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In a totally new twist, I have been asked why I don’t just move to Texas.

After reading my post about a recent Chinese immigrant who “was” a member and supporter of the Chinese Communist Party, and who is currently running under the socialist NDP banner in a huge riding in the BC provincial election next week (and if the NDP wins, he will probably become a cabinet minister), a reader made this intellectual, science-based, tolerant, inclusive, diversity-luvin’, multicultural-luvin’ “suggestion” (which is also very, very unique coming from today’s progressive left!):

Why don't you just move to fuckin' Texas?

Texas, you say!


Anyway I responded with vigor. First, I donned my cowboy hat though.

And now I will eat steak.

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Joel Johannesen’s memo to lib media: No need for gov to be involved in any business, whatsoever


I found an otherwise reasonably good Vancouver Sun editorial that seemed to have forgotten some vital information for its readers, so I corrected it for them.



I do like the way the editorial opens and closes, though. Much like a blog entry by the famous and brilliant thinker, Joel Johannesen. Do you think they’ve been reading Joel Johannesen blog entries over the years? You do? Are you currently high on the crack cocaine?

“The provincial government should heed the union campaign to open more of the publicly owned liquor stores on Sunday. Then it should sell them all.”

Oof! Pow! Take that, unions! But… well yes. You’re finally right, Vancouver Sun. I’ve been telling you that for at least 20 years. Next thing you know you’ll be reading (my former columnist) Ann Coulter’s books and getting really smart.

So where the hell have you been? I mean aside from demonstrably sipping the socialist Kool-Aid served up by your friends in the liberal-left/progressive/useful idiot set.

Don’t even answer! You’re on a roll! This penultimate government wrongly meddling in retail idea sounds even more Joel-esque, if you’ll excuse my self-satisfying banality:

“As with the wholesale business, there is no longer any reason for the government to be operating liquor stores. Now that politicians no longer believe that public morality is at stake, there is no more reason to have state-owned liquor stores than there is for government getting into the grocery business or selling suits or screwdrivers.”

Well, yeah! And welcome to our enlightened world! And here’s some more places where there’s no need for state-owned anything: car insurance, basic health care, ferry boat cruises, choo-choo trains, slutty gambling and lotteries, TV and radio and internet news and entertainment and porn and discussion forums, movie-making, art galleries, and myriad other such businesses the state is involved in and has been lo these many years without you having said a disparaging word, thereby enabling and encouraging the progressives to the virtual tipping point into abject socialism.

I wonder why the Vancouver Sun has suddenly and shockingly seen even this modicum of light with regard to freedom and smaller government, and capitalism, and conservative thinking, in this one, lone industry. Maybe they’re high on crack! I suspect it will only last a day, so soak it in, readers! Tomorrow, they’ll be back to demanding more social housing, welfare entitlements, free grants and welfare and supports of various kinds from government, more state involvement in everything from the arts to science and yes, more meddling in business and building that reliance on the state.

Alas, the last paragraph disappoints, as expected. Here, again as expected, they wrongly open the giant red socialist or progressive or liberal-fascist door a crack, to allow for more yummy government to, indeed, meddle in business. Which is wrong. Shut the damn door. Lock it. Throw the key away.

“Governments should only be in businesses in which there is a unique public benefit that cannot be achieved in any other way. With rare exceptions, the government should avoid using its extraordinary powers to compete with the private sector. Liquor stores do not meet that test.”

No government-in-business meets that test. Not the government’s ridiculous monopoly auto insurance scheme, not their mammoth state-owned, state-run power-generating idiocy, not the ferry boat and cruise ship business that they’re in, not meddling in real estate and “providing” more “affordable housing,” not mortgage insurance, and no, not the healthcare industry either. Government never needs to be in any business. Ever. It impedes citizens from entering the marketplace and doing it better and cheaper in every way, it creates big, expensive, nanny-state governments; it increases personal and family reliance on the state, while reducing self-reliance and personal responsibility. And ultimately if creates serfs out of free people. And doing that is, well, that’s progressive. Thanks Flo.

And God knows a government run by me would instantly get out of any business that competes against its own citizens, the way that most of them like the federal state-owned CBC (and most others) do. And then I’d ban such government activity. As I’ve also been asking for years in one of my cooler epithets, what kind of government competes against its own citizens in business for profits? Indeed, using its “extraordinary powers to compete with the private sector,” as you awakened ones at the Sun put it. No no, please answer that question. Honestly.

I think it should be unconstitutional for the state to be involved in any business at all.

But I’ll refrain from holding my breath and waiting for the Vancouver Sun to pick up on that Joelism.

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A Canadian provincial government threatens more socialism to prevent a corporate takeover?

The so-called Liberal government of the far-left Nation Of Quebec, in a stunning display of the ease with which it is willing to slide, full-on, into abject socialism, threatened to buy another means of production today. This time it is the home improvement retail chain Rona. This is ostensibly to prevent a non-government-owned American company from doing so instead.

Even the radical progressive U.S. President Barack Obama was OK with the Italian firm Fiat buying the venerable American firm Chrysler a few short years ago. But then that was mostly to help save his huge financial sugar-daddy, the labor unions, and of course he also went ahead and took over General Motors, turning it into Government Motors, so maybe that’s how he sleeps at night.

This sort of meddling in  —  interfering with  —  ruining  —  the free market by governments is a proven failure, a hundred times over. Take the state-owned CBC. No really  —  take it to the garbage dump where it belongs.  Governments totally distort and ultimately wreck the free marketplace. I think the “Liberals” (which I can quite rightly put in scare quotes as evidenced by the facts in this very blog entry) of The Nation Of Quebec know that full well. That’s what makes this even scarier.

Politically, it signals to all of us who weren’t yet convinced by my repeated warnings, that the Liberals hold in utter contempt any semblance of freedom in the marketplace, and for capitalism writ large. And that threatens freedom as a general matter.

But do they even think these things through? I mean these kind of takeovers have happened and will continue to happen all the time. Is the government going to buy all the target companies involved  —  all of those means of production  —  moving forward? Well I suppose this signals that they are. Are Quebecers really ready for the communist state? I also suppose that they are. They did vote overwhelmingly for socialists last time around when they elected all those brilliant NDP kids to the federal parliament.

As many Canadian banks have taken over U.S.-based banks and investment firms in recent years, and more Canadians than ever before now own U.S. businesses and commercial and even residential real estate, is The Nation Of Quebec OK with that? Because it sure would be odd to not be OK with that, and yet ever so hypocritical. Maybe the state will simply assume ownership of citizens’ private property and investment assets, as well.

And will they be OK with a state like North Carolina acting to prevent a government-owned Rona from expanding in and buying up anything in their state by, say, offering a competing bid for it? Or using some other big-government power to mandate corporate behavior? Is Quebec ready to “compete” with other governments ten times richer and more powerful? Go ahead. Go crazy. Test that theory. Be sure to ask Mikhail Gorbachev about the theory too.

And as Americans are twice as likely to be conservative than liberal, and in a country which still values some of its free-enterprising spirit and capitalism, will a state-owned, state-run Rona run afoul of local American values and be un-welcomed, as per Chick-Fil-A in Boston and Chicago? That would be an interesting test. (We can be quite sure a state-owned, state-run Rona would be welcome in those cities!)

This is troubling on so many levels. Freedom-loving Canadians who understand the freedom inherent in free-market capitalism  —  and who understand that at the root of it, this really is about freedom as opposed to serfdom  —  should be up in arms about this.


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Chinga tu Madre, state-mandated liberal-left censors.

When you’ve got the time, watch this video.

Actually, I mean hurry and watch it. I have no doubt that Canadian and American liberals and others in the progressive left are hobbled away somewhere, even as you read this, possibly in some corner of their nation (Cuba  —  or even right here in Canada or America where they live), trying to drum up a way of state-sponsored “regulating” the internet. Particularly its conservative web sites. As in the rest of our erstwhile free world, they must seek state-sponsored ways of engineering the ‘net such that conservatives like me who get in their way  —  who criticize liberals and progressive government and their growing laws, rules, regulations, and public policies; or which in some other way offend their progressive world view which requires their careful control and expert engineering, are summarily shut up. So watch it now. Quick.

For those viewing this on an iPad or iPhone (etc) and can’t view Flash video, here’s a link instead so you can check it out on your desktop or laptop:

It’s particularly galling that they  —  those unqualified, unelected, self-appointed liberals and progressive-leftists who always dominate these things (just like their brethren in those hideous Canadian government-mandated “human rights” commissions all across Canada)  —  dictate, in quasi-official “rulings,” decided after closed-door star chamber-like meetings, that a person and/or organization express “apology” and “regret” for something. They dictate an emotion. And they dictate that people feel the way they’re instructed, by them, to feel. And they order them to think a certain way. The way they think. In this case, about something that they find offensive. So Chinga tu Madre, progressives. Take it to Cuba where it belongs.

Also see this somewhat related article on fascism.




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