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CBC “News” does a downward doggy for their Trump-hating fan base

I’m smellin’ a Pulitzer!

I guess this is why taxpayers fund the state-owned CBC to the tune of in excess of $1.5 BILLION per year.  It’s stories like this. So proud. So proud. And so informed!

But in defence of actual journalism, let’s be like their Justin Trudeau and try to figure out the “root causes” of this — this example of state media news or journalism malpractice.

Did the state-owned media launch an exercise in investigative journalism trying to find examples of anti-Trump hatred? Surely not. That wouldn’t be fair and balanced, which the CBC claims it is.

OK so let’s say that the Yoga studio sent their ever-so newsy information to the state-owned media, or a local resident or a customer sent it in hoping (or knowing) that CBC would run with it to help advance their anti-Trump political agenda. If so, is the state-owned CBC now seen by some on the left as just another one of those left-wing anti-Trump blogs like Huffington Post, rather than a supposedly serious and fair and balanced and extremely subsidized state-owned news organization which would never go with such biased nonsense? Seems so. So that’s weird. How’d the CBC get that reputation amongst lefties?

Either way, the CBC decided to run with this “news” story.

The lengthy CBC “news” story about this on their state-owned website strains to explain that it’s really just about avoiding “stress” in the yoga studio with all the political talk as a result of President Trump’s fast-paced action, with several direct quotes from the yoga studio boss to that effect. The photo of the studio’s “trump-free zone” notice does depict the unambiguous political position of the owners however. Amidst their quest for calm and political (or at least Trump) silence, they point out that they support Planned Parenthood and other lefty organizations. So they are unambiguously left-wing, as if I had to tell you. Or as if they had to tell you. They didn’t have to tell anyone that. They wanted to. So they did. Now the rest of y’all, shut it — if I understand correctly.

But this is not so much about the yoga studio owners, who I’m sure are very nice people who simply want to create a nice environment for their yoga classes. It is about state-owned CBC “News” deciding to post this as a news story. It seems tendentious to say the very least.

I wonder how they’d depict a pro-Trump shop or business office if they were ever advised of one.  Because I am pretty sure they wouldn’t treat it with quite so much deference as they did the yoga studio owners in this story. I think they’d be treated as heretics and zealots and nutbars. But I don’t think we’ll ever know how they’d write up a news story about a pro-Trump business.

So the “root cause” is that the state-owned CBC implores you to see the world as they do: anti-Trump. That’s a media with a left-wing agenda. And you can’t trust a media with an agenda. In this case you have to pay for it, but still, you can’t trust it.


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State-Owned CBC Promotes “Dreamy Trudeau.” (Seriously). But Don’t Worry, They’re Not Biased.

There might be a million photos of Donald Trump. But when you as an employee of a news agency take the time to find and then settle on the photo below to attach to your latest sneering tweet about Donald Trump; for you as a “professional” to abandon any semblance of journalistic neutrality and choose instead to demonstrate your hate in as public a way as humanly possible… you could only have a job at the liberal-left’s state-owned CBC.


Apparently job security is not an issue for the clearly anti-Trump (etc) employees of the state-owned CBC. Any remaining pretense of neutrality is now apparently completely out the window thanks to their Liberal Party victory. It seems demonstrating their anti-conservative, pro-liberal bias is now more an editorial policy, if anything.

That journalistic malfeasance is from the news agency that avoids the use of the term “Islamic terrorist” because it might be seen as “taking sides,” and says “holidays” instead of “Christmas” to avoid “offending someone.”

Let’s compare that to how they carefully chose an ever so neutral picture of their true love, also from today. It has almost exactly the same editorial tone as the Trump one above:


I must be dreaming.  I have no words.


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State-owned CBC “analysis” of tea party: black-hating, “rape-denying,” “neo-confederates.”


ANALYSIS  – Possibly the stupidest column of 2014, so far: a breathless, hate-filled “analysis” of the tea party from one of the most arrogant, conservative-hating “reporters” with the far-left, state-owned CBC – Neil Macdonald.


Neil Macdonald, a tea-party hater, and a reporter for the state-owned CBC

Tea party-hater and CBC reporter Neil MacDonald loads a new bullet in the far-left’s “racist dog whistle” magazine. The term “Liberal Democrats,” according to tea party expert Neil Macdonald’s CBC “analysis,” is a racist code-word for “blacks!” (Which is bad! On account of the tea party being “racist” and hating all the blacks!)

“ANALYSIS” – Mississippi Tea Party enraged by blacks voting Republican

Kay Coles James, a Heritage Foundation Trustee

Kay Coles James, a Heritage Foundation Trustee

The obtuse Macdonald (he may not actually be obtuse, he just plays one on TV and at has no explanation for the reality – the empirical fact – that there are many black tea partiers; nor any explanation for the countless black citizens who support and vote for tea party-backed candidates in the Republican party. Has he ever visited Or actually watched Fox News (which he incessantly denigrates, just because)? Or reviewed the “far-right” Heritage Foundation, which he smears just in case, being “far-right,” they hate blacks? What kind of BS “analysis” is that?

Macdonald describes – sorry analyzes – tea party supporters (like me) as “rape-denying, no-abortion-under-any-circumstances, anti-immigration reform, Confederate-flag-waving, gun-toting…”

I’m only surprised he left out “bible-thumping” or as those who “cling to their bibles.” He might have added “beat their women.”

But don’t worry  —  the state-owned CBC isn’t “biased.” It isn’t an extreme left-wing, agenda-driven outfit. It’s perfectly objective.

Beyond “controversial,” Macdonald’s sort of attempted smear is insulting and demeaning, not just to conservatives, but all other normal, sane people. It is mindless tripe. It’s “analysis” of the worst kind, because it’s agenda-driven. It’s lies, actually, and sadly, it’s being told to you by Canada’s state-owned media, which we all pay for, and which is protected and virtually forced into our homes by laws.

More generally, the far-left’s insidious, unethical effort to castigate random words spoken by conservatives  —  especially tea party supporters, which MacDonald clearly despises and he demonstrates this often —  as “racist” or “rape-denying,” is reprehensible.

Why does the state-owned CBC even have political analysis? Why does the government pay for this? Why do you? Why do you allow this to be?

Contact the Editor: Joel Johannesen
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CBC’s Left-Wing Sneer du Jour: Listen to CBC Reporter Say “Mitt Romney.”

Anne_Gaviola-2013-12-10_123519Golly I hope the left-wing mobs don’t call me a misogynist (do read that link)!

But honestly. Is she even trying? Is the left-wing animus against conservatives or capitalists so strong and systemic at that far-left, socialism-reliant media behemoth  —  the CBC  —  that even the so-called business reporter Anne Gaviola can’t manage to say the name of one of the most successful and upstanding capitalists or Republicans of our day, without sneering?

The palpable sneer in her enunciation of the name Mitt Romney is bolstered by her equally repugnant setup. In her “reporting” (no, not opining) on this takeover of clothing company Canada Goose, the state-owned CBC’s business reporter claims that “all lot of people pretty shocked to see this happening BECAUSE…”  —  why?  Well because of this connection to Mitt Romney. But don’t worry, I’m so sure this reporting is based on what I’m sure is tons of research from a broad spectrum of, and I quote, “a lot of people”.  Possibly what she means by a lot of people is just “a lot of” conservative-hating socialists at the CBC.

“…But a lot of people pretty shocked to see this happening because the company in question is Bain Capital  —  the private equity firm founded by none other than [sneer] Mitt Romney [/sneer].”

See, the reason people are “shocked” is not just that the Canadian company Canada Goose is being sold, it’s that it is being sold to a company founded by that dirty Republican Mitt Romney  —  is how I heard it.

You listen:

I’ve documented dozens and dozens of these examples of sneers  —  both visual and audible  —  by the CBC over the years, whenever they say almost any Republican’s name.  Or they forgo the sneers and just come right out and straight-out call them, for example, “whacky.”  In their news reporting. On a state-owned, taxpayer-funded news channel.


This is just another valid reason that state-owned media  —  and do say it with a sneer because YOU’RE perfectly entitled to  —  should be banned in this country, and that notion should be enshrined in the constitution.


Contact the Editor: Joel Johannesen
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Self-absorbed politico takes “selfie.” At state funeral.


Oh sorry CBC, I made a typo in my tweet to you (@CBCAlerts) about this. It was actually your Barack Obama taking a selfie complete with that lip-bite pose (better than the duckface, I ‘spose).

But you’ll still report it exactly the same way, right? Naturally, in this case, he is of course to be described as a genius, gaffe-less orator and a brilliant leader who thinks only of a better America for the working woman, and a grand man who took this selfie only in pursuit of the noble, historic significance of his being there at Mandella’s otherwise all-too-sombre funeral; and not an example of an abjectly self-absorbed left-wing “whackjob”…

Yeah  —  a “whackjob”  —  as you called a Republican presidential candidate and congressman , Michelle Bachmann, in one of your displays of that famous liberal-left nuance, and intelligence, and tolerance, and understanding, and diversity-luvin’ (and definitely NOT another example of a “war on women”!):

State-owned CBC anchor dubs Michele Bachmann a whack job,
who has “outwhackied” Sarah Palin

CNC-anchor-Kim-Brunhuber-275pxX193px…According to the CBC news anchor Kim Brunhuber this morning, quite possibly, Republican candidate Michelle Bachmann “has ‘outwhackied’ Sarah Palin, which is hard to do…” clearly implying – no not implying, clearly LABELING — Sarah Palin as a whack job; and Michele Bachmann an even bigger whack job.

Nice smear. On the news. By a news anchor.

Ironically, the man representing the state-owned CBC in South Africa today is none other than that same Kim Brunhuber, who must have seen that selfie of Obama making the rounds on the internet today, since I know he loves the Google for his prime research as an investigative political reporter.

So I’m waiting for that smear of their man Obama. Any time now. I’m so sure they’ll be reporting on this, and fairly, too.

 P.S. I’m not sure if the Obama selfie happened before of after the handshake with the communist dictator of Cuba, Raoul Castro.

Contact the Editor: Joel Johannesen
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It’s actually* just a good news story, you conservative-attacking, CBC sort of* dullards.

Hi liberals and socialists and the other CBC news channel watcher!CBC - 'know more, know now?' Hahahaha Sorry, but in case you thought I stopped watching the state-owned, taxpayer-funded CBC “news” channel (number 502 on my dial), and that I now just get fully-informed watching the normal TV news at Fox News Channel, well you’re wrong. Since the state-owned left-wing crap-channel warned me years ago that they’ll be “monitoring” this web site, I thought I better keep watching them, writing stuff, and giving them something to “monitor!”

Here’s just an infinitesimal couple of fun things I noticed in the past five minutes of watching that dreadful socialism-reliant, anti-conservative propaganda division of the Canadian progressives: It’s a story about a fantastic new “green energy” and pollution-cleaning technology being developed by a couple of (private!) Canadian tech companies (but as this is Canada, they now join the rest of corporate and individual Canadians, and are being subsidized with a form of welfare  —  corporate in this case  —  from the federal government, which is obviously why the CBC even bothered to cover the story at all). The technology will be used in Alberta at their fabulous (my word  — duh!) oil sands projects.

It sounds great. Would reduce oil sands emissions by 30%. Yay. This is a good news story. For Canada, for business, for everyone.

CBC “news” channel anchor Reshmi Nair is on it with reporter Margo McDiarmid from the enormous CBC HQ edifice. McDiarmid sets about explaining the bio/business story.

But hmm. Damn! This couldn’t just be “good!” There’s gotta be an angle to this somewhere, Margo!  Therefore, the “news” anchor, Reshmi Nair, half-way through the story, asked reporter Margo McDiarmid more about the science of it.

“It sounds good, but how much of this project is just a PR stunt for the Conservatives?” asked Nair.

Golly she’s ever so inquisitive, businesses-minded, and all about the science; and she has that investigative journalist’s curiosity about facts! But seriously, at least that wasn’t at all a politically-motivated and tendentious question! No but seriously. Oh who am I kidding? This is the CBC.

Reshmi NairAnd to be fair, maybe Nair is more interested in political science and bashing Conservatives than actual science and business and, you know, news. Ya think that could be possible at the CBC?

Well thanks for asking, Reshmi! That gives me a convenient chance to remind viewers, using the second half of my report on this erstwhile good news tech and business story, that… as it turns out, McDiarmid ever so earnestly explains, “critics” have indeed “roundly criticized” the Conservatives for not spending (sorry  — investing!) enough taxpayer cash in green enviro projects exactly like this, so this is actually* (see below regarding “actually”) a sort of* (see below regarding”sort of”) a good idea. You see, even though the Conservatives are providing corporate welfare to these companies and “investing” taxpayer cash in enviro greenie projects, they should “actually” be spending (sorry again  — investing!) “two or three times more” than they are now, so it’s actually* only a good news story, sort of*!

Over to you, Reshmi!

Even when the Conservatives do move toward what it is the left and the CBC obliquely demand of them, they find a nefarious angle to it somewhere  —  or they just make one up. Thanks CBC! You’re worth it! And by golly, it’s a wonder we conservatives could possibly interpret the CBC as being left-wing and anti-conservative! Nothing the enviros do, the Liberals, the NDP, communists, the CBC’s David Suzuki  —  nothing anybody else ever does is “a PR stunt”. It’s only when it’s a Conservative or a conservative doing it that it becomes highly questionable and could possibly be a “stunt” (and then it’s also most definitely a “hidden agenda!”  —  and not “sort” of, either).

Margo McDiarmid

So please don’t forget, Canadians, this could very well be nothing but a bit of PR bullcrap, whereupon the conservatives are using your taxpayer cash to boost their own PR. And don’t call it “stimulus” cash in this case either!

Thanks Margo and Reshmi.

And then the CBC went on to the CBC’s “business” segment, which always makes me laugh, on account of the fact that the CBC is socialism-reliant and state-owned, and yet they presume to explain business to us.


* I noticed McDiarmid used the word “actually” over and over, a little like the way failed liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin used to say “in fact” a hundred times per hour, or the way failed liberal Obama says “um,” and “millionaires and billionaires,” and “pay their fair share,” (and shouts “SQUIRREL!” whenever Benghazi or the Kermit Gosnell trial is mentioned), a hundred times per day.

So naturally, I rewound the recording from my vast right-wing CBC-recording industrial complex, and counted: the word “actually” was used twelve times in that brief story. Actually, that includes the word “actual,” once.

She also said “sort of” five times. As in, this is “sort of” a good news story, Reshmi!

Actually, state-owned media should be sort of banned in this country. No actually, not just sort of.


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