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Coulter the laughing hyenas.

I keep reading all these mainstream media articles written by reporters and “experts” who all presume to know what will now happen in a Trump presidency. But I don’t understand why they’re even printed. They’re written by people who simply couldn’t be more wrong about these things — demonstrably so.

Why even keep them on staff? Why not fire them? I would. The media should try to retain some credibility. They won’t this way.

Theses people uniformly dismissed a Donald Trump win — out of hand. They laughed at it. Sneered at it. Summarily abandoned or ignored even the possibility — first of him actually even entering the race, then under the Republican banner instead of Democrat, then winning that Republican race, then winning enough electoral college votes to win the presidency. “There’s no path to victory for Donald Trump” was the universal cry of all these geniuses — mostly with the sneering suffix “–Thank God” attached either literally or under their breath (as if these liberals suddenly revered God).

They wholly misunderstood the entire American electorate. Got it all wrong. Completely. So now we’re supposed to listen to them as they pontificate about the future Trump presidency?

You have to hand it to those who (yeah, like me), did not dismiss the possibility of a Trump presidency. Luckily, I only have to “hand it to” approximately 14 people aside from his earliest and bravest supporter, Ann Coulter (whose brilliant column I will never cease to mention was featured here for nine years).

I was about to totally lay into one Globe & Mail op-ed writer until I researched and found he and his writing partner were actually early Trump-winning advocates. So I decided to go ahead and hand it to them, and get that out of the way before I more gently lay into them (which I did separately, here).

Canadians and their government should nevertheless ready themselves for the possibility of a Trump presidency.

That was May 16, 2016, well before the Republican primary was even won, in a Globe and Mail column titled, “Brace yourselves: Trump is going to win.” It was written by co-op/ed writers Derek H. Burney and Fen Osler Hampson.  Note that the column was not supportive of a Trump win by any means. Quite the opposite. But still.

Including them, there were as I said 14 others who joined these two in predicting (or, as in their case, “warning”) that Trump might win. One web site from New Zealand attempted to list them — they got to ten — and included Derek H Burney but then called it a day without naming Ann Coulter, which renders that list stupid. I’ll give them credit for calling Michael Moore (yes, that one) “left-wing.” Here, they would maybe call him “progressive,” but more likely the anodyne “filmmaker.”

I want to make special mention of Ann Coulter, and not just because her column appeared here for nine years (did I mention that?) and I’m among her biggest fans (and she of mine, in my wildest dreams). The best example of the wrong-headed smugness with which liberals generally and #neverTrump-ers — but more importantly, mainstream media “experts” — can behave, is captured in this video from June 2015. In it, left-wing host Bill Maher, all his other panelists, and his left-wing audience, all laughed like hyenas at Ann as she predicted that Trump would — remember this is June 2015 — win the November 2016 election and become president.

That clip should be required watching for all mainstream media employees. All of them. And journalism students.

A few Democrats would profit from it as well, and certainly all the hideously smug Canadians — Conservatives included — would benefit enormously.

I think there should be a new word for the firing of these clearly wrong-about-everything hyenas. I’d like to suggest “Coultering.”

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Ann Coulter with new book just in time: IN TRUMP WE TRUST

Although I no longer have her, Ann Coulter was the first columnist I ever paid at this site. And the longest standing columnist too. And all thanks to me (yeah right), she’s now one of the best-selling politics authors in America.

I’m happy whenever she comes out with a new book. Buy it now.

In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!

Buy this now!

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Canucks: Buy Ann Coulter’s “MUGGED” thru PTBC; help us score capitalist millions in commissions!

According to Barack Hussein Obama, Joel Johannesen did not build this PTBC site some ten years ago, but only saw it through to its fruition thanks to the benevolence of government (Barack Hussein Obama idiocy tour, 2012).

All of that socialist claptrap notwithstanding, I’m still using this site to whimsically seek to become one of Barack Obama’s fabled, evil, “millionaires and billionaires,” so please pre-order our former columnist Ann Coulter’s newest book “Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama” through our PTBC – link. It will be her 9th New York Times best-seller.

Even though Ann Coulter doesn’t like Barack Obama, it’s not racist to not like him (despite what lying liberal demagogues repeat over and over). It’s just astute, right thinking! And for now at least, government does still allow conservatives to say things, and write them down, then sell the thoughts after publishing them; and it’s thanks once again to the benevolent government that you can buy them from private retailers like (but pay the sales tax!). Thanks government!

So it’s really thanks to government that Ann Coulter could write the book, and you can buy it, and all of this has come together thanks to the state. So we’re good.


Ann Coulter 2012 book 'MUGGED'


(A shout-out to Al Gore for inventing the internet. Which he apparently did on his own.)


*Americans buy it here*

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I’ll see your vagina and raise you an anus.

Our former columnist Ann Coulter throws all manner of verbiage and body-partage out there in her latest go-round with liberal idiocy. Read this week’s column.

It’s… why it’s slutty!

What really made me laugh was thinking of “tag words” to go with this blog entry. I settled on a couple of the usual, and added “vagina.” Then, of course, I laughed as I hit ENTER.

Dear. God. No pun intended on the word ENTER, above.

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Public-sector unions are wrong. Normal voters, taxpayers, non bongo drummers, tend to agree.

For those of you out of the loop, and who haven’t been here since PTBC went on its nearly year-long hiatus, our regularly featured in-house columnists like Ann Coulter were more or less all moved over to our sister site, BoldColors.NET.  However, even there, things have changed a little, including regrettably dropping our contract with Ann Coulter after hosting her column at PTBC and our other sites, for over nine years. So now we just link to her. Here’s what I posted at yesterday.

As I’ve mentioned, after nine years or so, I’ve sadly dropped our contract with Ann Coulter for her weekly column. But I’m still in a trade union with her. The union makes us strong, dontchaknow. Besides, the union means I can never really fire her anyway. On the other hand, specifically my far left hand, it makes me her equal to her in every way, especially with regard to her writing skills. So that’s cool. Also her income. Which is even cooler.

So here’s a snippet and a link to her latest column. Which I should actually get paid for too. What do ya want?!  Columnist justice!  When do we want it?!  Now!  If I understand the contract correctly.

Ann Coulter


…The Democrats will do anything the government unions ask, because (1) It’s not their money they’re spending, it’s the taxpayers’; and (2) Government unions reciprocate by making sure the Democrats keep getting re-elected. …

I think some government unions might protest this column. I just hope they bring bongo drums.

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