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BRILLIANT take-down of CNN, a CNN reporter, a CNN anchor, and its hideously biased agenda-driven editing

I’ll get to the point in a second. But first (and I promise this is related), I read my usual National Review articles this morning and copied this nugget:

Conservatism must be about explaining to non-conservatives why they should be conservative not why they can’t be. This is politics 101 going back to Aristotle: Persuasion.

~ by JONAH GOLDBERG, August 18, 2016

I’ll take that as good advice from someone (Goldberg, I mean, but yeah also Aristotle, whoever he is) who definitely practices what he preaches; and as a reminder that I should do more of it here.

If you read that NP article and the others I read over the past couple of days (see short list below), you’ll see they’re all related, and they all lend themselves to the video that I’m on about here (which is actually unrelated to the articles). See how I tied that all together? Well I think it’s a good package.

So if I’m doing my homework correctly, I’m at least persuading non-conservatives to see that (1) we’re a diverse group of actual thinking people, often self-critical among other things, and (2) what we’re up against is huge and it isn’t actually made up or delusional. I’m trying to engage some of Aristotle’s (whoever he is) logos, pathos, and ethos (look it up like I did).

The video is done-up by Anthony Brian Logan. He describes his YouTube channel as  “Current events from the perspective of a young black male conservative and news/political junkie.” I like his perspective. It’s truth.

This CNN anchor, above even their others, should be one of the most prolific apologizers on air today, but 99.9% of the time she fails to apologize for anything. I suppose she thinks she’s simply “sticking to her guns” — well OK actually that brings up a great point (thanks, me): she’s plainly, rabidly anti-gun, so she’s literally “sticking to her anti-gun rhetoric,” or something  –which she seems to find to be a good quality in a supposedly unbiased journalist. (Sidebar: See an interesting article here about how one news station legitimately stuck to their guns.)

I’ve written her up in my own effort at exposing her bias, but I’m pretty sure someone could make a go of a website devoted just to daily examples. Her anchoring is replete with self-satisfied, anti-conservative bias both in undertone, and hell, sometimes right-in-your-face conservative mockery (for which she never apologizes, even in the face of a Twitter onslaught). But quite apart from her anchoring, as I recall them, her all-too-few trite apologizes are smug, insincere, and serve only to increase the aggravation level generated in me by the bad reporting for which she is supposedly apologizing. Nothing in her “apologetic” delivery speaks to her sincerity, and in fact quite the opposite. Every apology comes off as forced, delivered extremely begrudgingly, and quickly read off a teleprompter as written by some poor CNN schlub who was forced to write it equally as begrudgingly. Gosh it’s shocking that CNN ratings are still faltering.

I’m just glad Costello is white, since it shields me from being called a racist. Oh who am I kidding. I’ll be called one anyway.

National Review Short List for Friday August 19 2016:

  1. ‘New Nationalism’ Amounts to Generic White-Identity Politics
  2. Trump’s Coalition: Nationalism, White-Identity Politics, or Justice-Seeking?
  3. The Folly of White Identity Politics
  4. Up From White Identity Politics
  5. Equal Justice, White Identity Politics, and the Battle for the GOP’s Future


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CNN Apes CBC: Bias is Over The Top

You’d be forgiven for thinking you were watching the CBC. But no, it’s CNN. And this is ostensibly not a CNN opinion piece: This is how CNN introduced their “news report” about Trump achieving the 1,237 delegate votes needed to secure the nomination, on Wednesday May 26, 2016:


If you think CNN was using the occasion to ever so delicately imply Donald Trump is “OVER THE TOP” with all his egregiously inaccurate and tendentious wordplay, you’re obviously wrong, since if you ever watch CNN, they clearly abhor inaccurate and tendentious wordplay. They bitch about Trump doing it all day long, and if you’re paying attention, among other Trumpian things which are ruinous to America and the American way of life, this wordplay apparently also forces people who are otherwise upstanding citizens (well OK, a great many illegal aliens too) who want America to be a giant “safe space” and want world peace ‘n stuff (and basically mostly just smoke pot) — to violently protest outside of Trump rallies, smashing car windows and throwing rocks at cops on horses.

Yeah, no. It’s just who says it that matters to these people. They, as news reporters, can be the tendentious wordsmiths any damn time they please. Republicans cannot. Got it? Now you’re thinkin’ like a liberal!

After CNN themselves finished being over the top or “climaxing,” as you might say if you, too, were as unserious as them, Wolf and his PAC smoked a cigarette, pulled their big boy pants up, and then had to get on with pretending to be objective reporters, which is a task so not puerile (#boring!). So, using that same picture of Trump, a far more odious banner for them: “DONALD TRUMP CAPTURES THE GOP NOMINATION” more accurately described the actual news.


And then those ever so sober and never over-the-top journalists naturally went on, and on, discussing Trump’s words, and his honesty, and how important words and honesty and transparency are, these days.

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CNN and others purposely misrepresenting what Romney said. The perfidy of the media is amazing.

[Author’s note: cross-posted from the U.S.-centric I wrote this for, but I’ve watched CBC’s smug “reporting” on this as well. It left me laughing, as the smirking, dismissive anchor practically laughed her way through it as if it (the “secret video”) once again, self-evidently, depicted Mitt Romney and Republicans (i.e., ironically half of Americans  —  but that irony flew over CBC’s heads) as total dopes and gaffe-prone losers. Whatever I might say about the American media, the mainstream Canadian liberal media is worse. And that’s saying a lot.]


CNN, in its mendacious teaser at its awful web site, selectively navigates through the “secret video” from a fundraiser in May, and conjures-up these choice words to attract attention:

“Romney was recorded saying 47% of voters will back Obama because they’re dependent on the CNNs pro-Obama news teasersgovernment and said his “job is not to worry about those people.””

The implication CNN is trying to make, to people whom they obviously think of as complete idiots, is that Mitt Romney has been caught tacitly admitting that he doesn’t care about 47% of the American people.

To put it crassly, that’s utter BS reporting. It’s lies.

No wonder CNN and so much of the liberal media is failing.

Clearly what he was saying (and he’s totally right on about this), is that his efforts as a candidate (his “job”) are wasted in trying to woo those 47% of voters who simply cannot be wooed by someone like him, who is running for President and earnestly trying to help the 47% and all Americans, by breaking the growing cycle of dependence on government which is enslaving Americans. It’s that growing dependency which is actually harming those people and holding back all Americans (including that 47%), and America as a whole.

Meanwhile, a lying, conniving, truly divisive candidate, Barack Obama, keeps wooing that 47%, whom he obviously sees as useless idiots (or as the communist Vladimir Lenin called them, “useful idiots”), by promising them “free” goodies and entitlements galore, all to be paid for by raising taxes not on them (they don’t pay any!), but on other people: the “millionaires and billionaires.”

It’s the ugliest class warfare and outright lie I’ve heard from an American president and candidate, in my lifetime.

Some people, who don’t pay income taxes anyway, would be hard-pressed to not vote for Obama, if Obama’s willing to take money away from what he has repeatedly castigated as evil “rich” people, who pay taxes, and give it to people who don’t pay taxes. Many among them wouldn’t vote against that, sadly. So why waste valuable time and resources, as a candidate, trying to woo them away from that?

That’s what he was saying. You know that. And CNN knows it too.

Now I think Ronald Reagan actually might have tried, by speaking in bold colors and explaining these things to people in such a compelling way that they’d actually win their vote, but that was another candidate at another time. Mitt Romney is making a perfectly credible campaign calculation in not “worrying about” trying to woo many of those now reliably government-dependent voters to his side, rather than just concentrating on the middle of the pack who aren’t yet taken in by the specious, left-wing rhetoric. Particularly when, as never before, the liberal media is, without even the pretense of objectivity anymore, biased and working hard against him (as we’ve seen here), and campaigning for their man, Barack Obama.

But just look at that teaser at right, which is where I saw this nonsense. It’s replete with anti-Romney BS. That’s bad enough. But when a news organization which holds itself out to be a purveyor of truth purposely misstates facts and misrepresent the truth, it actually rises to the level of perfidy, I think.

By the way, did you see the Tweet sent out by that CNN “reporter” Peter Hamby last week?

In case the Twitter link above doesn’t show up, it reads:

“Wisconsin officially a battleground: President Barack Obama going to Milwaukee next weekend > …

The link is to a Barack Obama’s campaign web site where you’re invited to donate to his campaign to help crush Republicans.


P.S. The Wall Street Journal has an excellent article regarding the numbers behind the “47%” :
The Data Behind Romney’s 47% Comments

Also see the transcript of Rush Limbaugh’s segment on this from this morning. (It’s what I said., only he has a few more people following him than I do.)

Also, a must listen: Mark Steyn on Laura Ingraham’s radio show



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