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When I get on a plane with a group of nuns, I feel wonderful and safe.

…But I can’t say that about all groups of people. 

Any U.S. federal taxpayer funding of the asinine “public broadcaster”, the left-wing NPR (and yes there is some, though it’s not even remotely comparable to Canada’s 100% state-owned, and fully state-funded radio, television media called CBC, which also gets funding for programming, and laws and broadcasting rules and regulations to protect its existence against market forces)  —should be stopped immediately, and a federal investigation launched. 

Juan Williams is a champ.  NPR is an American national disgrace for its actions last night.

And let me expand my usual mantra for this instance:  state-owned, state-run, and state-funded media should be banned in this country, and in America too.  I’m shocked that normally sensible Americans still put up with their taxpayer dollars going to a radio network or any news or entertainment media whatsoever. 

•  National Politically-correct Radio

•  Huckabee calls on Congress to cut NPR funding

•  FLASHBACK: Soros give NPR $1.8M to hire 100 reporters…

Now we’re talkin’
(hat tip to Matt for the heads-up)

Juan Williams: Going Rogue
by Sarah Palin on Thursday, October 21, 2010 at 1:45pm

At a time when our country is dangerously in debt and looking for areas of federal spending to cut, I think we

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