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Trudeau Liberals’ crony capitalism and hypocrisy is delivered by courier trucks, V8s, and jet engines

Not a day goes by wherein the uberliberal Liberals don’t meddle in the economy, engage in their croney capitalism, waste our taxpayer dollars, further wreck the free market, wreck capitalism, wreck businesses, negate any semblance of their own principles which are now demonstrably farcical, and gradually take Canada down with them as a general matter. 

Earlier this week I heard about Purolator, that state-owned courier company which competes against private business and Canadian citizens, going on strike. (Read my previous posts about Purolator being state-owned, etc).

Just yesterday I lamented the Trudeau Liberals’ idiocy in propping up Bombardier — that epic failure and chronic corporate welfare bum. That particular taxpayer largesse wasn’t the news yesterday — it was the fact that right after securing those hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars from the Trudeau Liberals, Bombardier executives laughed at us, spit in our faces, and awarded themselves a 50% pay raise, and raised their bonuses by up to double, in case we weren’t already insulted enough. Great dealmaking by Trudeau and Liberals, since that wasn’t preemptively disallowed in whatever crazy-ass deal they made with them. As I tweeted yesterday:

Today both the Trudeau Liberals and Ontario’s Wynne Liberals have propped up that newcomer FORD in Ontario. The Essex plant, which is getting the taxpayer funding, is where Ford produces enormous 5-liter V-8 engines. This should help the Liberals collect more carbon tax when they introduce that new tax, which they purport to be doing in order to “save the planet,” as we are in “an emergency climate crisis,” dontchaknow. Bombardier also causes few gazillion tons of carbon to be spewed, if my reading of climate science is correct. Purolator? Spewtastic.

For giggles, see CTV “News” article ‘Can’t stop a train’: Trump climate policies won’t deter Liberals, McKenna says.

And if my reading of Liberals’ “principles” — economic, philosophical, and political — is correct, the Trudeau Liberals are a disgrace. A farce.

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Everything that is wrong with liberals and Liberals: Bombardier.

Taxpayer protection against this sort of crap wasn’t written into the agreement to bail this chronic corporate welfare case out? Apparently not. The Trudeau Liberals are quite the dealmakers!

This is croney capitalism run amok. This liberal crap didn’t start with the Justin Trudeau Liberals. But it’s only liberals who engage in it; or people who don’t understand capitalism or economics generally. And it’s wrecking capitalism, free markets, and it’s wrecking Canada. Just as it is the United States and Europe.

I don’t care how much executives get paid — that’s up to the company’s owners to control.  But when the state “invests” billions of taxpayer dollars bailing out this chronic abuser of federal taxpayer largesse — this perpetual corporate welfare case — I do care.

The answer is for the state to stop meddling with the free market where it has no business. Largely because governments — politicians — don’t have the foggiest clue. But also because it isn’t how free markets and capitalism works. Nor how economic progress is made.

Since the Trudeau Liberals apparently made an amazingly bad deal, there may be no way out. So Bombardier will once again laugh at all of us stupid taxpayers. But if there is even the slightest provision in the deal to do so: demand immediate repayment. If it means the Bombardier welfare case fails, let that welfare case fail. Don’t let us take the fall for them and for the Trudeau Liberals’ stupidity.

Contact the Editor: Joel Johannesen
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