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New York Times screws up and reveal themselves as bums in Pope’s death

The liberal New York Times is so disgraceful that in their rush to come out with a story emphasizing negatives about Pope John Paul II in their celebration of his death, they got all their negative liberals’ quotes lined up… but forgot to get some pesky positive ones.  Even on his death, the last thing they thought about was getting some honorable, kind words about the Pope.

They ran their story and here’s how it appeared (before they changed it).  This is an actual rendition of it although I bolded the key part:

Even as his own voice faded away, his views on the sanctity of all human life echoed unambiguously among Catholics and Christian evangelicals in the United States on issues from abortion to the end of life.

need some quote from supporter

John Paul II’s admirers were as passionate as his detractors, for whom his long illness served as a symbol for what they said was a decrepit, tradition-bound papacy in need of rejuvenation and a bolder connection with modern life.

“The situation in the Catholic church is serious,” Hans Kung, the eminent Swiss theologian, who was barred by from teaching in Catholic schools because of his liberal views, wrote last week. “The pope is gravely ill and deserves every compassion. But the Church has to live. …

In my opinion, he is not the greatest pope but the most contradictory of the 20th century. A pope of many, great gifts, and of many bad decisions!”

Among liberal Catholics, he was criticized for his strong opposition to abortion, homosexuality and contraception, as well as the ordination of women and married men. Though he was never known as a strong administrator of the dense Vatican bureaucracy, he kept a centralizing hand on the selection of bishops around the world and enforced a rigid adherence to many basic church teachings among the clergy and Catholic theologians.

Disgraceful—and yet exemplary of the liberal perfidy so deeply engrained within the New York Times that even the passing of the Pope doesn’t stop them from their deconstructionist, anti-Christian, anti-anything-non-liberal, hateful propaganda. 

Here’s an actual screenshot of it courtesy of Powerline.

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