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The shaft, in two progressive flavors

I swear these two stories are not related:
1.  Socialist Joy Macphail, a former MLA and stalwart of the BC you’ve got to be kidding party;  a frequent political guest on liberalvision TV news channels; and who now operates an all-gay cable channel with her husband: today announces that she backs a man named Mr. Dix, for the new BC NDP leader.  Pause for a second, and now…. make jokes. 

2.  The other news is that the Vancouver/Whistler government games staff are getting the shaft from the government games secretariat today. 

Go team government.

Bonuses supposedly meant to inspire Olympics staff to remain on the job through the entirety of the Vancouver/Whistler Olympic government games, have been shafted by the government.

Now that the games are over, and the screw you, proletariatstaff who stuck with it are eagerly awaiting those bonuses which were promised them, the government games secretariat has decided to renege on the bonuses in order to be able to say that they “balanced their budget.”

This happened yesterday.  Note that the games are over.  A year over. Various governments in BC are now setting up to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the government games, spending untold sums of taxpayer cash to do so. For example, the state-owned, socialism-reliant news media in Canada, the CBC, which, due to fantastic management and a terrific business model,  manages to spend 100% of its $1.5 BILLION of taxpayer funds each and every year, reports “Olympic anniversary party planned for Vancouver”.

The government has had a year to get this bothersome pay our staff matter in order. And this is the result of that year of deep navel gazing and studious government bureaucratic muck-muck (“muck-muck” should not be confused with Miga, Quatchi and Sumi, the government games official mascots, as seen at right).

Word is that the gold medal winners will be allowed to keep their golds, despite the rise in the price of gold and the volumes of cash that the government could reap if only they took back the medals and said “we’re so so sorry but we’re the government,” to the suddenly forlorn winning athletes (“forlorn” not to be confused with John Furlong, the head of the secretariat).  But don’t worry, they would allow the Chinese to keep theirs, and possibly any Muslim athletes, owing to the “diversity” issue.

I previously alluded to the hideousness of the specious “balanced their budget” ruse, in which the government games secretariat recently proudly announced that after accepting countless million of dollars in taxpayer cash, and then ever so kindly accepting still more because their budget wouldn’t balance, the government games secretariat announced that they had “broke even.”  See “After accepting hundreds of mills in tax dollars, the Government Games ‘broke even’ (

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