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Peter Kent on Trudeau’s weird Chinacommielove

I’m not the state-owned CBC or CTV. I don’t act like a stenographer for (in my case) CPC talking points, the way “reporters” for the CBC and several citizen-owned media outlets do for their parties (Lib, NDP, Green, Gaia, or any combination thereof). And by the way, I’m also not a reporter in case you hadn’t noticed my good grammar and punctuation. But occasionally — really rarely — I can’t say it better than it was said in a CPC talking points memo or email. (Or I’m being lazy).

I find what the Liberals are doing on this file more appalling than than lots of the rest, which is saying a lot. So here’s this:

Dear Joel,

Justin Trudeau is putting the interests of his friends, closely connected with Beijing, ahead of the safety and security of Canadians.

Back in 2015, our Conservative government blocked the sale of a Canadian electronics firm to China’s O-Net Communications – due to national security concerns.

But the Liberals reversed our decision.

And now, the Liberals are set to approve another Chinese takeover deal of a Vancouver-based company that builds satellite receivers for NATO – while refusing to subject this takeover to a full national security review.

Canada uses this company’s technology for its own military purposes. Without a proper national security review, Canada’s safety and security — and that of our allies — are being put at risk.

Even the former head of CSIS said he would have recommended a full national security review of this deal.

As I’ve said before, China’s drive to militarize the South China Sea and the technological ramifications of a deal like this, deserve much more due diligence.

So why is the Prime Minister so fascinated with China and their “basic dictatorship”?

Why does he have such an overwhelming desire to appease his friends in Beijing – so much so, that it clouds his judgment on Canada’s national security?

Is this the Prime Minister’s way of thanking his Chinese communist government billionaire friends who paid top dollar to meet with him privately a year ago?

This is a worrying trend – one where Trudeau is putting his own interests ahead of the best interests of our country.

Canadian security – not Chinese government connected donors to the Liberal Party – needs to be top of mind for Justin Trudeau.

Donate now if you agree.

Peter Kent, MP for Thornhill


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F-35 is actually far better looking than Justin Trudeau. And cheaper.

Here’s another quick review of little items of the day or past couple of days.

1. Let’s start with the most important Tweet of yesterday: mine. As usual, though, it’s not about me, but Justin Trudeau. It’s always about Justin Trudeau, especially to Justin Trudeau.

@JoelJohannesen - joel-tweet_09-14-2016

2. Then there’s “huge” David Akin’s “huge” Tweet of “huge impact”:

Trudeau says “huge” impact. Bloomberg says not so huge, at all. And so says the Fraser Institute as well. And others too. Because it didn’t make a “huge” impact. Except in Justin Trudeau’s head. Which is the most important impact of all.

3. Chinese-Sounding Names Alert! Headline in Globe and Mail: “Incomeless students spent $57-million on Vancouver homes in past two years” – code for Rich Chinese people with those Chinese-sounding names bought nice homes in Vancouver. My bolding follows:

… Late last year, [the NDP’s] Mr. Eby and Andy Yan, acting director of Simon Fraser University’s City Program, released an analysis of 172 transactions in three expensive Vancouver neighbourhoods during a six-month period ending last year. That study – which ignited controversy for screening buyers for non-anglicized Chinese names – showed almost a third of all occupations listed on titles held by a single owner was homemaker, followed by business people at 18 per cent and students at 6 per cent. …

Hey what about the non-anglicized Arab-sounding names? Or is it racist to ask?

I think the NDP have a lot more in common with Donald Trump and his extreme-vetting immigration plans and his warnings on China than they would like to admit.

4. I’m Not The Only One. National Post‘s Kelly McParland skewers the Ontario Liberals (there’s so many!). Ontario Liberals must share students’ growing problems with math. Last paragraph:

The net effect is that the Liberals are offering new subsidies to offset the damage caused by previous subsidies. It’s a house of cards that can’t be sustained. Unfortunately, this government’s time horizon only extends to the next election, in 2018. As always, what’s good for the Liberals trumps what’s good for the province.

…which sounds similar to my own laments from just today, apart from my Twitter quip about Justin Trudeau’s self-perceived handsomeness supplanting the military experts’ opinion of the F-35: “It’s always about Justin Trudeau, especially to Justin Trudeau.” And later, “Because it didn’t make a ‘huge’ impact. Except in Justin Trudeau’s head. Which is the most important impact of all.”


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Chinese call Justin Trudeau “little potato”. Well that’s one name.

potato-headThey said it was because his name sounds like potato in Mandarin (“tudou”).

So cute. Brings to mind Mr. Potato Head. Which is funny because Justin Trudeau always brought that moniker to mind even before being officially renamed by the Chinese.

poke-poppin_fresh_pillsbury_doughboyHere in Canada, Trudeau sounds like “true dough.” Like he’s real dough. So like the Dough Boy. Which is also appropriately emblematic.


But what do you call a prime minister who goes to China, where they have a terrible human rights record, and instead of firmly demanding changes, he equivocates and makes a weaksauce moral equivalency argument — an argument that only the dumbest of the Communist Chinese regime’s sycophants would make about Canada as a counterargument?

“(I) talked about the challenges, but also talked about the fact that Canada is not immune to criticisms on human rights, either,” he said during an on-stage interview during the event, hosted by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.

… He said he pointed out how a United Nations rapporteur put out a “scathing report” a few years ago on Canada’s treatment of Indigenous Peoples, of missing and murdered aboriginal women and girls and other challenges.

I’m not sure you call this potatoes or dough. I think there’s actually another word for this kind of thing. And it sounds like the english word for “total bullshit.”

While Conservative Stephen Harper was PM, the liberals harangued him at every turn, demanding he take the firmest possible stand against China and their record. The Liberals and their media division were all about the human rights. They lived for it. It was their thing. Pretty much their only thing. Liberal Irwin Cotler, the Liberals’ Critic for Rights and Freedoms and International Justice, wrote an op-ed as recently as the end of 2014: “Canada, Hold China Accountable For Its Suppression of Human Rights“.

When Harper visited China at about that same time, Canadian Press wrote this up:

Eight years after a newly elected Harper vowed not to sell out to the “almighty dollar” in China, the prime minister said he’s hardly let the Chinese off the hook despite inking an array of trade and currency deals worth as much as $2.5 billion over the weekend.

“You can rest assured that every single item that is important in the area of consular issues, human rights, governance, the rights of minorities — I have raised every single one of those,” he [Harper] told the media shortly after meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“Those are things on which we will continue to follow up and have ongoing dialogue.”

The case of Kevin and Julia Garratt is chief among those issues, Harper said after meetings at the majestic Great Hall of the People, located alongside Tiananmen Square, best known as the site of violent pro-democracy protests in 1989.

“That particular case is of significant concern to us, to Canadians, that’s why I raised it,” he said.

The Garratts, who have lived in China for 30 years, have been held without charges since August. Their detainment came just days after Canada accused the Chinese of spying on federal government agencies.

The couple’s son, Simeon, said Sunday that he had feared the Canadian government wasn’t putting enough pressure on the Chinese to release his parents. But later in the day, Simeon Garratt said those concerns had been assuaged after hearing from embassy officials.

“I am really glad with … the leadership role that Harper and I think the rest of the government has taken on my parents’ case,” he said in Beijing, where he travelled last week to time his visit to Harper’s.

“I know they are doing the best to get my parents released and get this resolved.”

I think I’ll just call Trudeau useless.

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Liberals now desire a spread of China’s people to Canada’s small towns; don’t need them in big cities any more

The headline from the Liberals’ Globe & Mail division reads, “Canada aims to spread Chinese immigrants across country: McCallum.

Liberals and leftists — especially in the media —  are usually so remarkably adept at this stuff! They’re like those drug-sniffing dogs at airports… no let me start again. Liberals want to end the war on drugs. They’re like bomb-sniffing dogs at airports, only they sniff-out racism  — or more accurately, “racism (wink!).”  If someone (only a conservative, or Republican –firm rule!) says immigrants to Canada from a particular race or religion or from a particular country like Mexico or China should be limited or controlled in any way, even if it’s for good national security or economic reasons, it’s “extremist” and “bombastic” and moreover, “RACIST!!*1^8!!!” Ask Donald Trump about this. The airport dogs are far more polite  —  they just sit down and wag their tails.

But when an actual sitting Liberal government official states publically that he wishes, as a matter of official public policy, to be able to engineer the entry of certain immigrants from a certain country (increasing them), and then engineer the geographical residence of those immigrants once they’re here, it’s simply “Canada’s aim”. Potato, potato.

OK here’s a little game we can play to help you liberals: Imagine Donald Trump saying this about Chinese immigrants:

… “We would like to spread the immigrants across the country relatively evenly. The last thing we want is that every immigrant either goes to Toronto or Vancouver,” he said Wednesday. …

— Liberal Immigration Minister John McCallum, speaking about Chinese immigrants

Now imagine the reality that would follow: the liberal media exploding and the state-owned CBC literally breaking into their 14-channel (plus iPhone and Android apps! Thanks government!) Olympics saturation coverage with their haughty self-righteous breaking news of utter indignance.

It’s “the last thing we want?”  Yeah why is that the last thing we want again? This is a question I boldly ask but which not a single soul in Canada’s left-wing media has even bothered or dared ask this Liberal (clue contained therein).

Why would a Liberal minister be at all concerned about this? We can imagine them in their big-government central-planning meetings, as one says to the others: There’s enough of them Chinese in the cities already! We need to spread ’em around now so they can fertilize the Canadian countryside with their Yuan! Yes I’m winking at you! They’ll vote Liberal don’t worry  — they’re ex-commies, or at least they might be someday! Someone get our CBC on the horn and get ’em to do a Passionate Eye series extolling the virtues of country livin’. Well sure it’s a reversal but hells bells Justin we need them Chinese out in the farm country!

Go ahead and ponder this yearning for government central planning and control of races (or to be generous, “a certain country’s people”) — maybe just do it inside your own head so as to avoid being accidentally sniffed-out and accused of being a bombastic racist — for calling someone else one.

But in any case, no matter the race, it’s this “spreading out across Canada” notion which is the real nut. “Spread out” according to whose plan exactly? Some Liberal government know-it-all politburo in Ottawa? And “spread” these new Chinese immigrants to exactly which small towns? Do you tax the Chinese differently if they refuse to comply and cooperate, or if they move to Vancouver one hour after being “placed” in Spuzzum, BC? Do the locals have any say in this? Do the Chinese people immigrating here, where freedom of movement is a Canadian constitutional right? Paging Justin’s constitutional advisors: cleanup in aisle 6!  (Actually see section 6 of our Constitution’s Charter of Rights.)

Eighth-graders — even in the liberals’ public schools division — know a policy mandate like this would be unconstitutional. You’d think a Trudeau and a Trudeau sycophant would know that. But never mind. It’s only if a conservative had said such a thing — even airily — that the media would then find the time to write-up ten stories per day about this new menace, in their high dudgeon, warning us of the egregious, extreme, bombastic, idiot politician who clearly doesn’t even understand Canada’s constitution and is obviously a buffoon. (And naturally, he’s a racist!) But this is Liberalville, here, and this is a Liberal Fest, and this is the Globe & Mail division of the Liberals.

This Liberal government desire to spread an increasing number of new Chinese immigrants out to the country is all the more strange because Liberals used to be all about gathering the sheeple into large urban centers, where the sheeple all reliably vote liberal-left, because of the influence of the massive concentration of extremely liberal media, government-sponsored everything, osmosis, sheer peer pressure, and any of a dozen other factors. (I didn’t say it was rational). The Liberal voting base, aside from immigrants generally, are the cities! Liberals have not been able to so easy rely on the suburban or rural voters — those irreverents scattered off in some far-off area not serviced by the Liberals’ CBC News division, far from official bike lanes and “social justice” and “environmental justice” centers, far from free drug injection clinics, and not next to any progressive outreach centers like the liberals’ urban public schools division. Out in the country, folks more reliably vote Conservative. So putting reliably Liberal-voting new Chinese immigrants in that space is…. oh. Hang on.

But at least it’s not racist. Right?


See also Terry Glavin of the National Post: Canada’s servile relationship with ChinaThis idea of boosting Chinese immigration into Canada wasn’t even Canada’s idea in the first place  —  it was a Chinese demand. 


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Left-wing government news today: “It’s not looking good.”

Thanks to liberals/leftists worldwide, it really isn’t looking good.  We start from the left coast and this Globe & Mail article, and, well, actually we just keep moving left.


…“The count came in at the average that we’ve seen over the last 10 years,” Mr. Affleck told reporters. “The mayor made a commitment, a promise in 2008 to end homelessness. Clearly, he’s failed at that promise.” He said the consistent numbers on homelessness underlie the failings of the mayor’s Vision Vancouver party on the file. “It’s very disappointing.” …

Another article said it straight up:

…[homeless numbers are] still higher than they were back in 2008, when the mayor first promised to end homelessness in this city.

Gregor Robertson and city council have now reviewed a 34-page report breaking down the latest data, and it’s not looking good. …

And over in the newly far-left NDP-led Albertistan, they naturally raised corporate taxes, because that’s what left-wing governments all over the world do (and then turn into Greece). And what do you know? Their corporate cash cows like Westjet – which has dared to succeed and have the gall to actually make a profit – start to bleed.




And then there’s Greece, as led by a communist/socialist government.

And China and its state-controlled economy and state-controlled stock market, plunging.

No, it is not looking good for the world when liberals and leftists take the reins of power.


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