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German company cuts jobs; commenter instantly oozes brain poo

A German company is cutting jobs?  Damn that George Bush! 

Usually that’s who gets damned and blamed for everything, by those delightful capitalism-and-Bush-hating CBC kids  — the CBC’s faithful readers and commenters —  but in this case, for some totally inexplicable reason, the blame goes to all those dang “Neo-Cons”.  The ones from Alberta specifically! 

This is how the state-owned, funded-by-all-taxpayers CBC unites our nation: 

CBC Headline:

Siemens cutting 16,750 jobs


Almost instant reader comment:

McWal_Job wrote:
Posted 2008/07/08 at 8:13 AM ET

Thanks to the Alberta Neo-Cons who stormed Ottawa, there is no longer a Siemens manufacturing plant in London, Ontario.

It’s weird because Reuters reports that “German industrial conglomerate Siemens AG plans to cut around 4 percent of its workforce as part of an overhaul and as a result of the global economic downturn, Siemens said on Tuesday,” saying nothing whatever about them “Alberta Neo-Cons”.

But facts shmacks.  Divide and conquer! … Through class warfare, divisive, raging anti-Alberta hate-mongering, and your basic far-left ideology!  It’s “progressive”! 

This same “McWal_Job” fella once wrote on the state-owned, taxpayer-funded CBC web site:  “Once again we suffer at hands of unfair trade agreements which destroy Ontario, while the Alberta Neo-Con gangsters control Ottawa.”  That comment was also approved by the taxpayer-paid CBC moderators.  And this one, by that same hateful, hate-mongering anti-Canadian CBC-luvin’ jerk:  “What’s really scary is how Ontario will have to pay for health care for mutant Albertans, since the tar pits are running out faster than expected.”

…Once again proving that the CBC web site is one of the most divisive, hateful web sites you’ll encounter with children in the room—and of course I strongly urge you to keep your children away from the CBC—both TV and web site. I’m sure most reasonable parents already do that on their own. 

The CBC.  Attracting more and more total loons and Marxists since it re-opened the public comment-making ability on your dime.

Contact them for website advertising!  It’s better than advertising here, capitalists! 

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