inform their families and well wishers about this so as not to let such other people of theirs misconceive their about-to be deaths for some cause different.


I noticed they’re keeping reference numbers as if they’re keeping a good logical file system.  Al Qaeda is nothing if not organized.  I guess they’ve got an official Islamofascist secretary with some solid secretarial skills.  This letter is “NO.: 001/01”.

I mentioned earlier today about the CBC whose editor-in-chief Tony Burman (I guess he’s the one who’s ultimately responsible for the “Heil Harper” graphic they put on national state-run TV news a couple of weeks ago) denounced the very idea of offending anyone ever, for no reason.  Tony Burman asked aloud in a column this week, regarding the Danish cartoons and the CBC’s hilarious position on the matter: “Why should we insult and upset an important part of our audience for absolutely no public value?”

I suggested he wax his balls [link to story about CBC’s ball waxing video now broken] and think about it some.

The state-run CBC reported on a story back in May of last year about a controversial cartoon that was proudly displayed and presented at the far-left-wing and fringe communist web site “Rabble.cahere.  Rabble is run by the extreme left-wing feminist Judy Rebick, who sounds very much like a communist to me.

[…] But [Judy] Rebick defended the cartoon, by Toronto artist Mike Constable, as satire.

“Canada has a long history of satire. Sometimes very biting satire,” she said.

“He’s our artist. He has complete artistic freedom to do whatever he wants to do.”

Rebick told the Citizen that there have been no complaints, aside from the one from the Catholic Civil Rights League.

The website bills itself as a public, progressive news and information source. […]

The like-minded state-run web site happily linked to so folks could go and look at the cartoon there, which had the new Pope giving a Nazi salute to a statue of Mary and saying, “Heil Mary”.  It seems to be a common theme amongst the liberals, this “Heil” anything they hate, thing.

Here’s Judy Rebick’s cartoon by Mike Constable cartoon by Mike Constable

I haven’t seen the Danish cartoons depicted at yet but I guess they’ll be coming along soon.  Perhaps with a “Heil Mohammad” zinger thrown in.

Being liberal is hard.


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