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The government will teach your children “the truth”

Here’s a blog entry from the clear-thinking Janet Steffenhagen (an education writer for the Vancouver Sun) blog called “Report Card”.

Twisted teachings about Maher Arar

The Maher Arar case is undoubtedly worthy of discussion during lessons about social justice. But it’s a shame officials with the B.C. Education Ministry don’t know that it was the U.S. – not Canada – that deported Arar to Syria where he was tortured.

Here is an excerpt – word for word – from a teaching guide recently posted on the ministry’s website:

“Read the play (The Crucible) and discuss how a lack of reason is allowed to exist. Not knowing the truth is what prevents reason from prevailing. People think there really were witches when there were not. What other fears do people have today that prevents them from acting in a reasonable manner? Tell the students about Maher Arar. What kind of hysteria allowed Canada to send an innocent man to Syria to be tortured?”

The teaching guide is called Making Space, Giving Voice: Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice Throughout the K-12 curriculum. You can find it here.

The ministry is looking for feedback.

The government knows “the truth”, and will teach it to your children. They know all about “reason” and acting in “a reasonable manner”, and about “hysteria” too. 

Here’s a couple of links to private school resources:

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And here’s a link to our columnist David Warren and his recent column on schools (”…My own preferred reform is to get the government out of the education business entirely…”).

(Hat tip to Heather)

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