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Sorry my mistake: the media coverage was INSANELY biased in favor of the NDP

Yesterday I posted an email from a reader (Bruce) who said the new NDP “star candidate” in his Montreal riding was a woman he’d never heard of, until the media informed him she was a “star candidate”.  She’s a reporter for the state-owned CBC—SHOCKA.  As I said, she’s the one who directly compared herself to Barack Obama, and who the CBC says everyone in Quebec thinks of as (and I quote) “the Oprah of Quebec”.  Again that’s “the Oprah of Quebec”….  Bruce said she was being gratuitously pumped up by the liberal media, citing a half-page article in the Montreal Gazette.  To back up his contention I posted picture of an article from the paper that I found.  It was this one: 


But today Bruce tells me that the article I posted wasn’t even the big article he was talking about—that was simply a followup to the big article he was talking about!  Here’s the one he was talking about:


The text of the article is better than any ad the NDP will come up with prior to the next election.  HINT: the NDP has never, ever done anything bad, dumb, or insane.  And by Jim, they could win this thing …if only they got the word out about their candidate! 


If there was a way to scientifically prove my contention that the you’ve got to be kidding party exists only because of the support it gets from the media, this would be a good little part of the study. 

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