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Peter Kent on Trudeau’s weird Chinacommielove

I’m not the state-owned CBC or CTV. I don’t act like a stenographer for (in my case) CPC talking points, the way “reporters” for the CBC and several citizen-owned media outlets do for their parties (Lib, NDP, Green, Gaia, or any combination thereof). And by the way, I’m also not a reporter in case you hadn’t noticed my good grammar and punctuation. But occasionally — really rarely — I can’t say it better than it was said in a CPC talking points memo or email. (Or I’m being lazy).

I find what the Liberals are doing on this file more appalling than than lots of the rest, which is saying a lot. So here’s this:

Dear Joel,

Justin Trudeau is putting the interests of his friends, closely connected with Beijing, ahead of the safety and security of Canadians.

Back in 2015, our Conservative government blocked the sale of a Canadian electronics firm to China’s O-Net Communications – due to national security concerns.

But the Liberals reversed our decision.

And now, the Liberals are set to approve another Chinese takeover deal of a Vancouver-based company that builds satellite receivers for NATO – while refusing to subject this takeover to a full national security review.

Canada uses this company’s technology for its own military purposes. Without a proper national security review, Canada’s safety and security — and that of our allies — are being put at risk.

Even the former head of CSIS said he would have recommended a full national security review of this deal.

As I’ve said before, China’s drive to militarize the South China Sea and the technological ramifications of a deal like this, deserve much more due diligence.

So why is the Prime Minister so fascinated with China and their “basic dictatorship”?

Why does he have such an overwhelming desire to appease his friends in Beijing – so much so, that it clouds his judgment on Canada’s national security?

Is this the Prime Minister’s way of thanking his Chinese communist government billionaire friends who paid top dollar to meet with him privately a year ago?

This is a worrying trend – one where Trudeau is putting his own interests ahead of the best interests of our country.

Canadian security – not Chinese government connected donors to the Liberal Party – needs to be top of mind for Justin Trudeau.

Donate now if you agree.

Peter Kent, MP for Thornhill


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Hillary of the North?

The left-wing millionaire mayor of Vancouver, also known as Mayor Moonbeam, and as the mayor whose primary legacy after three terms in office (and actually the only thing I can think of that he’s done at all) is creating annoying, traffic-jamming bike lanes in downtown Vancouver — is losing his chief of staff.

We don’t care that Mike Magee is leaving his job, but it brought about interesting reminders about who we’re dealing with here, and how eerily similar the theme is to Hillary Clinton and her quagmire of email deletions, questionable use of her office for personal or political gain, cozy relationships with certain individuals and groups, among other things (I make no allegations here — just pontificating based on news reports).

Magee is going back to the business he founded, Convergence Strategies, which is a left-wing hub of, well, something, but it’s unclear to me what. I think it’s designed that way, as most far-left organizations are. Every time I have to sort out these left-wing groups, I wind up in a morass of cross-pollinating socialists, with the same left-wing individuals and group names popping up almost every time, each name and group itself being a morass of other intermingling socialists. Then I have to shower.

This, from a report written up in Business in Vancouver last week (Oct 21, 2016) about the departure of Magee:

…At his 2008 swearing-in, Robertson vowed: “I will not let you down on making city hall more open and accountable,” yet the Vision Vancouver city hall still has no lobbyist registry, was slammed for cosy relations with developers and found to have repeatedly broken freedom of information laws.

Magee admitted to the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner in early 2015 that he mass-deletes his email. An OIPC investigation released last June found city hall delayed information inappropriately, deliberately missed deadlines, lost documentation, released incomplete responses and discriminated against reporters who sought public information.

A judge turned down a 2014-filed B.C. Supreme Court petition that alleged Robertson was in conflict of interest over the lease of a civic building to Hootsuite. But the case included evidence that Magee used his Convergence email account for communicating with Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes while the deal was under negotiation. The OIPC has said that public workers are not allowed to use private email accounts to subvert FOI laws.

Note that the article and its pretty scathing information was printed just last week, three terms after Robertson was first elected. I imagine CNN and the Washington Post and NBC the rest of them will similarly take-up the news flash about Clinton’s 30 years of corruption shortly after she’s elected again in 2020.

Mike Magee reportedly orchestrated Robertson’s rise to power under the new left-wing “Vision” civic party banner, first by helping break apart the then-dominating left-wing civic political party COPE, which, as I’ve documented here over the years, is a party associated with the NDP and was associated with the more full-on communists. “[A]ctivists from the British Columbia New Democratic Party and the Communist Party of British Columbia is how Wikipedia airily describes COPE’s roots. Robertson was erstwhile a member of the BC legislature (under the NDP banner, as if I had to tell you).

Convergence Strategies’ services reportedly include “strategic finance and philanthropy, campaign and communications planning, branding and focus groups.” In other words, what? Luckily I speak Socialist Buzzword so I have an idea of what they do. I think it’s funding and organizing groups with an unnamed but ardently left-wing political agenda. For example, a previous version of Convergence’s still “under construction” website says, “The Convergence team serves diverse groups and individuals committed to a vision of positive social and environmental change.” And “committed to unleashing the power and wisdom of social change leaders, philanthropists, investors, organizations, and movements. We offer a range of services to clients across Canada and the U.S….”.

Dog whistle alert.

A quick scan of the clients reveals the far-left pedigree:

The website listed more that [sic] 50 clients, including Tides Canada and Renewal Partners, several American foundations, BC Hydro, EcoJustice, various First Nations groups and “several anonymous donors and investors.”

Most of us on the right know about Tides and other far-left groups which share radical-left agendas. (Gregor Robertson was also a Tides Canada director from 2002 -2004). The groups Magee is involved with appear to be a whole grab-bag of these far-left polemicists and rabble rousers. Those groups’ own backers are in turn other far-left agitators and financiers — including George Soros, for example, who finances much of the far-left political activity and adjunct organizations in the U.S. and globally —  and also including Hillary Clinton and the Clinton industrial complex. Here’s a screengrab of a recent Washington Times article:


This is all rather ironic if you recall left-wing career politician and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her infamous whine du jour — illegitimate and deceptive though it was — about the “vast right-wing conspiracy,” which (along with Monica Lewinski and scads of other allegedly raped and abused women) was supposedly keeping her and her man and their leftist vision down. In fact for the Clintons and their machine the reality is that to this very day, the vastly left-wing news media and Hollywood and academia and historians and authors and their political hacks continue to, um, vastly cooperate in every which way to slay the conservative right (in the U.S. and in Canada); and continue to rescue The Clintons and protect them, and continue to promote the crap out of them with their vast resources, all day long.

So apparently these far-left organizations and players are not just marching America toward their dream of a socialist and eco-left sanctuary but Canada too. Their lefty tentacles touch each other across borders (national borders is itself a concept they deplore) and across the business/personal/government line too. (Vivian Krause is your go-to for tons of extremely useful insight into the U.S./Canada ties amongst politicians and groups, doing her own reporting and boldly, publicly, asking key people Fair Questions on Twitter.)

The similarities between leftist politicians here and leftist politicians like Hillary Clinton with her disdain for huge swaths of the “deplorable” American electorate continues: Like the lefties in the U.S. caught in the Wikileaks’ transparency-a-palooza, Robertson and his associates were caught on a “hot mic” badmouthing Canadian citizens who opposed him too. He and his comrades all laughed at and mocked the citizens after some dared to speak in a public forum in council chambers against his government’s plans. Gregor Robertson: “Who are all these fucking…who are these hacks, man?” (Hot mic action starts at the 1:55 mark, man):

Hillary didn’t call Trump’s supporters “Fucking” deplorables — just “a basket of deplorables,” but comparisons between what’s going on in the U.S. and in Canada abound. Vancouver is often called “Hollywood North” — a moniker which makes me gag for several good reasons — but it could also be called “Hillary North” — which is even more gag-worthy.

And then there’s Ontario.


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The People’s (very funny) Voice: and Olivia Chow

We were amused at the Toronto Star – inarguably a liberal-left newspaper – endorsing not the socialist Olivia Chow for mayor of Toronto in the October 27 election, but rather the not-socialist John Tory. They risibly describe Tory as a “Olivia_Chow-NDPcaring conservative.” You know, “caring”, because most aren’t “caring.”

This is a goodie on at least a couple of levels: (1) that they’d endorse anybody who is even remotely conservative which John Tory is (emphasis on the “remotely”); and (2) that they could muster the rare courage to type the words “caring” and “conservative” together, in one article, much less one sentence. Of course overriding all of this humor is that they didn’t endorse Olivia Chow.

One can only take from this that they are holding their noses and swallowing; endorsing John Tory over what we could presume they must think is an absolutely awful Olivia Chow. Awful even to them. And we could extend this presumption to mean that they simply don’t trust the abilities of Olivia Chow, since we’re certain that they endorse her politics of the far-left.

The National Post also endorsed John Tory. No shocker there. They are merely liberal, rather than liberal-left. Same with the liberal Globe and Mail.

But Olivia Chow can find some comfort in one publication, which by our reading of it (although it’s complicated), seems to endorse Peoples_Voice-FrontOlivia Chow. Or at least they don’t hate her or think she’s awful. It’s the Communist Party of Canada’s newspaper called “The People’s Voice.”  Their bio:

The Communist Party of Canada, formed in 1921,
has a proud history of fighting for jobs, equality, peace,
Canadian independence, and socialism.”

They never come out and say they endorse her per se, but do come out in favor of “progressives” taking over Toronto and, of course, the world.

Communists are progressives too! Yup! They call themselves progressives, just like socialists like the NDP do, and all liberals do. They’re all progressives. By our reading, that membership could include Tory and not a few “Tories” too, but we digress.

Here a quote leading up to what we think is their almost-endorsement (our bolding) that had us laughing up our Jack Daniel’s:

The Fords have also made racism, sexism, homophobia and anti-communism acceptable!

Wow! All those bad things – and “anti-communism” too?!  And wut? Being anti-communism used to be acceptable in this country?  When was that?  Whenever I run into one, I wholly reject him immediately. My father fought to kill them in a war. So.

Then they make more funny:

In all the important things, John Tory and the Ford brothers are on the same page. They both support privatization, contracting out, and disciplining public sector unions.

The “progressives” all speak of privatizing things and keeping public-sector unions in check as if this is a bad thing. Which is funny. But don’t forget these ones, the commies, have exactly, precisely, the same sentiment about these things as all NDP and nearly all Liberals. It loses its funny real fast when you remember that. So, sorry.

But anyway, we’ve ruled out their endorsement of Ford or Tory… so here’s as close as they come to sort-of endorsing Chow:

The election of progressive majorities at City Councils across the province is also very important. Toronto has had a right‑wing majority since 2010. Can it be replaced by a progressive majority on October 27? We certainly hope so.

Well not exactly a ringing endorsement. But then Olivia Chow doesn’t deserve a ringing endorsement from anybody.  She doesn’t get one from many. But as we’ve said throughout this campaign, the real news about this Toronto Mayor’s race is that there are any people voting for Olivia Chow at all.

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Communist Party of Canada sounds fun! If you’re a commie.

Got my regular snail mail from the Communist Party of Canada. It comes from the “Centre for Socialist Education” in Vancouver.  Sort of puts the lie to the socialists’ contention that there’s a big difference between socialism and communism, as the Communists constantly conflate those two words, with “progressive” also thrown in, on an egalitarian basis.

Commie-Socialist-Progressive_May_eventsThey’re updating me on upcoming commie/socialist events.

“Dinner and Songs” celebrating the 93rd anniversary of the commies of Canada, with special guest Communist Party of Canada leader Miguel Figueroa. $15. It’s at the Centre for Socialist Education. Sounds like a hoot.

Then there’s a “People’s Voice Victory Banquet.” I gather this is named after the Soviet/Russian Victory Day which they hold every May 9. Tickets are $20, but, they note, “unwaged $10.”  Unwaged.  I guess unwaged means unemployed. I guess this crowd believes everyone should be paid a wage, no matter what they are, or are not, doing for a living.  So if you’re unemployed, you’re merely “unwaged”  —  until the Miguel Figueroa is elected, and he pays you with other people’s money.  Anyway, it’s at the Russian Hall in Vancouver. Huh.

They also have a mother’s day pancake breakfast (hey I thought that was merely a “Hallmark holiday,” but I guess as long as they write (as they did) “proceeds to People’s Voice” (their newspaper), then it’s OK to fund raise off of capitalist ventures.

And a “Left Film Night” at their Centre for Socialist Education. “Love in the Time of Cholera.” Written by a socialist author. Because as socialists, they obviously write better romantic literary works than, say,  Shakespeare, that capitalist nut.

Anyway it all sounds like a raucous May if you’re a commie/socialist/progressive/worker, even for the unwaged.

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BC commenter re media report on NDP communist: “…we don’t care about communism in our politicians…”

QMI and related Sun News are the only media bothering to cover the story of a Communist Party of China-linked candidate in the upcoming BC election. It has just been learned, even though the candidate and his party kept it hidden, that he was a member of the Communist Party and worked for the Chinese Communist Party, supposedly until his recent immigration to Canada.

The Chi-Com-linked candidate is Frank Huang. He is now running as a “star candidate”  —  therefore possibly cabinet minister material  —  in the huge BC riding of Richmond Centre for  — can you guess which party?  Well of course it’s the socialist NDP. But don’t worry, silly  —  there’s no “hidden agenda!” This isn’t the Conservative Party we’re talking about!

NDP communist-linked candidate Frank Huang

QMI covered the story in their “24 Hours Vancouver” newspaper, and on their Sun News Network.

But at the 24 Hours Vancouver web site, one citizen wrote this in response to their story:

“This isn’t the united states and we don’t care about communism or any other ideology in our politicians….”.

Really. Well that’s weird. I care. A lot. I’d like to think that useful idiot commenter is but an outlier, or at least I pray to God that he is, and that he is not in fact representative of the population. I’m pretty sure the majority of Richmond, BC, which is vastly dominated by immigrants from China, came to this country to escape the ravages of communism in Communist China. So I’m pretty sure they all care about communism. And I’m pretty sure those asses (by which I mean both the commenter and the NDP candidate) don’t speak for them. We’ll find out on May 14 if this Communist Party-linked candidate for the socialist NDP does officially speak for them in government. That will be a telling moment.

But the fact is, the socialist NDP still seem to be generally ahead in the polls. Of course none of the liberal-left mainstream media tend to bother to report stories about the ravages of communism, nor, apparently, about communists in the NDP, nor even about the NDP being socialists  —  choosing instead to hide the truth from us all. So it’s not hard to see why there are people like that commenter out there who, like all of today’s progressives, can glibly write stuff like that, thinking that everybody in the room agrees with him.

Sun News asked for a response from NDP leader Adrian Dix  — a question which, it should be noted, also served the very valuable purpose of informing, under no uncertain terms, the rest of the media Dix_defends_Frank_Huang_Former_Communist_and_now_NDP_candidate_for_Richmond_Center(250px)about this Chi-Com story. Sun/QMI asked the question about it in an open media scrum with all of Dix’s lap-dog media right there.

Dix unbelievably defended his Communist Party-linked candidate. Apparently he’s just like the above commenter. And just as all the contemporary NDP politicians do when speaking of their politics and never, ever saying the word “socialist” even though that’s what they are, Dix never said the word “Communist” either, even though that’s what this is about. I dare him or any NDP apologist to say “As a socialist, I support this Huang guy being in our government even though he has very recent Communist Party ties in Communist China.”

Rather, Dix simply pulled an Obama and blamed not himself for his shoddy vetting of Chinese Communist Party-linked candidates (or maybe he did know and likes it?), but rather he blamed the BC Liberals, for causing the revelation of this news; and then, like Obama, attempted to deflect, obfuscate, insinuate, and outright deceive voters into thinking that his opponents  — the BC Liberals in this case  —  are simply some sort of racists. Yes, that’s right, racists. Sounds familiar, right? (Of course he didn’t actually use the words “racist,” either.)

Chinese Communist Party-linked NDP candidate Frank Huang stands behind Socialist NDP leader Adrian Dix, who stands behind Huang.

Chinese Communist Party-linked NDP candidate Frank Huang stands behind Socialist NDP leader Adrian Dix, who stands behind Huang.

And later, while standing with Huang on a campaign stage, Dix didn’t utter the words socialists or communists when speaking about himself and his guy Huang, or even about the actual facts about this story.

It’s a preposterous lie by Dix. Not only are the BC Liberals obviously, demonstrably not racists, they are only just anti-communist, as the governing BC Liberals continue to grow government and operate numerous state-owned “businesses” in BC. (You can only imagine what the even more socialist NDP would do if they won).

The story  — at least to all of the non-NDP sane-set  —  is the lack of concern from the NDP. Manifestly, their turning a blind eye to communism. In fact, their embrace of it. Well that and their apparent lack of honesty, and transparency, ability to come clean, and whether or not they have an actual “hidden agenda” far worse than any mythical, phantom Conservative “hidden agenda” as ever even imaged by the liberal-left.

But even more emergent, and just as seriously, the sane-set are concerned about the recent security-related findings regarding Chinese Communist Party operatives in Canada and the U.S., by security agencies like CSIS, in Canada, and the CIA in the U.S. and as both our governments and others too, have all enunciated; and as even their icon Barack Obama has read off his teleprompter as instructed. They are spying on us, stealing intellectual property, purposely infiltrating and spying on governments, on our communications, on our various scientific research, on businesses, and on the media among other institutions in our nations.

BC Conservative candidate Lawrence Chen holds copy of Frank Huang 2012 article in the Chi-Com's People's Daily paper.

BC Conservative candidate Lawrence Chen, similarly a Chinese immigrant, holds copy of Frank Huang 2012 article in the Chi-Com’s “People’s Daily” paper.

And here’s a fun fact: it’s not just Huang’s distant past, which the NDP would have you believe he’d left behind long, long ago, in China. The Communist-linked Huang’s BC Conservative Party opponent in Richmond Centre, Lawrence Chen, also an immigrant from China, chimed in. He told Sun News viewers that in fact, contrary to Huang’s argument that Huang quit the Communist Party after moving to BC in 2001, Huang actually wrote for the state-owned Chinese Communist newspaper The People’s Daily (think of it as the Toronto Star if it were state-owned, or the CBC if it were state…. oh hang on…), as recently as 2012. He held out a copy of a 2012 People’s Daily article as proof.

Meanwhile, Lawrence Chen has a much more palatable bio at, which reads as follows:

BC Conservative Lawrence Chen:

Lawrence completed his education at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, earning a Masters degree in Business Administration and he has a background in real estate and political science. He is a former university teacher, published author, and presently works as the BC Wildlife Federation CORE hunting safety instructor and examiner.

Lawrence immigrated to BC in 2000 and became a Canadian Citizen in 2003.

The BC Conservative Lawrence Chen sounds more like someone I’d like to have speaking for me in government, and going to the shooting range with and chatting about freedom and business and capitalism and free-markets, than the Communist Party-linked, socialist NDP’s Frank Huang. In fact, as a Canadian, I would hope that all Canadians do “care about communism in our politicians,” and having a Communist Party-linked guy as a member of any government in Canada. As I said, we’ll see.



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