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Trump Tower Vancouver opens; media promotion of massive protest: fails


Trump Tower Vancouver: the ever-so objective and trustworthy media “reported” that the number of protesters organized by two different left-wing groups and their web sites could climb into the thousands. Thousands. For example the Globe and Mail’s Frances Bula reported, “About 2,000 people have indicated on each site they are interested in attending.” And the media (generally) kept reporting that the massive protest was going to happen. Over and over. At some point it isn’t “news,” it’s a promotion.

They were all on scene with multiple reporters and cameras, tweeting the minute by minute action.

As I watched it unfold, perhaps 50 actual protesters showed up, the rest being media (but perhaps I repeat myself), security, and even some pro-Trump folks.

Gorgeous building — maybe the nicest building in Vancouver — a city full of ugly, mostly old, cheap-looking buildings.

Designed by the famed architect Arthur Erickson, as possibly his last major building design before his passing.

Owned and built by a family from Malaysia — a Muslim country for those of you on the left who are into identity politics, and we all know you are.

Its lobby is adorned with artwork featuring a major piece by a Mexican-born female artist Miriam Aroeste, from Vancouver, again for those of you on the left who are into identity politics.

The building employs over 300 locals, after employing hundreds during construction. Some are likely unionized too!

Construction costs were about a third of a billion dollars, largely benefitting the local community.

Taxes on the property will yield the city millions over its lifetime, to say nothing of the income taxes and other taxes (and there are lots, and lots, and lots of taxes in Vancouver, BC, Canada).

But yeah, protest it. Idiots.

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Sneering Condescension From Globe & Mail’s Feminist Left

The sneering commentary today by the liberals’ Globe and Mail division via their ever-so modern Tabatha Southey is so condescending to conservatives; so full of cheap shots and banality that I thought I must be reading the state-owned CBC’s new state-run national newspaper (coming soon!).

GM - gender parity lecture - 2015-11-06_113315

According to Tabatha Southey if you don’t agree that a cabinet should be made up of equal number of women and men, you need a six-step program like an alcoholic, and lesson one is that you’re “psychologically stuck in the 1950s.”  Not merely “stuck,” mind you, but “psychologically stuck.”  The liberals’ purported love of science has jumped the shark again (liberals – sharks can’t actually “jump,” it’s an expression!). Now they just stick science-y words onto things to demonize Canadians they don’t like. “Deniers” and “Nazi” were just teasers.

All on its own, that “stuck in the 1950s” trope is an old, rather insulting and hackneyed phrase that the left (particularly the more vapid among them) have used only in the most derogatory way, as part of their arsenal to insult conservatives. But Southey adds “psychologically” to “stuck in the 1950s,” which ups the ante quite a bit. So why try to redefine the term into a new official mental malady? Because of the way that the term “psychologically stuck” might be perceived as “mentally retarded,” inasmuch as that’s exactly what it does mean. So what do you know, I’m not totally stupid. Conservatives are sick. Mentally ill. Nicely done. Psychologically nicely done.

Let’s go through the list of the sick (according to Southey) who suffer or did suffer from this mental illness: the 1960s Liberal prime minister Lester Pearson, Justin Trudeau’s “psychologically stuck” dad Pierre, Liberal John Turner, Liberal Jean Chretien, Liberal Paul Martin, every Liberal premier, oh and their very hip albeit “psychologically stuck” “feminist” U.S. President Barack Obama, and more. Hey does that Obamacare look after the “psychologically stuck in the 1950s”?

Then Southey goes from the ridiculous to the utterly jejune in another one of her six steps: “Be prepared to stave off the impending communist revolution, which the threat of 15 or so women cabinet ministers can cause.” I don’t really know how that helps us get over the supposedly horrible prospect of three more women in cabinet than Stephen Harper had, but of course Southey writes this solely to mock conservatives, reality be damned. Forget the original project! Let’s just get on with insulting conservatives, which was our original point!

I imagine it’s supposed to be “funny.” But she doesn’t even do it right. Not even a CBC viewer thinks that conservatives link, in any way, shape, or form, women to communism. Ever. Anywhere. At all. (We do link the CBC to communism, sure, but that’s based on scientific and economic reality!)

Her spiteful little anti-conservative missive takes several more cheap shots but Southey just succeeds in increasingly revealing herself as a boor, and moreover as someone who monumentally lacks even a modicum of understanding of conservatives or their principles. Women = communism? Come on. Libby Davies aside, I mean.

Write a funny article, sure, but to be effective and maybe even make me laugh, you ought to display a pretty thorough understanding of your subject first. She obviously doesn’t. Quite the opposite. (Or she’s merely a hack.) But I don’t blame her. I blame the news media who ensure this lack of any honest understanding of conservatives. The fact that Southey writes for one of the biggest in Canada’s news media is a mere coinkidink.  Oh hang on.

The Globe and Mail – ostensibly a mainstream national newspaper, holds itself out to be fair and balanced, and reminds me over, and over, and over again that it is worth $10 per month simply to read their articles online. I must have my head “psychologically stuck in the 1950s,” when most newspapers were a source of some truth, some facts, some balance, some fairness, and some good columns. But at least I don’t have my head up my assumptions.

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Protect freedom; call-out the mainstream media

As posted at

Here’s a double dose of grassroots: a reader comment made by a grassroots citizen after reading Michelle Malkin’s latest column at, called Colorado’s Grassroots Revolt Against Gun-Grabbers.

Malkin’s readers are like Malkin and the Coloradans she writes about: they’re revolted by the Award-grassrootsmindless excesses and extremism of today’s liberals, socialists, left-wing fascists — progressives generally — including those within the mainstream media. This reader comment gets the award:

Moonbat Exterminator wrote:
The media tailors its coverage to match the ever changing agenda of the progs. Actually, I think they must have a scorecard that lists facts vs how to cover them. To wit

Black victim, white or hispanic perp = Racism!!!!
White victim, black perp, gun = Gun violence
White victim, any perp, no gun = no coverage
White blonde little girl kidnapped and or murdered = 24/7 coverage wall to wall, but only if the victim is cute.

That pretty much covers it.

Call it a scorecard, or call it a manual. The liberal-left mainstream media use a kind of style guide or code, whether it’s in the form of a written manual or the code is simply wafting around in their media clubhouse’s ether. This code determines their level of coverage, tone of coverage, and even the words used in their coverage of events.

Usually, the determination of how, when, or whether to cover any story, just glibly goes without saying in mainstream media newsrooms and editorial offices. The rules are usually unwritten simply because they need not be written. How and when or if to cover a story, and the words used, is all obvious to them. The newsroom is of like minds. No manual is required.

And that’d be great if their agenda was to fully, truthfully, and without bias, inform citizens. The problem is that mainstream media is not an objective place anymore. They’re now more like campaign offices for the progressive movement.

The mainstream media is now systemically infected by liberals, or even further leftists, and so a sort of automated, reflexive liberal-left group-think takes place in media bullpens and offices in response to events. They all reflexively follow — sometimes unconsciously, sometimes not — the kind of code spelled-out more succinctly than me, by Moonbat Exterminator.

Like all liberals, no matter where they are — somebody’s house, a restaurant or bar, anywhere — when they say something, they think everybody in the room agrees with them. But in the case of the media, it’s actually true.

The brutal reality is this: the mainstream media generally cast aspersions, scandalize, hammer, smear, castigate, and mock the Right, whatever the truth; but they aggrandize, iconize, coddle and featherbed the Left, and whitewash their scandals (i.e., calling them “phony scandals”), in order to advance their progressive agenda. They are progressives.

Because they’re so stuck in that liberal-left mindset, or they’re peer-pressured by their co-workers, they also habitually, robotically, reprint — like they’re Obama’s own steno pool — the talking points of the Obama administration, or any left-wing organization, for that matter. And speaking of “matter”, the far-left and rabidly anti-conservative organization Media Matters is a favorite source of info and quotes for the mainstream media steno pool. Mainstream media also refer to the reliably pro-Obama, progressive mouthpieces like the New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC,, Barack Obama’s cult-like Organizing for Action, or any number of other systemically infected liberal-left-advocating outfits.

And they’ll do it without question. Gone are the intrepid investigative, prodding, or even the mildly curious journalists — unless of course the story concerns, as Moonbat Exterminator said, a white-on-black crime, any gun crime, any conservative — a Republican, or worse, a tea party patriot.

For example, virtually no (non-Fox News Channel) mainstream media dare question Obama on any of his radical left-wing policies, his obvious hypocrisy, his blatant, outright lies, or the many stupid things he says or does, least of all the biggest and stupidest thing of them all, Obamacare; or about the stagnant economy, post the economy-wrecking trillion-dollar “stimulus” that we were assured would cure it. Yet Associated Press relied on a team of 11 reporters to try to dig up dirt on Sarah Palin and her best-selling book. Mark Steyn explained at the time:

Rogue’s Eleven

By Mark Steyn
November 14, 2009 7:19 AM

If you wonder why American newspapering is dying, consider this sign-off:

AP writers Matt Apuzzo, Sharon Theimer, Tom Raum, Rita Beamish, Beth Fouhy, H. Josef Hebert, Justin D. Pritchard, Garance Burke, Dan Joling and Lewis Shaine contributed to this report.

Wow. That’s ten “AP writers” plus Calvin Woodward, the AP writer whose twinkling pen honed the above contributions into the turgid sludge of the actual report. That’s eleven writers for a 695-word report. What on? Obamacare? The Iranian nuke program? The upcoming trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed?

No, the Associated Press assigned eleven writers to “fact-check” Sarah Palin’s new book, and in return the eleven fact-checkers triumphantly unearthed six errors. …

…and the “errors” were hideously inconsequential.

With few exceptions, the only people who “fact-check” Obama or the Democrats or any in their mob of sycophantic media, are grassroots, non-mainstream media folks. Or at least that’s all who actually commit their findings to words or print. So keep doing it, people.

Everybody knows all of this, which, if you’re keeping score at home, makes this article pretty redundant. But redundancy works well for the Left who shout “RACIST!” all day long at any Obama or left-wing opponent, to the point where the liberal media has now become emboldened by the phony mantra, and glibly, routinely, call conservative groups like the tea party “racist.” So more people need to write the truth about the corrupt media, and say it out loud, and turn the tide.

As Michelle Malkin points out in her column, it’s freedom which is at stake, and it’s the grassroots that need to rise up to protect it. Forget the mainstream media. They’re against you.


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“You didn’t build that”; and now his MSNBC division advertises: your kids don’t belong to you.

I’m not screaming “Socialists!” or “Communists!” or the catch-all left-wing “Progressive!” at this.

They don’t need my help. These people say it very loudly on their own.

Here’s the latest ad from Barack Obama’s far-left MSNBC division, in which one of their news show hosts declares in one of their MSNBC “Lean Forward” ads that your kids don’t belong to you. They belong to the “collective.”

In case you can’t see videos, here’s the MSNBC news show host with this news:

“We have never invested as much in public education as we should have because we’ve always had kind of a private notion of children … We haven’t had a very collective notion of these are our children. So part of it is we have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents, or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.”

By the way, I’m also not screaming “Idiot!” or “Useful idiot!” or “Liberal fascist!”


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Media join progressive gov in faking-out citizens; call state agencies “corporations”

Is it any wonder the socialists like the NDP poll so well? Well it’s been a long road. And with the liberal media’s help, it’s working. As I’ve been warning for years.

Every day brings us more examples of a progressive government and media-driven agenda of blurring what should be blatant lines of demarcation between government and its state-owned, state-run divisions posing as “corporations,” which operate in (and wreck) the marketplace  —  and real, regular old free-market, free-enterprise, capitalist corporations.

It’s deception at work, by progressives in government and media, and as I’ve pointed out before, academia.

Calling what are de facto state-owned, state-run government departments or agencies “corporations” is pure  —  and purposeful —  deception. Slight of hand. Fakery. And they all know it.

Here’s how one citizen was faked-out, as I blogged about it back in 2008. He decided to sue the BC Lottery “Corporation” (BCLC) —  a 100% state-owned, state-run gambling syndicate which scams citizens into gambling away their after-tax cash in casinos, and buying their lottery tickets. The media wrote up his main talking point perfectly (for their purposes), quoting the citizen as saying this: “It’s about keeping corporations honest, that’s really what it’s about.”

Not governments, see… “corporations!” Eureka, progressives! It’s working!

Government divisions posing as if they’re “corporations” should be pointed out and their place in a free-market capitalist democracy questioned by the media at every possible opportunity. Not covered-up or glossed-over or white-washed or ignored, at every opportunity. They shouldn’t aid and abet the scam.

Today the story is about another socialist venture. It’s the 100% state-owned, state-run car insurance monopoly deceptively called the “Insurance Corporation of BC” (ICBC). It was “incorporated” by a socialist NDP government years ago, which took over the car insurance industry, and which has been nurtured and exponentially enlarged by successive progressive-left liberal governments to this very day. With no end in sight.

The government’s car insurance workers’ union has voted to go on strike, yet again. That strike is not even my point here, but I hope they never settle the strike, ever, which might help drive my point home (pun intended) until the socialist/fascist farce comes crashing to a halt.

Throughout their reporting, the media refers to ICBC as “the corporation”  —  as if it’s another normal capitalist, free-enterprise, free-market corporate entity, competing in the free marketplace, like Coke and Microsoft.

In fact in this Canadian Press story posted at CTV’s web site, as usual, the world “government” doesn’t even appear, even though it’s ALL ABOUT government, and not about any normal “corporation.”

ICBC workers’ union issues 72-hour strike notice
[…] The board ruled the union could take limited job action while it sorts out what is and isn’t essential for the corporation, which insures all B.C. drivers. …

“The corporation” is actually the government of course. Again: ICBC is 100% owned and run by the government.

Just as the marketplace and capitalism has been mangled by government intrusions and meddling, with the help of the media, public perceptions have become purposefully mangled. And the citizens now turn against corporations, writ large  — instead of more properly turning against the real villain  —  progressive, left-wing government.

Here’s another similar blog entry I wrote a couple years ago:

Vancouver Sun pretends a 100% government-owned division is a “Business”

March 4, 2010 By Joel Johannesen


The reported revenue drop notwithstanding, how is this a “business” story?  How does this belong on the “Business” pages of a newspaper? BC Hydro is a giant government division.  A government operation.  It’s 100% government.  Its board of directors are appointed directly by the government —the cabinet, and reports directly to the government.  It is absolutely nothing to do with “business”.  It even has one of those left-wing, authoritarian sounding names:  BC Hydro and Power Authority.

Once again we have an example of either totally confused, useful idiots running the liberal media — one which has been suckered over the years by progressives and other Fabian socialists into thinking that a 100% government “corporation” is actually a business, further blurring the lines between government and the private/business;  or a liberal media which has actually been co-opted into helping blur those lines.

And once again this reminds me of how one citizen, already fully deluded and indoctrinated, was quoted in this same Vancouver Sun, when he decided he needed to sue the 100% government-owned division of the government hideously called the BC Lottery “Corporation”, as saying that his reason for suing that “corporation” was this:  “It’s about keeping corporations honest, that’s really what it’s about.”

Well done, progressives and your media division.


It doesn’t end with these three examples. There are hundreds of examples. So many that even you conservative readers’ eyes are now impervious to the progressives’ scam.

Here’s just a couple more of my previous efforts to properly inform you in lieu of an honest media:

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