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Letter to Gerry Nicholls, “Campaign Trustee”

(UPDATED: Gerry replies, below)

Hi Gerry,

Congratulations on the official Conservative Party certificate you received, which I read about in your National Post Op/Ed.  You must feel very honored.  You’re now a Party “Trustee” no less.  Woo. 

Maybe I’ll see you at one of the “Trustee” meetings in Ottawa since I got one too.  I imagine they’ll pay the airfare, right?  Otherwise this Trustee can’t afford to make it. 

This might come as a surprise to them, since I noticed that you said in your op/ed that “To help get that point across, the letter also gently suggests I make a contribution to the party of “$35, or possibly $55 or even $70.””  In the letter accompanying my certificate, it suggests perhaps I could make a contribution to the party of “$200, or possibly $300 or even $400.” 

Perhaps you just seem sort of “poor” to the Party—or do past NCC bosses get a special rate?  Or maybe I seem a tad dumber to them?  (I certainly hope they didn’t get that impression from reading my blog.)

Maybe you could bring this up at the next Trustee meeting. Can you take notes for me?  I don’t want to miss anything. 


Joel Johannesen,
Official Campaign Trustee,
Conservative Party of Canada.
God Save the Queen.


Dear Fellow Trustee:

It’s great to see we are both members of the same prestigious club.

At our next meeting, I propose the following program:

* Get an update on the Vast Right-Wing’s Conspiracy’s drive for World Domination.

* Finalize Plans for a “Scary Hidden Agenda”

* Figure out ways to stop the Conservatives from sending out gimmicky fundraising letters.

Yours truly,

Gerry Nicholls
Official Campaign Trustee

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