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Everything that is wrong with liberals and Liberals: Bombardier.

Taxpayer protection against this sort of crap wasn’t written into the agreement to bail this chronic corporate welfare case out? Apparently not. The Trudeau Liberals are quite the dealmakers!

This is croney capitalism run amok. This liberal crap didn’t start with the Justin Trudeau Liberals. But it’s only liberals who engage in it; or people who don’t understand capitalism or economics generally. And it’s wrecking capitalism, free markets, and it’s wrecking Canada. Just as it is the United States and Europe.

I don’t care how much executives get paid — that’s up to the company’s owners to control.  But when the state “invests” billions of taxpayer dollars bailing out this chronic abuser of federal taxpayer largesse — this perpetual corporate welfare case — I do care.

The answer is for the state to stop meddling with the free market where it has no business. Largely because governments — politicians — don’t have the foggiest clue. But also because it isn’t how free markets and capitalism works. Nor how economic progress is made.

Since the Trudeau Liberals apparently made an amazingly bad deal, there may be no way out. So Bombardier will once again laugh at all of us stupid taxpayers. But if there is even the slightest provision in the deal to do so: demand immediate repayment. If it means the Bombardier welfare case fails, let that welfare case fail. Don’t let us take the fall for them and for the Trudeau Liberals’ stupidity.

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A media Hell bent on not reading things right

Last night the financial market elites (not individual folks) freaked out when they figured out their media got it all wrong, and Donald Trump was going to win. The cool kids were anti-Trump, because they watch CNN (or worse). The stock market futures markets were tanking. The liberal news media reported the crap out of it, feeding the fear and making it worse (which they constantly deny doing, but that’s another lie and a story for another article).

So financial channel CNBC chimed in this morning with this great investment advice:

They weren’t the only ones. Lots of media reported on the inevitable collapse of the markets — due to “Trump.” Based on nothing. I think they just hoped it was true, for purely political reasons. It’s a bandwagon effect in action, and at its worst. Here’s the state-owned CBC’s effort at left-splaining financial markets (always gives me a chuckle). Note the photo of the guy looking like he’s about to jump out the window — which is so stupid given the Liberals’ new assisted suicide endorsement:

So today it must have been much like a miserable dose of déjà vu — like watching the election results on MSNBC last night — as the market today opened steady, then rose, then went higher, then went higher, then broke the record high, and then finally closed way up.

The CBC account which tried to freak us out earlier in the day, never bothered to cover the rise in the markets — not even the rise in the Toronto market which was as great.

I feel sorry for the folks who freaked out, were concerned and mislead, or even lost their shirts simply because so many liberals chose to toe to the liberal propaganda line rather than appealing to common sense and reason, and facts, enabling them to offer good, sound advice.

UPDATE: A late addition to my observations:

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Morning in America

Good morning — or as one of the 8000 liberal media pundits put it, “When the Apocalypse came at midnight, I called my conservative brother to see what was going on.”

First, I’m impressed by the fact that when the apocalypse came (it didn’t), that particular liberal (yes of course, it’s a new York York Times columnist) relied on a conservative to help her sort it all out during the end of times (which never came). That tell us tons. So thanks for that.

Secondly, there’s no late word on where the “apocalypse” stands at this moment. Things seem fine, and nobody on CNN is doing any street-level “apocalypse-watch” reporting, holding crosses (as if). At least they’re not showing us any of those reports yet. So clearly that was really just more of the banal sort of bombast and nonsense that they constantly bashed Trump for uttering during the campaign.

Here in Canada, currently governed by liberal-leftists, the “news” reports also referred to the apocalypse. Yes that’s right, “news” reports using the hashtag #Trumpocalypse. Written by reporters. On their “News” Twitter feed. With a nasty picture to bolster it. Even boldly and utterly falsely claiming that the Trump-hate they obviously have — is actually Twitter-wide.

On their “News” channel, they are even worse. Their entire coverage is currently bathed in a sort of gloom, remorse, dread, anger, sadness — it’s a full grief-on over there. You’ll see more of this later in this article, but at one point, the CTV anchor Jennifer Burke, solemnly — really actually mournfully — interviewed a guest (donning a huge nose ring) who was an expert in clinical psychology, whom CTV deemed necessary to have on at this time of great crisis and catastrophe, in order to inquire as to how to “explain” that man Donald Trump being elected — to our children. 


Clearly that particular liberal “news” media outlet still doesn’t get it — what happened, or why, or that it’s at least partially their own failings as an institution which can no longer be trusted, at all — and they are either in complete denial or are simply too stupid to get it. Like so many liberals, they’re so liberal they don’t even know how liberal they are; so blinkered they think everybody in the room agrees with them. Yeah I’m going to go with “stupid.”

UPDATE: State-owned CBC joined the idiocy with this crap:

What? You think American media is smarter? Of course not. I already told you about that apocalypse thing but here’s one of countless dozens I could have chosen:

The writer, NYT’s Thoman L. Friedman, is not the least bit “homeless,” except in his ideological and rhetorical mind, He’s as obsessed an anti-Trumper as there is, and he writes anti-Trump op-ed after op-ed. This is hardly man-in-the-street sentiment being expressed here.

Think it’s just on the east coast? Think again:

Dear God. The better question might be how do we explain to our children a media so mucked-up in left-wing bias and hatred toward all non-liberal-left political opponents? I hope the LA Times editors were well prepared to explain to their children why the first woman in the Presidency, were she elected, was indicted by the FBI and facing criminal charges, were that plausible turn of events come to pass.

What about that other bastion of liberal-leftist sentiment, academia? Surely they’re more erudite in their stance on this election.

Apparently they don’t even know what erudite means.

So. Think it’s just the liberal-leftist adults? Think again:

Of course, have some sympathy — the young, tender naifs got that way because they’ve been brainwashed by the liberal-leftist academics whom their parents are paying copious sums of cash through taxes and their savings.

It seems the liberal insanity is pervasive across America. Which of course partially explains why they lost.



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Liberal: “Well by golly maybe we need conservatives running this show”

OK that headline is a joke. A dream for me, but alas, a joke.

No matter how badly things are going — no matter how many FAILS they are forced (by the likes of me but never the news media) to face up to, they will continue to do the same thing, double-down, even, and make the same mistakes, over and over. Call it what you want, but Einstein called that insanity. I just call it liberalism.

For example, over at their own state-owned CBC division, this headline today will be utterly ignored by all liberals and the even further leftists:

Trudeau doubles Canada Summer Jobs spending, but student employment stays flat

If it isn’t already obvious, the FAIL we’re talking about this time is the summer youth employment program. Another of the 8,000 government programs to help Canadians survive life.

It’s a story of government failure, but they run this pictures atop their story:

liberalism run amok

I think I might have gone with the one below, and maybe they would have if the state-owned CBC weren’t such Trudeau/Liberal suckfaces:liberalism FAILAll leftists —  progressives, liberals, socialists, communists — believe the only way to fix a problem in society (even right inside your house, including buying your house) is for the government to take over responsibility, and for the government to fix it, which always, always, always, involves throwing more government money at it, and more big government policy. If any government program is failing, they throw more government money at it, citing as the only problem the notion that there wasn’t yet enough money being thrown at it. In this case, as I alluded in my opening, they are literally doubling-down on their stupidity.

Last spring, the Liberal government doubled the amount of money available to subsidize student wages under the Canada Summer Jobs program [which was already $107.5 million].

But despite the boost, Statistics Canada found student summer employment rates for 2016 stuck roughly where they were in 2015.

What’s even funnier (I’m not bipolar, but I’m never sure if I should laugh uproariously, or cry like a baby over these things) the sub-headline reads like this, which I paste here without one bit of editing:

‘There’s a real danger in artificially creating jobs,’ youth employment chair says

He went on, “That’s generally not sustainable … We need employers making their own hiring decisions.”

We on the right have been saying that for decades. For example, in the last election campaign! So now we see, in other words, that conservatives were right all along. And the Left was always and still is — in fact ever more so — wrong, and this proves it? Well yes. But this is the eight millionth time we’ve proved it.

Now don’t do as I did and assume the “youth employment chair” is one of those shouty hipster Trudeau “youth” who, along with (most of) the rest of today’s youth, tongue-bathed Trudeau’s face during the entire 2015 election campaign, and “got out the vote” (wink! — it’s to vote only for Leftist candidates! Vote for… more programs! More subsidies! More free stuff! More government!) 

No this is a middle-aged guy who chairs a U of T program which studies the issue of youth employment. (I won’t even get into the fact that the U of T is a federally-subsidized university, and yet the federal government apparently failed to ask this guy anything, which could have saved the taxpayer well over a hundred million dollars in literally five seconds.)

After saying “There’s a real danger in artificially creating jobs,” he added another layer onto the cake: “Are students taking the job of someone else who could do the work?”

So in other words, it’s likely even worse than it looks, since some of those wonderfully taxpayer-bought jobs likely resulted in someone else not getting a job which wasn’t bought with taxpayer dollars.

We’re not done yet:

Recently tabled responses to questions put on the House of Commons order paper by both Conservative and New Democrat MPs reveal how $107.4 million in new money was allocated across Canada. (Employment and Social Development Canada says the difference between this and the $113 million announced is the cost of administration.)

In other words (and yes I do have to highlight this for you since the state-owned CBC fails to do its job and merely puts the tidbit in brackets as if to try to hide it), the government administration cost — just for spending that extra $107.4 MILLION, was $5.6 million. So $5.6
million in extra government cost, to spend that extra $107 million, which achieved exactly NO increased benefit.

So, to complete the work the state-owned CBC failed to, a total waste of taxpayer cash, and an utter annihilation of liberal-left policy and ideology. Worth a story or two? Maybe at least a sub-heading? Yes, but not to the leftists and their media as we can see here.

Do you understand, liberals, why conservatives keep railing on about the inefficiencies of government — and about the left-wing bias of the media? (Yes, they do understand, and this is why leftist ideology — this leftist experiment they’re conducting on you — is so pernicious).

The rest of the article then simply skips over the fact that the Trudeau liberals doubled the taxpayer’s cost — the  budget — and got zero in return; returning instead to their comfort-zone: tongue-bathing liberalism, using more reliably left-wing university economists and their bon mots about how wonderful government-bought jobs are in general for the economy.

University of Ottawa labour economist David Gray says the effectiveness of the program is about more than the unemployment rate.

This spending is a “tiny drop in the bucket” of the total Canadian economy, he said.

Thanks. Great job, teacher at a federally subsidized university.

Still not done:

Public sector, not-for-profit organizations and small businesses with 50 or fewer employees can apply…

Public sector employers are among those “businesses” eligible to hire students under the program. Hello? Taxpayer-funded jobs for taxpayer-funded government departments?

A taxpayer-funded program to subsidize taxpayer-funded government departments: this is the progressive Left’s dream come true.

Would I cut off funding for youth employment programs like this? Would I fire the government employees and cabinet ministers responsible for this disaster including Justin Trudeau? Faster than I’d sell the state-owned CBC.

I’ll leave you with this Tweet from the National Post:

Three guesses as to what the action-plan will be from the Trudeau Liberals.

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Caution: professional expert journalists writing things – #2

…and here’s my second cautionary tale about professional expert journalists writing things, the first one being here.

2. Media expert Ray Heard demonstrates his great journalism expertise

Let’s analyze the absolute crap out of something just like Ray Heard does on Sun News Network, several times a day, tearing this or that apart, often yielding utterly nothing as a result.

Here’s a tweet, leading to the question How could you fall for this crap?

Answer: you fall for that crap when (as I’ve demonstrated), you have an obsessive hate-on for Sarah Palin, as Ray Heard does. “She’s bimbo,” to quote Heard precisely.

It doesn’t look like Heard is clued into the fact that the story is total BS. It’s satire.Ray_Heard-2013-11-15_fb-meme An urban myth.

The expression usually used is “You can’t make this stuff up,” so I’m inclined to think Heard didn’t even get that part right, asking instead, “How could you make this up?”, because everybody already knows how media can make crap up. Especially about Palin and other conservatives they hate.

It would almost pass as simply good humor if Heard linked to the story at a satire web site —, or something like it, as a benevolent gesture so we could all be in on the fun. But he linked to, a supposedly serious, non-satire, “real news” web site. By the way, they reprinted the farce, in full, with no byline, no source/author credit, and no indication of it being satire. Now that’s some good journalism, right there! Good source, Heard!

Have we blathered on and on and on about this enough yet? No! More now!

Ray Heard isn’t known on air for his spontaneous comic wit. He isn’t a jokester on Twitter either. I don’t think he did, but let’s just say he did know the BS story was in fact satire, and that he’s then merely joining in like a good old boy and smearing Sarah Palin as some sort of a joke we would all “get” and enjoy. Because smearing good, innocent people — is always a great joke. If so, well that’s just fantastic. It’s not the mark of a serious journalist. It’s the mark of a hack. But at least we got to blather on and on for minutes on end about nothingness.

He never answered me.

Ray Heard, a liberal media expert, didn’t bother to engage his journalism expertise to investigate the veracity of the story. Or worse, he did.


That is all. Now back to more important things.


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Caution: professional expert journalists writing things

Two examples come to mind. And then they are quickly ejected with vigor, to make room for smarter things from smarter people.

1. Media hackery
Here’s how you say “creates jobs” when you’re a liberal-media outlet with an ax to grind about oil pipelines and the shipping of oil, and don’t want to admit it creates jobs, and you’d rather cast a negative spin on it, even though it makes you look like a total hack.


What I said on Twitter:

2. Media expert Ray Heard demonstrates his great journalism expertise

…that one is on a separate page. Because I pay myself per article.

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If PC idiocy were PB ’n J on white bread, then beggars would feast


My failure to come up with a gem-quality idiom is obvious, but I was trying to invent a clever new one for this growing kind of liberal-left PC idiocy, along the lines of the famous “If ifs and ands were pots and pans, there’d be no work for tinkers’ hands,” and the related “If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride”

Here’s a snippet from the article in question (my highlighting of the idiocy):

…“Take the peanut butter sandwich, a seemingly innocent example a teacher used in a lesson last school year,” the Tribune said.

“What about Somali or Hispanic students, who might not eat sandwiches?” Gutierrez asked. “Another way would be to say: ‘Americans eat peanut butter and jelly, do you have anything like that?’ Let them tell you. Maybe they eat torta. Or pita.”

…The Tribune noted that the school started the new year with “intensive staff trainings, frequent staff meetings, classroom observations and other initiatives,” to help educators understand their own “white privilege,” in order to “change their teaching practices to boost minority students’ performance.””Last Wednesday, the first day of the school year for staff, for example, the first item of business for teachers at Scott School was to have a Courageous Conversation — to examine a news article and discuss the ‘white privilege’ it conveys,” the Tribune added. …

But after lunch, which will be a PB sammy on white, and a chaser of pork ribs left over from last night, and possibly some KFC, and maybe a hot dog followed by apple pie and a Coke, I plan to try again.

I will need the strength given me by white bread and animal products after seeing this doozy from the UK’s Daily Mail, which I actually looked up on to verify it wasn’t satire:


There is no idiom to describe this level of idiocy.  Except maybe “the idiocy you let theses liberals and progressives get away with, you deserve.”


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Sun News’ Ray Heard engages in one of those pathological liberal Sarah Palin hate-ons

UPDATED at bottom: A meltdown in action.

I’m starting to think that compared to Sun News Network’s Ray Heard, the Ford brothers with their new weekly show Ray_Heard-2013-11-15_114746on SNN on Mondays are going to sound reasonable. And this concerns me. Even more than the stupidity of Sun giving them that platform.

For some reason, Ray Heard (who is usually at least nominally sensible even if he is a liberal) started in on one of those weird, almost pathological hate-ons for Sarah Palin, circa 2008, on Twitter yesterday (circa 2013). This is just as all the dumber liberals did back in the day, and as some of the dumbest ones still do, with careless, intolerant and idiotic abandon.

I don’t know exactly when Heard started oozing brain poo over this, but I picked it up here:

Oh yes. So dismal. This Liberal Party “War on Women” is dismal indeed.  Sadly, this army of one Heard is inadequately armed against Sarah Palin.

It’s “cosdwallop?” For one thing I think he meant codswallop. But don’t worry, he’s not a moron, he’s just an intolerant lout. What’s British for “guttersnipe?” Is it scurvy scallywag? I don’t know. I’m still learning to speak moron.

“She’s bimbo!”  Heard illiterate!  And also sexist. @Brenda_inBC noticed, along with many others.

Absolute codswallop” this time. Paging Sun News Network: We may have an obsessive-compulsive Sarah Palin Derangement Syndrome and intolerance problem here, with one of your liberal talking heads; to say nothing of his liberal-sexist and insulting “bimbo” remark.

The true nature of liberals, revealed yet again.

There’s no explaining this liberal’s obsession with getting the socialist NDP candidate, Linda McQuaig, to slam the Liberal candidate, Chrystia Freeland, over this, especially when Ray Heard is himself a Liberal.

Then again he’s a Liberal. He’s left-wing, and Sarah Palin is normal and conservative, and she has a normal world view, so yeah, I guess that does explains that.

It goes on.

Oh dear. Get him some help. Perhaps Rob Ford could counsel him on Monday.

Along with dozens of others tweeps, @Katewerk shot back with several volleys including this fact-backed goodie:

Undeterred, Heard was on Sun News this morning, still yammering on with the smear Sarah Palin blather.

Well that was fun. But in fact, this now fully discredited, well-past-its-best-before-date hate Sarah Palin herd mentality (fun pun) is boring, boorish, unimpressive, churlish, and lazy intellectually. Palin has more than proven her bona fides, is still a huge draw and important political figure five years after the likes of Ray Heard started calling her a “bimbo” and other such dismissive, condescending crap.

More facts: I’m a fan of Sarah Palin. I admire her and trust her instincts on almost every issue because the fact is, she’s proven to be right, 99% of the time. If I were a woman, whether or not I was a so-called “feminist” (I wouldn’t be  — I’d just be a “woman”) I’d view her as a role model. And I’d be thrilled to see my daughters look up to her as an icon. Palin is in fact a good role model for everyone.

On the other hand, I’d cringe if my daughters saw Ray Heard’s sexist, exclusive, obsessive, irrational, smear-tweets about her, and viewed his dubious and vacuous comments on Sun News today. He’s no role model.

And by the way, my daughters wouldn’t be watching the Ford Bros show either.



Oh for goodness’ sake. He’s still on it. We may be witnessing a meltdown.

Ah the liberal love. The moderation. The civility. The intelligence.

That last one wasn’t Ray Heard, but Ray Heard retweeted it. It was implied by a liberal-leftist ass, Martin Bashir, at America’s liberal-leftist-central, MSNBC.  I’m ever so sure Heard doesn’t endorse the sentiment. Even though he retweeted it without comment.

Another day, the attack continues. Saturday, November 16, 2013:

And it’s still going on: Monday, November 18, 2013

This obsession is officially whacky.  This often happens with those suffering from Palin Derangement Syndrome. They start out claiming she’s a nutbar, but end-up getting hit in the ass with their own boomerang. Hoist by their own petard, as they say.



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Today in Canadian Moronics – Oct 1 2013

Some annoying-as-hell busy-body feminist leftybots who are demonstrably moronic want to change our national anthem. Because it refers to “all thy sons command.”

I have one word for them: shutup.

One more: idiots.

Here’s a link to the story, but I suggest you avoid it because there’s a picture of the insufferable ass, Margaret Atwood on it. And she’s (sorry, it’s) bloviating and pointing and wagging her (sorry it’s) finger at another idiotic thing, again.

Also, do they have an email newsletter? I would them to let me know when they’ve changed God Save The Queen, to, well, “Unremarkable Deity of Ambiguous Sexuality Save The Current Sexually Ambiguous Monarch.”

I imagine all those idiots would love this tweet by their brethren (oops!) in the Obamacult party.


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Idea To Thwart Pain-In-The-Ass Left-Wing Protests

This featured article made my brain twitch. I got this great new idea that would serve mankind in fantastic news ways. Here’s the Twitchy item:

twitchy_bush-pot-giveaway“Priorities: Anti-Bush protest in Denver dwarfed by mob at free pot giveaway”

You have to read that Twitchy page to believe how insane the constantly protesting and narrative-pushing and history-wannachange liberal-left and progressive set has become.

But if you’re lazy, here’s the 411: George W. Bush is (finally) being honored in Denver for, in effect, saving hundreds of thousands or even millions of lives in Africa, thanks to his total (but very quiet) commitment to his African AIDS and Malaria charity work, both during his presidency, and after his presidency.

Well. That apparently can’t happen, on account of… blame Bush, or Bush is Hitler, or something.

Therefore, here’s the first tweet of many tweets by a left-wing or liberal or otherwise progressive idiot, in response to the outrage of Bush getting an award for being an actual hero:

I like that: “Bring Signs.” For most people in the world, left-wing-academic-loons-protest-Bush-awardthis left-wing, or liberal, or progressive lunacy has become tedious. It’s reached the point of being stupid, and boring, and annoying, and ridiculously mundane, and hideous even. My eyes can’t roll enough. I speak for the world.

Reportedly, about 30 people showed-up to protest and exhibit their idiocy publicly.

But as you gathered from the headline of my article, the protest was unwittingly thwarted by just about the only thing that could do it: no, not the police, and no, not a neighboring pro-abortion protest. It was a free pot giveaway.

This brings to mind the cartoon character who hops the fence surrounding that big mansion, only to find six huge hungry growling dogs, whereupon he whips out a few choice one-pound beefsteaks to totally distract tatt-pot-loonthem. And it works every time. In cartoons. And with left-wing loons.

You can already predict my plan: in order to get rid of those constant, incessant, annoying-as-hell left-wing activist protests which pop-up on the occasion of, well, nearly everything, all the time, everywhere, throw a free pot giveaway! Like the protests against Dick Cheney, or say, war, carbon, oil, coal, cars, building (anything), white people, rich people, Christmas, Christians, (any) industry, capitalism, conservative speakers, WalMart, any business, lumber-cutting, salmon-fishing, Sarah Palin being alive and popular, guns; or it could be pro-organic stuff, abortion, legalizing pot or prostitution, etc., etc., etc. Throw a free pot giveaway and the protest disolves! Then you can get on with your day problem-free! (Just avoid the humungous carbon-filled pot smoke pollution cloud wafting through the entire city.

If you run out of pot (you will), then do a free tattoo festival! pierced_loonAnd when you run out of ink, start a free facial or nipple-piercings-a-palooza! Then enjoy your day! Just avert your eyes from the ugly people with pierced nipples and neck tattoos!

All of these protests will thus be nearly completely thwarted. You’re welcome.

IRONY ALERT (or should we call it a left-wing loon alert?):

Seems the lefty loons are now becoming fiscal conservatives. See, the bonus funny part of this insanity is that the free pot giveaway farce was actually just a marketing ploy thought-up by a different protest organizer. At that pot-giveaway protest, these left-wing protesters wanted a tax reduction. No, really. A tax reduction. This is true. And no, they’re not “Tea Party” tax-reduction protesters. As I said, these are left-wing loons!

See, they were protesting the fact that the city of Denver, after Colorado legalized pot, was going to slap a tax of five percent on the pot sales. Denver’s tax would be piled onto a 15 percent excise tax, and a further 10 percent statewide sales tax on all retail pot. Sounds right! That’s progressive!

The hippies don’t like taxes! You can’t make this stuff up.

And yes, for those of you keeping score at home, this is what pot legalization is really all about, aside from getting high. Progressive politicians see it as yet another source of… TAX. First, they’ll save money from losing and quitting the so-called “drug war,” then tax the crap out of pot. Do you think they’ll then reduce your income taxes? Oh I’ve got to stop cracking myself up! No. It spells even bigger government, more regulations, possibly even state-owned and state-run pot retail stores tro make even MORE money, and more sales tax revenue to spend on… bigger government and even more regulations and more government drug programs, and more socialist entitlement programs, to make more citizens more reliant upon the state.

By the way, the Bush award event raised $670,000 for charity. The protesters didn’t.


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In a totally new twist, I have been asked why I don’t just move to Texas.

After reading my post about a recent Chinese immigrant who “was” a member and supporter of the Chinese Communist Party, and who is currently running under the socialist NDP banner in a huge riding in the BC provincial election next week (and if the NDP wins, he will probably become a cabinet minister), a reader made this intellectual, science-based, tolerant, inclusive, diversity-luvin’, multicultural-luvin’ “suggestion” (which is also very, very unique coming from today’s progressive left!):

Why don't you just move to fuckin' Texas?

Texas, you say!


Anyway I responded with vigor. First, I donned my cowboy hat though.

And now I will eat steak.

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CTV “online reporter/editor” skips lede, blithely tweets her love for Justin Trudeau.

Cross-posted at

This tweet from a CTV reporter follows nicely on the heels of my old YouTube video called Justin Trudeau is so Groovy! I mean it is truly laughable after you watch the video.

Here’s Christine Tam’s tweet from moments ago, re this story:

I include the screen capture of the tweet just in case she is instructed by her liberal bosses at CTV News or Team Justin to delete it. (UPDATE – 11:00 AM PST): it’s already been deleted)


I always say many in the liberal media are so liberal they don’t even know how liberal they are anymore; and that liberals speak as though everybody in the room agrees with them, but really. Do they have to spell it out for us in quite so obvious a manner? I guess they really do think we’re stupid.

Here’s a graphic of her Twitter bio:

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An anti-conservative channel bias? It’s partisan politics. I think.

I went through a purgation the other day when I tweeted my satellite TV provider with several of my gripes about their service.

Here’s a graphic (from today) of my TV screen representing what actually got me going that day. See how the description for Fox News Channel is “Nouvelles”? We have a word in English for that: WTF?

It’s been that way for years.

I admit I’m one of those people who swears whenever I’m trying to read the ingredients on a cereal box or trying to find the instructions on the side of one package or another, in Canada, and I always land on the annoying French side first, and have to flip it around to find the right side. Because, you know, I’m not French, and this isn’t France. But this “Nouvelles” thing is on the English side of the box, if you see what I mean.

Now, I know, you’re gonna say I’m being … well I was going to say niggardly but some douche (excuse my French), whom I guarantee will be on the left side of the political fence, will falsely and idiotically call me racist, so… niggling. Oh I see, OK, hang on…. a pettifogger.

Whatever. I’m none of those. I was just in a bad mood and sick and tired of the media running roughshod over …. yes, conservatives. And that notion is not to be trifled with, at least among us conservatives, as I pointed out in one of my recent articles.

As I tweeted out to them, it’s not just that “Nouvelles” things (which exists ONLY on the Fox News Channel description). There was more. Like this tweet:

(Follow some of the back-and-forth at this link.)

…A legitimate question even if at first glance you mistake it for being more pettifogging or niggling. Think of how a person, who is after just a scan of all the news, surfs through the news channels. As a responsible and sane human, I only watch the high-def channels where possible, since I invested approximately a zillion dollars in wide-screen HD TVs and those expensive Bell Satellite HD boxes I’m required to buy in order to actually watch HD TV. Plus it just looks a thousand times better. So I up-arrow my remote thought the channels, hitting CNN, HLN, MSNBC, CTV News Channel, the dreadfully stupid state-owned and taxpayer-funded CBC News Channel, among some other liberal and leftist news media. They’re all in glorious HD. They’re all conveniently grouped together in the HD channel section of the Bell Satellite lineup.

What’s missing from my picture? Only two channels  —  which in my case happen to be my favorite channels on account of the fact that I also like to see what a conservative might think about the news, too: Sun News Network, and Fox News Channel. Both broadcast in HD, but aren’t made available in HD by Bell Satellite service. Only those two, alone, are available to me only in low def.

And as we know, once you’ve gone high def, it’s hard to go back. Low def is just so inferior after you’ve gone high-def. Bell knows that.

And so those two news channels are in the lower channel number banks, where I’m not. And so I don’t get to just passively surf to them, I have to punch numbers in, and moreover, abort the high-def realm I’ve invested so heavily in, and much prefer to watch.

Don’t worry, I do that extra work, because I’m also invested in the idea of being fully informed, and not just propagandized by the Left and their left-wing media biases. So I do remain smart, but as you see, I have to work harder for it, and not enjoy the experience. I think (and judging from the polls and recent elections), most people don’t bother doing that extra work that I do.

So I kept asking Bell through their Bell support Twitter account, and they either pretended to be ignoramuses, or they actually are. At first they tried to pass off their stock answer designed by marketing asses to appease the idiot masses, to wit, the likes of: “We’re adding new channels all the time.” Which I take as an insult to my intelligence, on account of it being precisely that.

At one point, the Bell “support” tweeter seemed to exhibit that they do not even have a full grasp of the company’s offerings, claiming, somewhat triumphantly it seemed to me, that in fact, having “investigated” the matter on their own, Fox is in fact available to me  —  in high-def  —  on channel so-and-so. They’d confused (purposely or otherwise) Fox News Channel with a regular Fox TV network channel.

I didn’t accept their insulting answers, and so like little girls who can’t win an argument, they just went away, apparently to hide under their desks, refusing to even acknowledge any more of my tweets. Nice.

They had no answer.

I’m left to wonder if all of this isn’t on purpose.

Are they purposely trying to marginalize Sun News and Fox News Channel  —  the only two really conservative-tolerant news channels, by sidelining them and confining them to the low-def morass? I have to think so.  I have to think that someone  —  possibly a whole cabal of them  —  over there are anti-conservative, and are trying to make it difficult for Canadians to see or hear conservative ideas or points of view.

They will deny it, as they already have, by way of some kind of “we’re adding new channels all the time” -type explanation. But given what we know about liberal-biased media and big-government-reliant corporate cronies, I think I have all the credible reasons I need to back up my suspicions.


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BC pipeline debacle? Just build it to America. Get ‘er done.

About Enbridge’s Northern Gateway oil pipeline proposal from Alberta through BC to BC’s west coast port: here’s a solution which might have the added benefit of it being a teaching moment for the left’s reflexive naysayers when it comes to anything “industrial” or anything owned by private citizens instead of the state. Just go south.

Alberta and the states south of Alberta seem open to these pipelines to wealth, pace that ideological and political divider and left-wing appeaser President Barack Hussein Obama.

Here’s a shocker: as a conservative thinker, I don’t share the often mindless and ideological environmental arguments from the political left and its sycophantic sheeple about it being a huge, insurmountable environmental risk. It’s not. If that were a scientifically legitimate concern, then those critics of the plan should logically (and on scientific grounds) demand that all pipelines, and there are hundreds of them throughout BC and the whole world, be dismantled. Not just oil pipelines but gas pipelines too. And nuclear plants. And hydro damns that are more than five years old. And all roads, since the people in the cars that burn oil and travel on them kill far more people than oil pipelines ever have; and lacking oil, roadways would essentially be almost completely useless and obsolete anyway. Horses don’t really need paved roads. And walking through mountainous trails and over rivers is fairly gentle to the environment.

And then those sheeple should plan on never driving again, including driving to protest new pipelines. And plan on never flying, not even to their beloved Cuba for their vacations; and never accepting any food, shelter, clothing, or any other material goods like their iPads, all of which were transported to them via truck, train, ship, or plane. Which accounts for just about every, single, thing, in their lives.

They’re not, but they should already be using alternative transportation methods, all the time. Like bikes (locally made out of new-growth wood and old-fashioned elbow grease in place of steel tools made out of dirty coal and such), and horses. Yes they should voluntarily stop buying just about everything, including nearly all the food they eat, except those things that are grown at, and which are “organically” nurtured by, their nearby neighbors  —  and transported to them by bikes, or perhaps horses. Horses which never fart, by the way, on account of the “man-made global warming” caused by man’s use of horses which fart, or some other funky fact or settled science or, to put it more accurately, BS. Now, such fartless horses do not currently exist of course, but I’m sure their Darwinian evolution theory will kick into gear anytime now and will abide by the leftist ideology, and will accommodate them pretty soon.

Or they should just shut up, grow up, and stop being such hypocritical, partisan leftist political idiots. I favor this last option.

Eventually, leftists will figure it out.  My bigger concern is actually the notion of selling oil to China (mostly) instead of the U.S., which is the market that pipeline would ostensibly best serve.

China does need enough energy to continue to serve our needs, which includes building all those cheap products, as they now do, so that we can continue to do the bigger and more complicated things (like inventing new sources of energy) that keep advancing our lives, through our free-enterprise, capitalist system. But beyond that, we should sell to our friends the Americans first.

I would rather sell Canadian energy of any kind to Americans. I support America and its freedom-based values over China and its socialist values. As such, I’d rather see Enbridge and every Canadian energy company cater first to Americans and American firms, instead of to China and its state-owned, state-run fake businesses, or to any other socialist/communist totalitarian dictatorship, for that matter.

I’m not sure what the business model or calculus is with the Northern Gateway pipeline. But I wish they’d consider just building the pipeline south to Montana or Idaho, by-passing BC and notably snubbing them in the process, and selling it to Americans.  No fuss, no muss.

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The Dark Knight Movie Massacre & Why I Carry a Gun Everywhere I Go

I would venture to guess that the folks filing in to see the latest Batman installment in Aurora, Colorado last Thursday evening didn’t figure on over 70 of them getting shot before the credits rolled. The last count I received before filing this column was 12 dead and 59 wounded.

As the news starting pouring in about what happened in the theater this week when Satan’s spawn James Holmes donned Kevlar and a small battery of weapons and opened fire on an unsuspecting crowd, I kept thinking, “One fast-thinking and trained person who was armed/licensed with a concealed weapon could have stopped that SOB right in his tracks before the body count skyrocketed.”

Yep, the armed citizen could have either killed him, sent him running for cover, or at least diverted his fire away from the masses and toward their person. Some readers, no doubt, are saying, “Well that would be stupid. What if that citizen got shot trying to protect others?” To that I reply: Well, Dinky, if they would have been shot and killed at least they would have died a hero. Have you ever heard of the term “hero”?

The Aurora Dark Knight Massacre is exactly why I carry at least one gun everywhere I go—because crap always happens when you least expect it. That’s why, as responsible citizens and gun owners, we must always be ready and must always expect it because when it happens, it happens fast; if you’re not ready, you and others are screwed.

For instance, it’s a beautiful and quiet day on Miami Beach this morning. I’m drinking my coffee at an outdoor cafe, minding my own business while I work on this column and on my website. I don’t see any bath salt zombies on the prowl. There are no Trench Coat Mafia wannabes lurking around. There is no real foreseeable reason to carry a weapon. But I am. The reason? Well, I’m not omniscient. I’m just a dumb clunk living in a jacked-up world where med school students go bat crap crazy and shoot up normally peaceful places for inexplicable reasons. Therefore, I’m locked, cocked and ready to rock should some demented dill weed decide to strafe the local patrons sipping a cup of Joe.

For those who say, “Doug’s insane with all this concealed weapons crap. We should leave such affairs to the police,” allow me to point out that the theater was crawling with cops for the Batman opening to control the crowds. By the time the police got to the particular theater, it was all over. Blood was already running down the aisles and the gunman had already left the building. You, my friend, are your first responder … your first line of defense.

Look, stuff happens when and where you don’t think it’ll happen. My recommendation to you, the good citizen, is to get equipped with a gun—a fire-breathing dragon of a weapon. Get proficient with it. Make it like a cell phone: an additional appendage to your body. And then pray that you’ll never have to use it. However, should you be in line at the grocery store, or at Chili’s eating a burger, or at a park playing football with your homies, and some James Holmes wannabe shows up carting an arsenal and quoting Kafka as he shoots kids … you’ll be ready. Simply find cover if you can, draw your weapon, take a fine bead, and double tap the center mass of the murderous jackass. Should he or she have a bulletproof vest on then pull your sight picture up to the perp’s noggin and shoot him or her in the head; it’ll explode like a watermelon. You’ll feel bad for a nanosecond. But then the cops and families will show up and thank you for putting Jack the Ripper down. The end.

Watch my latest video, “Five Ways Romney Can Woo Young Weed Smokers.”

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