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Liberal media continues obsession—now turning to outright propaganda—about U.S. election

NOTE:  I’ve now started to categorize blog entries related to the U.S. election so as to provide one convenient link to all related blog entries.  Here it is:

As I’ve been updating you for a couple of weeks, Canada’s liberal media is hysterically obsessed with liberals insofar as the 2008 U.S. election cycle.  Just about all they talk about—and talk about whether it’s warranted or not (yesterday I pointed you to a CBC radio interview with… far-left radical feminist Gloria Steinem and her take on Hillary!… which is still featured there today) —concentrates on Democrats, while largely or completely ignoring Republicans.  It’s Obama/Clinton, all day long, every day. 

Note that the next primary is in Michigan, and involves ONLY Republicans—not Democrats.  So you’d think all they’d be talking about were Republicans and that primary.  But no.  Not at all.  They are obsessed with liberals, and telling you all about them.  Imprinting them in your minds, while ignoring Republicans as best they can—or at least relegating them to a place of very minor significance, a distant second to the importance of Democrats.  Don’t take my word for it—just look at the graphics of the newspapers and online news sources I‘ve provided recently.  The news media graphically prove themselves to be biased—as if the biased words use in their reporting weren’t enough. 

Between the state-run CBC and all the other liberal media in Canada and their hideously biased reporting, you could forgive some people from seeing this as some sort of a junior Goebbels effort (he was the Nazi Minister for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda) or a shot at the Soviet Union or North Korean attempt at mind-control of the population.  Of course to those of us in the sensible set, it just makes us laugh. 

Here’s some more: 

The Globe and Mail today (left …in more than one way!) has a front-page article that at first glance appears to be about the election and “The Road to the White House” in general, and asks “Will women or children pick the next president?”, but in actual fact, it discusses nothing but Clinton and Obama —EXCLUSIVELY.  The words “Republican”, “Romney”, “McCain”, or “Giuliani” appear NOT ONCE in the long article.  Meanwhile on the right the liberals’ Vancouver Sun gratuitously splashes a huge article and photos of Obama and Clinton on their so-called “U.S. Election” pages, two days after the New Hampshire primary are already over and right before the Republican-only Michigan primary.

image  image

Here’s the Calgary Herald today (left), which conveniently provides yet ANOTHER photo and story about the great Obama, just before the Republican primary.  The National Post (right) at least hits on the Republican primary in Michigan, but as you can see, relegates it to second-class status under a haYUGE photo of a warm, open-armed, welcoming ♥ Hillary ♥, and yet another article about the great Obama, both above the fold.
image  image

The Ottawa Citizen provides priceless liberal advertising again today, while relegating the Republicans to barely second-rate news.  Meanwhile the Montreal Gazette features a huge ♥ Hillary ♥ editorial in their opinion pages consuming nearly half a page.
image  image

The provincial Victoria Times Colonist features a story only about the great Obama and the great Hillary.  Totally ignore any republicans.  For good measure, they also have a huge editorial in their opinion pages about… Obama.
image  image

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Received Friday January 11, 2008

Joel……In your Thursday review of media bias concerning the U.S. primaries you forgot the Montreal Gazette……..

They had 2 HUGE (and positive) articles on page 2 and 3 ….one about HILLARY and one about OBAMA…… articles about Mitt or John or Mike…????

But they did have a tiny little blurb about Giuliani (negative of course) having had a bomb threat at a venue he was speaking at in Florida.

It’s no wonder Canadians are always shocked every time the presidency goes to a Republican……all they ever hear about are Democrats.///


I don’t know how I missed it but I did.  So here it is—a nearly two-pager —full pages— on page two and three of the Montreal Gazette yesterday.


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