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News media updates their fake news story on Trump-related immigration to Canada

This story gave me a smile this morning. The Supreme Court slaps the lower (liberal) courts and reinstates President Trump’s travel ban.

Related news: The liberals’ mainstream media division’s past reporting (sorry “reporting” — so much smug, anti-Trump, fake news…) make the mainstream media look all the more idiotic today as they quietly go about trying to set the actual (real facts, real news) record straight.

From the National Post this morning:

Trump win produces only tiny bump in numbers of Americans applying for Canadian citizenship

The number of Americans applying for Canadian citizenship jumped slightly after Donald Trump’s election, but numbers are still only half what they were five years ago [my bolding]. …

Five years ago, you say. Five years ago. Huh. Let’s try to remember who was president five years ago. Could it have been Barack Obama — three years after he was elected? Why yes. Yes it was. So the people — those poor “Obama refugees” — they were “fleeing” Barack Obama, then, right? Fleeing! Escaping his wrath! Hitler!

In the decade since 2007, applications peaked in 2011, with an average of 564 Americans per month applying to become Canadians…

You remember the media’s post-election stories gleefully reporting touting precisely the opposite, right? Yes with Trump’s election (and speaking of his election… RUSSIA!!) a huge surge in folks fleeing America into perfectly liberal-led Canada even overwhelmed the Canada Immigration website, and (breathless…) those poor people walked through actual snow (SNOW!!!) to get here! (!!!)  More on page two! Also see our 13 photos of “undocumented” Mexicans walking through all the SNOW(!) in North Dakota! (!!!)

They hope you don’t remember all that BS reporting, so let’s totally remember. The whole of the liberal mainstream media — especially in Canada — went completely crazy promoting what we now know, using our vast powers of perspective and science and historic facts, to be utter nonsense — fake news created out of whole cloth by leftists in and around the media — to promote their anti-Trump agenda.

But let’s continue to reflect on facts for another moment. The truth is, more Americans were moving to Canada during Obama’s tenure — especially his first years — than during the beginning of Trump’s. Let’s also recall that a Conservative Stephen Harper was the prime minister of Canada during most of that time — until 2015, when a liberal-leftist Liberal (Justin “I am a PC feminist who welcomes Syrian or any kind of refugee” Trudeau) was elected as prime minister. Then, at that exact same time, fewer people started “escaping America” to liberal-led Canada.

Either way, it appears the number of Americans opting to become citizens has significantly decreased. In the past 10 years’ worth of data, 2016 and 2015 saw the lowest numbers of [American applying for Canadian citizenship] applicants, with 3,168 and 3,623 applicants, respectively. In each of the seven preceding years, there was an average of 5,712.

The “seven preceding years” was when there was a Conservative prime minister and (for most of it) a Democrat president. While Obama was president and Harper was prime minister, more Americans were trying to become Canadian. And even in light of the facts, no media hysteria has caught up to to explain that greater, relatively huge tidal wave of anti-Obama “refugees” to Canada from Obama’s America from 2008 to 2016.

In other real news, people are fleeing the liberal mainstream media.

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Make Canada Great Again — say liberal Canadians, apparently.

My morning’s first tweets were so much fun to write.




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Perceived as giving a damn. Canada’s unofficial motto.

Great line in Jim Geraghty’s Morning Jolt newsletter today (my bolding):

…As a country, we’re not always quick to respond to far-off bloody massacres like the gassing of the Kurds or the Balkans or Rwanda, but we do denounce them. (Whether or not we actually give a damn, we give a damn about whether we’re perceived as giving a damn.) …

He’s talking about the U.S., and nationalist sentiment there now. But it looks like a fit for Canada – times ten.

Some Canadians (civilians, anyway) are all about talking the talk and looking good or sounding cool and hip, caring, concerned, and generous, about the plight of others around the world. Especially now in the Trump era. So, not being “some Canadians,” I was struck by some recent polls.

IPSOS – Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Toronto, ON – Canadians are evenly split on whether the impact of immigration on Canada has been positive or negative, according to a new Ipsos survey for Global News. One in three (36%) Canadians say the impact of immigration on Canada has been generally positive (9% ‘very’/26% ‘fairly’) – in line with perceptions from 2015 (down 1 point), balanced equally by the one in three (36%) who say it’s been generally negative (14% ‘very’/22% ‘fairly’) – although this is up 4 points since last year. A further one in four (26%) say the impact is neither positive or negative, while 2% just don’t know.

And I found these passages to be eye-opening:

Moreover, half (51%) of Canadians believe (221% very much/30% somewhat) that ‘there are terrorists pretending to be refugees who will enter the country to cause violence and destruction.’ …

… Six in ten Baby Boomers (61%) and more than half of Gen X’ers (56%) believe that there are terrorists pretending to be refugees coming to Canada, while Millennials (36%) are significantly less likely to share this belief.

Just (up to) six in ten believe something which is factually and demonstrably true — something which has actually happened in Europe and the U.S.? (And this is after the fact, but look at this week’s arrest of a Syrian refugee in Edmonton, Alberta.) At least we can still say that as people get older, they get wiser.

Here’s an earlier poll from the same pollster:

IPSOS – Sunday, July 01, 2012

Toronto, ON – Three-quarters (72%) of Canadians ‘disagree’ (34% strongly/38% somewhat) that ‘Canada should let in more immigrants than it currently does’, according to the fourth instalment in a special series on Canada conducted by Ipsos Reid on behalf of Postmedia News and Global Television.

A study released just this week smacks smug Canadians in their sneering-at-Trump faces. It opens appropriately:

OTTAWA — Canadians may not be as tolerant of refugees and immigrants as they might think, a new study concludes.

“As they might think” can be replaced with “as they would like to be perceived.”

And it gets clearer the more you read, or read into it. Try to get your head around the double negatives as you read on:

…And yet, as Donnelly writes in the study, “Whatever is driving Canada’s exceptionally positive history of immigration and integration over the last half century, it does not appear to be an exceptionally tolerant public.” … [The word “tolerant” here is rather tendentious, if you ask me.]

… For example, the survey found what Donnelly described as “surprisingly weak” opposition to the idea of stopping all immigration to Canada.

While about 45 per cent of those surveyed would oppose any policy that would end all immigration, just under 20 per cent would support such a policy while nearly 35 per cent said they would neither oppose nor support such a policy [I’ll spell it out since they didn’t: a total of 55% of Canadians would either support or not oppose ending all immigration].

“These results suggest that a serious anti-immigrant movement is not impossible,” Donnelly wrote. …

It does more than “suggest” it. It spells it out — or at least I did. And, just as in the American liberal media, “anti-immigrant” is painfully tendentious. Being careful and being wary of the security of Canadian families and our values is not “anti-immigrant” — a term which is really just a leftist dog-whistle for the word “racist.” Canadians aren’t racist or stupid, Mr. Donnelly. They just care about the security of their families, and about Canadian values. So let’s use “wary” — the definition of which is the appropriately Canadian, “on guard”; or use the word “responsible,” rather than “anti-immigrant.”

And while we’re on it, lest you smug Canadians think you’re (what you’d call) “above” Kellie Leitch’s (or Donald Trump’s) sentiments toward immigrants’ integration with our Canadian values:

Just over half of those surveyed agreed with the statement “too many immigrants don’t seem to feel connected to Canadian society,” while better than two of three Canadians believe immigrants should change their behaviour to be more like Canadians once they arrive here.

“Over half.” And “two of three.” That’s what you anti-Trumpers call “winning the popular vote.” Not clear? Let’s review, via the left’s own Toronto Star division:

Sat., Sept. 10, 2016

OTTAWA—Two-thirds of Canadians want prospective immigrants to be screened for “anti-Canadian” values, a new poll reveals, lending support to an idea that is stirring controversy in political circles. …

And there are a lot more polls and facts and truth to see too, if you look. But the point becomes obvious: while Canadians — particularly progressives (liberals, socialists, communists, greenies, Gaia worshippers, CBC, the rest of the media, and the sundry other leftists) —  talk a pretty talk (or what sounds like pretty talk to them) about welcoming immigrants — especially refugees — from any damned place, especially in the wake of President Trump’s hard line on vetting immigrants and refugees, smug Canadians don’t really feel or actually think the way they would like to come off sounding or looking.

Whether or not we actually give a damn, we give a damn about whether we’re perceived as giving a damn. And by “we” I mean most of y’all but not me.

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Liberals now desire a spread of China’s people to Canada’s small towns; don’t need them in big cities any more

The headline from the Liberals’ Globe & Mail division reads, “Canada aims to spread Chinese immigrants across country: McCallum.

Liberals and leftists — especially in the media —  are usually so remarkably adept at this stuff! They’re like those drug-sniffing dogs at airports… no let me start again. Liberals want to end the war on drugs. They’re like bomb-sniffing dogs at airports, only they sniff-out racism  — or more accurately, “racism (wink!).”  If someone (only a conservative, or Republican –firm rule!) says immigrants to Canada from a particular race or religion or from a particular country like Mexico or China should be limited or controlled in any way, even if it’s for good national security or economic reasons, it’s “extremist” and “bombastic” and moreover, “RACIST!!*1^8!!!” Ask Donald Trump about this. The airport dogs are far more polite  —  they just sit down and wag their tails.

But when an actual sitting Liberal government official states publically that he wishes, as a matter of official public policy, to be able to engineer the entry of certain immigrants from a certain country (increasing them), and then engineer the geographical residence of those immigrants once they’re here, it’s simply “Canada’s aim”. Potato, potato.

OK here’s a little game we can play to help you liberals: Imagine Donald Trump saying this about Chinese immigrants:

… “We would like to spread the immigrants across the country relatively evenly. The last thing we want is that every immigrant either goes to Toronto or Vancouver,” he said Wednesday. …

— Liberal Immigration Minister John McCallum, speaking about Chinese immigrants

Now imagine the reality that would follow: the liberal media exploding and the state-owned CBC literally breaking into their 14-channel (plus iPhone and Android apps! Thanks government!) Olympics saturation coverage with their haughty self-righteous breaking news of utter indignance.

It’s “the last thing we want?”  Yeah why is that the last thing we want again? This is a question I boldly ask but which not a single soul in Canada’s left-wing media has even bothered or dared ask this Liberal (clue contained therein).

Why would a Liberal minister be at all concerned about this? We can imagine them in their big-government central-planning meetings, as one says to the others: There’s enough of them Chinese in the cities already! We need to spread ’em around now so they can fertilize the Canadian countryside with their Yuan! Yes I’m winking at you! They’ll vote Liberal don’t worry  — they’re ex-commies, or at least they might be someday! Someone get our CBC on the horn and get ’em to do a Passionate Eye series extolling the virtues of country livin’. Well sure it’s a reversal but hells bells Justin we need them Chinese out in the farm country!

Go ahead and ponder this yearning for government central planning and control of races (or to be generous, “a certain country’s people”) — maybe just do it inside your own head so as to avoid being accidentally sniffed-out and accused of being a bombastic racist — for calling someone else one.

But in any case, no matter the race, it’s this “spreading out across Canada” notion which is the real nut. “Spread out” according to whose plan exactly? Some Liberal government know-it-all politburo in Ottawa? And “spread” these new Chinese immigrants to exactly which small towns? Do you tax the Chinese differently if they refuse to comply and cooperate, or if they move to Vancouver one hour after being “placed” in Spuzzum, BC? Do the locals have any say in this? Do the Chinese people immigrating here, where freedom of movement is a Canadian constitutional right? Paging Justin’s constitutional advisors: cleanup in aisle 6!  (Actually see section 6 of our Constitution’s Charter of Rights.)

Eighth-graders — even in the liberals’ public schools division — know a policy mandate like this would be unconstitutional. You’d think a Trudeau and a Trudeau sycophant would know that. But never mind. It’s only if a conservative had said such a thing — even airily — that the media would then find the time to write-up ten stories per day about this new menace, in their high dudgeon, warning us of the egregious, extreme, bombastic, idiot politician who clearly doesn’t even understand Canada’s constitution and is obviously a buffoon. (And naturally, he’s a racist!) But this is Liberalville, here, and this is a Liberal Fest, and this is the Globe & Mail division of the Liberals.

This Liberal government desire to spread an increasing number of new Chinese immigrants out to the country is all the more strange because Liberals used to be all about gathering the sheeple into large urban centers, where the sheeple all reliably vote liberal-left, because of the influence of the massive concentration of extremely liberal media, government-sponsored everything, osmosis, sheer peer pressure, and any of a dozen other factors. (I didn’t say it was rational). The Liberal voting base, aside from immigrants generally, are the cities! Liberals have not been able to so easy rely on the suburban or rural voters — those irreverents scattered off in some far-off area not serviced by the Liberals’ CBC News division, far from official bike lanes and “social justice” and “environmental justice” centers, far from free drug injection clinics, and not next to any progressive outreach centers like the liberals’ urban public schools division. Out in the country, folks more reliably vote Conservative. So putting reliably Liberal-voting new Chinese immigrants in that space is…. oh. Hang on.

But at least it’s not racist. Right?


See also Terry Glavin of the National Post: Canada’s servile relationship with ChinaThis idea of boosting Chinese immigration into Canada wasn’t even Canada’s idea in the first place  —  it was a Chinese demand. 


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