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sort of free if we say so Canada: 


French radio too French, say Quebec broadcasters

More Madonna wanted

Graeme Hamilton, National Post
Published: Friday, May 26, 2006

MONTREAL – Tune in to FM radio in Quebec and you enter a different world. U2 and Madonna fade into the background while such homegrown artists as Les Trois Accords and Eric Lapointe are in heavy rotation.

It seems a striking illustration of the province’s distinct cultural tastes, except for one problem. Given the choice, the province’s broadcasters argue, Quebec kids would rather hear more Madonna and less Lapointe.

At CRTC hearings last week in Gatineau, Que., Quebec’s French-language commercial radio stations complained regulations force them to play too much French music.

Canadian broadcasting rules state that 65% of vocal music played on French stations has to be French. In such bilingual markets as Montreal and Gatineau, where listeners have access to English radio, the audience is switching the dial.

Pierre Rodrigue, vice-president of development for Astral Media Radio, explained that young francophones in Montreal are no longer growing up in the nationalist ferment of his youth in the ‘70s, when listening to French tunes was a political statement.

“They are perfectly bilingual. They are much more open to the world,” he said in an interview. “Adolescence is the moment for meeting the rest of humanity, and that is what English songs have always done.

“They’re a kind of open door on the rest of the world. They bring a sound, a reality that goes beyond their own,” Mr. Rodrigue said.

But with the current format dictated by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, commercial radio must play roughly two French songs for every English one, which means English content is limited to Top 40 fare. Astral, which owns 21 stations in Quebec, is asking that in the bilingual markets that account for more than half of Quebec’s population, the quota be cut to 40%.


The bottom line (literally) is this:

The CRTC describes its 65% requirement as an effort “to support the francophone recording industry in Canada and to allow francophones to have access to music reflecting their culture.”

They forgot to add… “and we will decide what your culture is because we are the government, we are liberals, we run a state-censor ‘service’ and we know what’s best for you, and so we will decide, now shut up and listen you stupid, stupid Canooks”. 

Hope that helps.

Vote liberal.

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