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Obama and liberal-left’s ACORN division caught up in Glenn Beck’s latest clean machine—WITH VIDEO

“GHOSTS OF ‘HIDDEN AGENDA’—PART VII”  See it at the Toronto Film Festival! (Oh sure!  And the CBC will probably show the secretly filmed ACORN video (see it below —it’s from Fox News Channel so they’re sure to use it!), like they did the secret “CAUGHT ON TAPE!” Harper video today, in which Harper said “the M-word—Majority”… and then they stayed on the story all day long!)

Watching Glenn Beck today.  He’s mad at the media for not covering the latest revelations about ACORN.

He yelled.  Exposing Obama’s peeps, again.  Apparently outing Obama’s Van Jones wasn’t enough.


What’s he on about today?  Now that he exposed Van Jones to the world?  I’ll be sure to post the YouTube video when they’re ready.  Meantime, here’s some stories AND A VIDEO that the RESPONSIBLE media is covering.  (Therefore the CBC and CTV and National Post and Globe and Mail and all the other Canadian media is ignoring on what I can only guess is the sound liberal media journalistic basis that what you don’t know won’t hurt the liberal-left, anti-conservative, Obama suck-up, progressive agenda):

Here’s their links:
Did ACORN’s ‘Advice’ Break Law?
ACORN Videotaped Advising ‘Pimp,’ on Child Brothel
Glenn Beck Chat’s Live About ACORN at 6 p.m. ET  [also rebroadcast tonight]

Fox also provides the incriminating video :

Andrew Breitbart’s excellent new web site is also on it, and they just went live today:
Shocking Audio Could Incriminate ACORN Affiliates
Rep. Steve King Calls for Congressional Investigation of ACORN
And several more articles in the ACORN category.

Why isn’t the rest of the media all over this story?

Here’s some YouTube video clip or part of the show, which all the media could use if they wanted to: (From Fox and Friends)

JUST IN:  Now that this has become public, ACORN apparently has now fired those two employees in the video.  So see,  Glenn Beck must be a racist. 

Moreover, this proves that they won’t act unless they’re caught red-handed.

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