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Benghazi: Obama and His Ilk Hung Chris Stevens and Others Out to Dry

This past Friday the State Department released internal docs showing that Chris Stevens, U.S. Ambassador to hell’s corridor in Libya, begged Obama’s boys in D.C. to ramp up security in Benghazi. And, as we all know now, he got nothing from the State Department but was allowed to be tortured and murdered by “democracy seekers” from the “Religion of Peace” in the “liberated” nation of Libya.

As far as I am concerned, blood is dripping from Obama’s golf-gloved campaign hands. Whatever do I mean, you ask? Well, according to James Rosen’s findings in the newly released damning papers, it’s crap like …

· On September 11—the day Stevens and three other Americans were killed—the ambassador signed a three-page cable, labeled “sensitive,” in which he noted “growing problems with security” in Benghazi and “growing frustration” on the part of local residents with Libyan police and security forces. These forces the ambassador characterized as “too weak to keep the country secure.”

· Roughly a month earlier, Stevens had signed a two-page cable, also labeled “sensitive,” that he entitled “The Guns of August: Security in Eastern Libya.” Writing on August 8, the ambassador noted that in just a few months’ time, “Benghazi has moved from trepidation to euphoria and back as a series of violent incidents has dominated the political landscape … The individual incidents have been organized,” he added, a function of “the security vacuum that a diverse group of independent actors are exploiting for their own purposes.”

“Islamist extremists are able to attack the Red Cross with relative impunity,” Stevens cabled. “What we have seen are not random crimes of opportunity, but rather targeted and discriminate attacks.” His final comment on the two-page document was: “Attackers are unlikely to be deterred until authorities are at least as capable.”

· By September 4, Stevens’s aides were reporting back to Washington on the “strong revolutionary and Islamist sentiment” in the city.

Scarcely more than two months had passed since Stevens had notified the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice and other agencies about a “recent increase in violent incidents,” including “attacks against western [sic] interests.” “Until the GOL [Government of Libya] is able to effectively deal with these key issues,” Stevens wrote on June 25, “the violence is likely to continue and worsen.”

· After the U.S. consulate in Benghazi had been damaged by an improvised explosive device, earlier that month, Stevens had reported to his superiors that an Islamist group had claimed credit for the attack, and in so doing had “described the attack as ‘targeting the Christians supervising the management of the consulate.’”

“Islamic extremism appears to be on the rise in eastern Libya,” the ambassador wrote, adding “the Al-Qaeda flag has been spotted several times flying over government buildings and training facilities …”

· In the days leading up to 9/11, warnings came even from people outside the State Department. A Libyan women’s rights activist, Wafa Bugaighis, confided to the Americans in Benghazi in mid-August: “For the first time since the revolution, I am scared.”

From the 166 hellish pages we see a stack of warnings, via multiple cables sent to D.C. from Chris’s own laptop about which diddly was done—and that being after prior bombings of the Red Cross and our own compound and an assassination attempt on the British ambassador. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. This is gross and inexcusable.

If what happened in Benghazi on 9/11 was not an act of terror, or an act of war, I don’t know what is. What’s the “Religion of Peace” got to do to wake this administration the heck up? Destroy one of Obama’s favorite golf courses?

Oh, BTW: Missing from the extensive documents is any mention of a YouTube video ticking these “peaceful protestors” off.

Someone please forward this over to Romney’s campaign for talking points for [last] Monday night’s debate on “National Security.”


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Bad egg about to roll out of White House

In less than two weeks, Americans will either elect a new president, or give the incumbent a second term.

In following the latest polls, one can observe that since the first debate on Oct. 3, support among likely voters across the country has shifted in favour of Mitt Romney.

The Gallup and Rasmussen polls have indicated Romney presently leads President Barack Obama nationally, and in the battleground states where the election will be decided, either Romney has pulled even with Obama or tending to take the lead. More importantly, Romney is ahead by double-digits over Obama among independent voters, and the gender gap in support of the incumbent has vanished.

Democrats are pretty much in a state of panic. The Obama administration and the campaign team for the president’s re-election appear to be a in a firefight of their own making and, likely for the first time, they are awakening to the realization that this election is theirs to lose.

What happened? The tide that brought the Republicans roaring back in the 2010 mid-term election to take control of the House in the U.S. Congress has not ebbed in American politics. This tide will likely take Romney into the White House.

In the lead-up to the 2010 election, an increasing number of Americans began to slowly recognize that Obama was not the same individual they voted for in 2008. He appeared to be ideologically rigid, fiscally imprudent, bent upon spending as he recklessly added to the national debt already perilously high, and as a man of the left disdainful of his opponents.

The 2010 election was a referendum on the Obama administration’s inept handling of the economy. Yet Obama remained heedless of the Republican majority in the House, failed repeatedly to submit the annual budget or negotiate any compromise on spending. The economy continued to suffer, jobs vanished, unemployment figures remained unacceptably high, and the recovery has been anemic.

During the 2008 primary season, I wrote about candidate Obama as the Harold Hill of American politics. Harold Hill in the well-loved musical play The Music Man is a likeable flim-flam artist out to hustle the good simple folks of River City, Iowa, and they fall for him.

A significant number of Americans fell for candidate Obama in 2008, seduced by his charm and his slogans of hope and change.

But by 2010, as the mid-term election results showed, enough Americans realized their own responsibility in being misled. Then came the October surprise in September as Americans watched the Obama administration engage in lies and deceptions in informing them about the deaths of four Americans, including the ambassador, in Benghazi, Libya, at the hands of al-Qaida-affiliated terrorists.

Thomas Sowell, the highly respected conservative economist and American of colour at the Hoover Institute, Stanford University, wrote recently, “The full story of what happened in Libya, down to the last detail, may never be known. But, as someone once said, you don’t need to eat a whole egg to know that it is rotten.”

This sense of wrong surrounding the administration, and its failed attempt to depict Romney as a heartless plutocrat, not surprisingly might make Barack Hussein Obama a one-term president.

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Fact-Check On Left-Wing Lies: The left’s BS “rich getting richer and poor getting poorer” meme.

Oh no! More of that annoying-to-liberals conservatives speaking the truth in bold colors, thing? Oh yes. Thomas Sowell’s column is out. Correcting the BS claims made by liberals again? Yes, yes. And I’m not sorry, progressives. The truth is good. It’s liars who are bad for spreading lies, and forcing us to engage in this embarrassing remedial action. That means you, non-Sun News Network media and NDP and Liberal socialists and sundry other progressives.

Liberals and all progressives are against this sort of thing  —  postings like this. Lies don’t bother them. It’s the truth that makes them so spitting mad.

Big Lies in Politics

It was either Adolf Hitler or his propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, who said that the people will believe any lie, if it is big enough and told often enough, loud enough. Although the Nazis were defeated in World War II, Thomas Sowellthis part of their philosophy survives triumphantly to this day among politicians, and nowhere more so than during election years.

Perhaps the biggest lie of this election year, and the one likely to be repeated the most often, is that the income of “the rich” is going up, while other people’s incomes are going down. If you listen to Barack Obama, you are bound to hear this lie repeatedly.

But the government’s own Congressional Budget Office has just published a report whose statistics flatly contradict this claim. The CBO report shows that, while the average household income fell 12 percent between 2007 and 2009, the average for the lower four-fifths fell by 5 percent or less, while the average income for households in the top fifth fell 18 percent. For households in the “top one percent” that seems to fascinate so many people, income fell by 36 percent in those same years.

[…Read the whole thing…]

Life would be so much easier and more productive if progressives just didn’t lie so much.

And here’s a gratuitous picture of Tom Mulcair! With bonus Libby Davies in background!

Tom Mulcair with Libby Davies

And here’s one of Barack Obama!

Yes, Obama lies

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Hideous Canadian Obama suck-up news media helps Obama mislead folks

In case you’ve been away for the past four years, let me fill you in: most of the Canadian lamestream Obamamania media is still backing their man. Nothing’s changed their blinkered outlook. Not even Obama’s failed record and his increasingly obvious promise of an American ruination. It’s just getting funnier now.

The President took to the stage today in Oklahoma, where he mendaciously spoke in favor of “the Keystone Pipeline”  —  err… the bottom quarter of it  —  and promised to, well, git ‘er done, to use a decidedly southern conservative tone, which Obama adopts whenever he’s in the south. And he did it as if he had anything to do with that portion of it.

CTV obamawashes facts

Just what do the news media think Obama is posing in front of? Apparently they're not at all curious as to why those pipes are there and what they're already planning on doing with them in a few weeks.

Which he doesn’t.

Of course being the brilliant Harvard-trained great speaker of all get out™ liberal media, he didn’t actually say “git ‘er done,” he actually said “The southern leg of (Keystone XL), we are going to make that a priority and go ahead and get that done.”

Well then.

That portion requires no federal approval. And “get[ting] that done” is already well underway. Thanks anyway, Mr. President.

He says he’s instructing his regime to “fast-track” that portion through all the massive bureaucracy, and all those nasty regulatory hurdles, and that government “red tape” (his words!).

For those of you playing the home game, yes, that’s the same massive bureaucracy and nasty regulatory hurdles and government “red tape” which he and his regime adore, and grow, and build upon, every single day.

And which is, in itself, shining testimony to the economy-slowing idiocy of big progressive governments and the regulatory hurdles they’ve set up. Naturally no media picked up on that shiny gem either. But don’t worry, I’m not calling them “sluts.”

Obama still hasn’t reversed his first massive error in judgement on this file, wherein he rejected the Keystone Pipeline writ large, earlier this year, in a pure ideological and power-seeking political play to his far-left base of enviro-nitwits.  That’s the only part which requires federal approval  —  the part from Canada   —  the one key component of the whole Keystone project.

So he takes to the stage and pretends as if he’s now giving approval to something which is already approved, and vows to somehow get through all that government red tape, which he grows exponentially all day long to prevent things like pipelines and refineries from ever being built.

And the media lap it up like the useful idiots they are.

The lamestream media (in both countries) took that stump speech (apparently totally oblivious to the specter of the enormous stacks of oil pipes behind him, ready to be laid) as a jumping off point, and leaped right into the great abyss of lies with their man Obama.  Take a look at liberalvision CTV’s headline at above-right: “Obama changes course, fast-tracks Keystone pipeline.”

The Globe and Mail did the same, tweeting this as soon as they could:

Globe and Mail tweet kiss to Obama

Globe and Mail tweet kiss to Obama

That’s a load of crap.

He’s reversed nothing, and has not fast-tracked the “Keystone pipeline.” The accompanying story written-up at  is equally appalling and galling in its blatant promotion of the Obama lie.

Other greasy lamestream media used a similar Obama ass-kiss tactic. The state-owned CBC (for whom Obama must surely be too right-wing, but he’s the best they’ve got down there in ugly gun-‘n-God-land), also seem oblivious to the mass of ready-to-bury oil pipes Obama was posing in front of, and goes with the Obama-speak effort to obfuscate the fact that Obama was only touting the extreme southern portion of the pipeline (for which he has no control anyway), and not the larger “Keystone” project as a whole, thereby misleading readers:

CBC fails to notice pipes

CBC fails to notice pipes

Exceptions? Sun News alone mocked the Obama effort to deceive voters with their reporting today, and included this quote-adorned chiron in their far more full, truthful, and therefore fair-to-viewers coverage, which was properly critical of Obama’s abject mendacity:

Sun News capture of Obama mendacity

Sun News captures Obama mendacity using quotes around the word APPROVES.

Here’s a snippet of Sun News’ reporting on the farce that was:

Obama expediting part of Keystone pipeline

By Bryn Weese, Senior Washington Correspondent

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Using stacks of pipe as a backdrop, President Barack Obama told an Oklahoma audience that he is fast-tracking part of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline.

But the southern section he is touting — from Cushing, OK, to Houston refineries — does not need his approval and is scheduled to begin construction anyway this June. …

Just so.



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